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Getting off Google AdWords PPC Crack Mike Volpe VP

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1 Getting off Google AdWords PPC Crack Mike Volpe VP Marketing @HubSpot Twitter: @mvolpe

2 Who’s HubSpot? Founded in July 2006 from research at MIT Cambridge, MA 1400+ customers, 85+ employees

3 HubSpot Awards

4 HubSpot Buzz

5 HubSpot Customers’ Proven ROI Cilk Arts Increases Leads 500% Makana Solutions 3x Leads, 2x Conversions Vocio Pays for HubSpot 30x Over with New Leads Objective Management Group Grows Leads 360% Bridge Group Doubles Online Leads

6 Threat and Opportunity 1950 - 20002000 - 2050

7 Outbound Marketing

8 Outbound Marketing is Broken 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson

9 More Bad News…

10 The Good News…

11 Inbound Marketing BlogSEOSocial Media

12 Inbound Marketing Convert Get Found Publish Promote Optimize Convert Test Target Nurture ProcessTools Get Found Content Mgmt Blogging Social Media SEO Analytics Convert Offers / CTAs Landing Pages Email Lead Intelligence Lead Mgmt Analytics

13 Inbound Gives Leverage 13

14 Budget vs. Brains

15 Is PPC Inbound Marketing? YES Not interruptive Permission based Leverages search NO Not building long term asset Expensive Not a sustainable business advantage

16 So, what’s wrong with Pay-Per-Click search engine marketing?

17 Organic Search Advantage Free More traffic Smarter people Longer lasting Source: Marketing Sherpa and Enquiro Research

18 Organic Search Advantage Free More traffic Smarter people Longer lasting Organic Results 75% of clicks Pay Per Click – 25% of Clicks Source: Marketing Sherpa and Enquiro Research

19 PPC vs. SEO PPC = Liposuction Fast & Easy Expensive & Temporary SEO = Working Out More Time and Effort Less $ & Long Lasting

20 The Math of PPC vs. SEO Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization

21 PPC vs. SEO

22 Great Uses of PPC Fast results Don’t get addicted! Test conversions by keywords Promote short term events Test new products / markets

23 Agenda: Getting off the PPC Crack Publish (Get Found) Promote (Get Found) Optimize (Get Found) Landing Pages (Convert)

24 Publish

25 What to Publish? Blog Podcast Videos Photos Presentations eBooks News Releases

26 Where to Publish?

27 Target Content to Your Personas Kadient photo by: David Meerman Scott

28 A Word of Caution Writing for your personas DOES NOT mean writing about the products and services you sell them Write about the things they want to learn about

29 3 Keys to Blog Success

30 Biggest Blogging Mistake A “free” URL from Blogspot or Typepad – NO! – NO! – Yes – Yes – Yes

31 Blog Frequency Steady readership? At least weekly, more is better. SEO focused? Frequency is less important.

32 Blog Topic Ideas List of 5 ideas, trends or thoughts Publish a list of links Take a recent experience and share it Answer questions you received recently Comment on other blog articles Turn a press release into a blog article Check your email outbox

33 Promote Your Content

34 It’s Not Your Daughter’s Social Media

35 Social Media = Networking Become a real member of the community Add value to the community Ask and answer questions More effective than live cocktail parties No boundaries of time or space Other people can listen in easily

36 Promote Your Content


38 Build Network - Keyword Search



41 LinkedIn Answers

42 Optimize

43 Pick Your Keyword Battles 43 vs.

44 SEO On-Page Off-Page

45 On-Page SEO Page Title Clean URL Headers & Content Description

46 SEO = Off-Page SEO Recommendations from friends 1. “I know HubSpot” 2. “HubSpot is a marketing expert” 3. You trust the person saying this Links are online recommendations 1.A link: 2.Anchor text: Internet MarketingInternet Marketing 3.Link is from a trusted website


48 Convert

49 Convert with Landing Pages Target Market Website Visitors Leads Opportunities Customers Conversion is where we take what we have spent time and money to get (visitors) and change it into something valuable to marketing (leads). A cost becomes a benefit.

50 Landing Page Tips Limited navigation Clear and simple Form above fold

51 Landing Page Uses Call to action on website homepage Links in all email newsletters / emails Use for all pay-per-click ads Next step after tradeshows or events

52 Thank You! Mike Volpe VP Marketing @HubSpot Twitter: @mvolpe Software: Free Tools:

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