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Technical Update Jonathan Wood – SIMS Product Manager (Technical and Releases)

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1 Technical Update Jonathan Wood – SIMS Product Manager (Technical and Releases)

2 Agenda  Release Schedule  SIMS Technical Roadmap  SQL 2012 Migration  SOLUS3

3 SIMS 2013 Spring Release News Item ID: 20730 Date: Friday 22 nd March Original release suitable for all Schools except English Primaries. SIMS 2013 Spring 2 AMPARK Release News Item ID: 20852 Date: Friday 5 th April Updated Spring release with the AMPARK resources for English Primaries updated. Both will upgrade to the SIMS 2013 Summer release

4 Performance Issues with Spring Homepage Timeline is causing performance issues Patch 18148 – sets refresh to 30 mins then extra 2 mins per 20 users. For Hosted Teams Patch 18170 – sets refresh to 2 hours then extra 2 mins per 5 users. A new patch will be written which will increase the performance. Available COB Friday 3rd May or Tuesday 7 th May.

5 Spring 2013 – Technical Changes Technical changes  Windows 8 Support  Windows Server 2012 Support  SQL2012 Support for SIMS & FMS only (more info in SQL2012 section)

6 SIMS Technical Roadmap Updated Monday 28 th January 2013 Resource ID: 17910 Fixed resource number Updated twice a year

7 SIMS Technical Roadmap – existing software SystemOriginal Last Supported Date New Last Supported Date Windows XPSummer 2013 Windows VistaSpring 2013 Windows Server 2003Spring 2013Summer 2013 Office 2003Autumn 2012 Office 2007TBAAutumn 2013 SQL Server 2008 (R1)TBASpring 2014 SQL Server 2008 R2TBASummer 2014 SOLUS2Summer 2013Spring 2014

8 SIMS Technical Roadmap – New software SystemOriginal Support Start Date New Support Start Date SQL Server 2012Autumn 2012Autumn 2012 / Summer 2013 Windows 8Spring 2013 Windows Server 2012Spring 2013 Office 2010 – rewrite internal components into Office 2010 TBA (was using Office 2003 components) Spring 2014

9 SQL2012  SQL 2012 supported on SIMS & FMS 2012 Autumn release onwards Documentation provided on how to manually migrate  Resource ID: 20081  Discover, SLG, SOLUS3 supported on SQL2012 on the 2013 Summer releases.  A migration utility will be provided alongside 2013 Summer release to assist with the migration.  Main Changes  You install a new SQL Instance inside the migration process  You can migrate a SIMS, FMS and Discover CB at same time

10 Selecting the data source

11 Installing a new SQL Instance

12 SQL Installation Options

13 Selecting SQL Databases to migrate

14 SOLUS SOLUS3.5  Released March 28 th  Resource ID: 20830  Improvements  Improved handling of releases & download  Smaller download size  Will only download and distribute files it needs  Improved handling of upgrades for offline machines  New Targets tab to improve visibility of software versions  Improved new report for Support teams to monitor release uptake from schools

15 Displaying Target versions

16 Selecting multiple sites

17 Selecting multiple updates

18 New Deployment History Report

19 SOLUS3.6 Summer 2013 SQL2012 Support Including support for migrating servers Windows Server 2012 Support

20 SOLUS3 for 2013/2014  Include all SIMS software  Active Directory Provisioning Service  Sims Learning Gateway  Partnership Xchange  InTouch  Ability to release software to groups of schools.  Simplified installation process  Support for sites wanting to manage upgrade themselves

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