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L Eco Seminar 1 December 2010 By Stanley R Zammit.

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1 l Eco Seminar 1 December 2010 By Stanley R Zammit

2 Eco Paradise Rainwater catchment reservoir of 1.6 million litters, this water is treated and used for washing. All bath and basin water recycled for flushing of toilets. Sea water cooled Air-condition system. Energy saving card switches in all guests rooms. Energy saving lights in guest rooms and corridors. Solar tube lights installed in top level corridors Sub electricity water meters on major equipment and in kitchens laundry etc. Old metals objects are separated for recycling. We are part of Green MT scheme which collects recyclable waste We use local produce and furniture as much as possible.

3 Rainwater catchment reservoir During the period January to end October Over 3.2 million litters of water collected Saving 3200mts cube of potable water 54% 0f water used in Malta is RO water Cost in CO 2 every 1 cubic waters = 3.08 kg There for the above saved 5322 kg of co2

4 Grey water recycling Hotel had separate drains and flushing plumbing from day 1. Total recycled water January to October 3050 mt cubed of water Saving 5076 kg of co 2

5 Energy saving Saving of 50756 units of electricity Co 2 saving 44665 Various indicatives, power factor correction, card switches energy saving lamps and led lamps. Despite adding 36 new rooms Served also more meals ( shift in basis to FB)

6 Solid Waste Recycling 500kg per week of cardboard/paper 250 kg per week of cans 200 kg per week of plastic 25 tons year to date of hard metal 1 ton year to date of aluminium 500 kg year to date of copper 100lts per week of used cooking oil and grease trap oil is sent for re use as bio fuel.

7 Gains Publicity Invited to participate in international Forums Clients are more aware of impact to environment

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