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How to Attract and Engage New Client during the Economic “Winter” Webinar – Jan 17 th 2013.

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1 How to Attract and Engage New Client during the Economic “Winter” Webinar – Jan 17 th 2013

2 Agenda What lies ahead? Understanding your market and building your Core Story 8 Musts of Inbound Marketing Intro Resources to help you

3 Baby-boomer Generation Baby-boomers 1946 - 1964 Source: HS Dent Foundation

4 Peak Spending Years Source: HS Dent Foundation

5 Economic “Winter” Economic recovery….2013, 2014, 2015?…..try 2020 ! Source: HS Dent Foundation

6 Attracting and Engaging new customers

7 Do you really want a sales pitch? Hmmm…..perhaps not A Sales Pitch?

8 Key Questions What does your business do? What does your business really do? Who are you selling to? How can you add value?

9 Potential Buyer Pyramid Buying Open but Not Active Not thinking about it Soft No: “I don’t think I’m interested” Not Interested 3% 7% 30% Copyright © by Chet Holmes

10 Key Questions Example Q: What does your business do? A: We are an IT Asset Disposal company Q: What does your business really do? A: We help our corporate clients manage their IT asset strategy by – Maximising their return on retired assets – Taking complete responsibility for Data Security and Environmental Compliance – Developing programmes that leverage assets for social good wherever possible Boring! I’m leaving! OK I’m happy now……. although I’m still frowning

11 Key Questions Example Q: Who are you selling to? A: The IT or Facilities Manager? The CFO or CEO? Wrong!!!! They have the ability to say “No” But they have the ability to say “Yes”!!! Important distinction!!!! Well done Einstien!!!!

12 USP? Don’t think Unique Selling Points….it’s inwardly focused on you and not the client Instead think Ultimate Strategic Position of how you can improve the lives of your customers

13 Building your Core Story Always use Market data and not product data Information that is OF VALUE to your prospects Should be loaded with BAD NEWS

14 A Compelling Title Move from “We have the most advanced IT recycling processes in the UK” to…. “The Five Most Dangerous Data Exposure trends facing companies today” OR “Three Ways to reduce your Corporate IT expenditure by 50%”





19 1. Keyword Strategy 2. Optimise website - SEO 3. Create Blog & Content 4. Social Media 5. Convert Traffic to Leads 6. Nurture Leads 7. Be Mobile- Friendly 8. Measure & Refine 8 Internet Marketing Musts!

20 1. Keyword Strategy Keywords and key phrases are the search terms of the internet How do I create a strategy? Create 3 – 5 keywords for your business Choose based up difficulty or relevance Design and optimise website around keywords

21 Keywords or key phrases – the search terms to which your service/product is the solution Make them relevant – Google rewards relevance Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – what would they be searching for? Consistency – keywords should appear throughout your website, landing pages, alt text Be specific and targeted – otherwise you will at best not rank due to high keyword competition or worse (if you are doing PPC) attract people who are not interested in buying your product 1. Keyword Strategy contd.

22 Google or Hubspot’s keyword tools for ideas Understand and use Google’s matching options – Broad, Phrase, Exact Use Negative keyword filtering https:/adwords/ 1. Keyword Strategy contd.

23 2. Optimise website - SEO Increase ranking for keywords Two types: – On-page SEO presenting your site’s content for search engines – Off-page SEO what other websites say about you “authority”

24 Elements of On-page Optimisation 1. Page Title 2. Meta Descriptio n 3. Headings 4. CSS5. Images 6. Domain Info 7. MOZ Rank 9. Google Crawl Date 10. URL Structure

25 Tips for Page Title SEO – Include keywords – Make it less than 70 characters – Place keywords as close to beginning as possible – Make it readable for visitors – If including company name put it at end of title – Use different titles for each page – each page title is a keyword opportunity! Elements of On-page Optimisation Page Title

26 Meta Data & Meta Description No direct effect on SEO Provides searcher with short description of page => should include keywords - RELEVANCE! Elements of On-page Optimisation Meta Data Meta Description

27 Headings Identified using,, etc tags More likely to be interpreted by search engines as keywords than rest of page text Include keywords in your headings whenever possible! Elements of On-page Optimisation

28 Images Don’t use images excessively Use Alt Text on your images Use keywords in image filenames (separate using “-”) Elements of On-page Optimisation

29 Other tips Domain info – search engines prefer sites that are registered for a long period of time as this indicates commitment and unlikely to be spam Google Crawl – you want this to happen as often as possible and the best way to ensure that it to continually add new and fresh content Elements of On-page Optimisation

30 Not promotional Industry relevant Keeps your website dynamic Constantly add value to create an Ultimate Strategic Position (USP) 3. Create a Blog Key Components of a Great Blog: Attention-Grabbing Title Well written/formatted Images/Videos Links Calls-to-Action

31 4. Social Media 30 million people on Facebook in the UK 1 10 million people on Twitter 2 33 million smart phones sold in UK since 2005 Average Facebook user has over 130 friends 3 1 2 3

32 Include social share/follow me buttons on all of your pages and content Get your big ears on - Social listening 4. Social Media What is your social strategy? T arget W rite E ngage E xplore T racking

33 5. Convert Traffic to Leads OfferCTA Landing Page Thank You Page Embed CTA Create a compelling Offers/content Create an eye catching Call To Action Create effective Landing Page to capture Lead details Create a Thank You page to give back navigation to visitor Embed CTA in: Website pages Blogs Emails Tweets Videos

34 That makes you STAND OUT!!! 5. Convert Traffic to Leads You need engaging, valuable and original content: – Blogs – White papers – Checklists – Videos – E-Books – Interviews – Surveys Dollar Shave Club

35 5. Convert Traffic to Leads

36 6. Lead Nurturing 70% of leads will end up buying something from you 1 Targeted, relevant, valuable and timely 1 – Marketing Sherpa Key Tips: Website plenty opt-in opportunities Stay relevant Be personal Include a call-to-action Measure Click Through Rate (CTR) Unsubscribe option a must Always add value! Key Tips: Website plenty opt-in opportunities Stay relevant Be personal Include a call-to-action Measure Click Through Rate (CTR) Unsubscribe option a must Always add value!

37 7. Be Mobile-Friendly We are becoming increasingly dependent upon mobile technology Source: Scott Klososky

38 Optimise for Mobile: Responsive Design Emails/Calls-to- Action Downloads Video Source: Scott Klososky

39 8. Measure & Refine 5 Steps to Measure & Refine Implement Analytics – Google, Hubspot etc. Identify improvement areas Choose metrics Refine Continually monitor (track sheet)

40 Resources Where can I get help? Inbound Marketing Educational Marketing The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes Social Marketing Claire Diaz-Ortiz Tech Trends/Social Marketing Scott Klososky

41 How can you utilise technology to give your business a strategic advantage? Source: Scott Klososky

42 Optimise Process to Maximise Profits Automate Invoicing Workflow Designer Customer Portal Compliance Reports Tabernus/Blancco Integration Inventory Management Offsite Asset Validation CRM Contracts Track & Trace Constantly growing to keep your business ahead! The Result You

43 Inbound Marketing-as-a-Service? Who would be interested in outsourced? Weekly Blogs Monthly SEO Landing page and CTA development Inbound campaign/offers Lead Nurturing Social media

44 “If you don’t like change, you are going to hate extinction” – Ross Shaffer

45 Thank You! Contact: Robert McKechnie Tel: 0141 567 8168 Mob: 07833 977 658 E-mail: @Greenoaksol

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