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Welcome! Aimsweb User Group Spring 2014

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1 Welcome! Aimsweb User Group Spring 2014
Have these websites open – each on a tab: Also your aimsweb account (log in plus the aimsweb homepage) (make sure weebly isn’t blocked in your district) Demo of version 2 software Backchannel:

2 assessment system used to track student performance over time
What is aimsweb? Embedded, printable assessment protocols Brief, continuous assessment system used to track student performance over time Web based data management and reports First, lets answer the question what is aimsweb. AIMSweb is a web based, assessment system that allows teachers to screen and monitor student progress on essential reading and math skills. The assessments are used to help teachers identify which students are at risk of learning failure and helps to also track student progress over time to see if your instruction is giving you the desired growth for your students. The system is web based and the assessments can be printed from within the software. Aimsweb also includes a robust data management suite of reports. Now, let’s take a look at the two main components of aimsweb.

3 Two Components of aimsweb
Benchmarking & Progress Monitoring When used together, provide a complete picture of student growth Progress Monitoring Benchmark Screening + Aimsweb has both a benchmark screening and progress monitoring component. When we use both together, we get a complete picture of not only how a student is performing on certain key skills but also a picture of their learning over time. Benchmark screening means that we benchmark students 3x/year in the fall, winter, and spring. The screening is intended to help us identify who is ‘at-risk’ of learning challenges. For those ‘at-risk’ students, you have the capability to progress monitor students more frequently.

4 The Complete Picture Benchmark Screening & Progress Monitoring
When used together, provide a complete picture of student growth Fall Benchmark Screening Sept 1- Oct 15* Progress Monitoring Winter Benchmark Screening Jan 1-Feb 1* Spring Benchmark Screening May 1-June 1* When used together, the screening and monitoring provide a complete picture of school, as well as student growth, on essential skills over time. The work flow looks like this…begin with screening, then begin monitoring, then screen again, then more monitoring, and again screening in the spring. It is important to note that AIMSweb gives customers a 6 week testing window. Districts and/or schools MUST select a 2 week test window within that timeframe and enter that into the system BEFORE any testing can begin. The test window is vital to keeping the fidelity of the assessment high. Fall Universal Screening * Dates are customizable but must be set before data entry

5 Migrating your account to the new aimsweb

6 Common Question Q: When will the new aimsweb be ready?
A: The plan is for a controlled release with a small number of customers starting in February, after the winter benchmark period. Q: How do we decide when to move? A: Several considerations: - User and Account data preparation - New features and functions - training - Timing that is best for your school(s): Before/after benchmark period; Summer 2014; Summer 2015

7 Migration Process in General
User and Account Data Preparation Schedule Account Move On scheduled date/time, Pearson moves account data into new aimsweb Pearson/customer checks account data in new aimsweb; then account is promoted to production

8 How to Get Started User Training
Follow Migration checklist – on Weebly site Attend/watch Overview webinars, live and recorded Next live webinars are April 7 & 24, 3 pm Central time Request Customer Training accounts ( – Contact form) View Training Tutorials Review supporting Documentation (FAQ; Key Differences; Roadmap) (not all of these are ready at present)

9 OST The Operational Support Team is staffed Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time excluding Pearson holidays. In addition to assisting you with preparing your data for migration, OST will also assist with the import of your student and class rosters. They can be contacted at 866‐313‐ 6194, Option 1, then Option 3 or

10 How to Get Started Account Data Preparation: Pearson Operational Support Team (OST) Key resource for data clean-up/prep Migration report to identify potential data issues in current system Data Migration Training Tutorials

11 Important Information
Account migration is Not Automatic! Pearson will work with you to schedule the migration and support you through the process Account data migration approach is to clean and prepare the data in the current (1.0) aimsweb account, then migrate it to the new aimsweb All schools within the account will be migrated over

12 Important Information
The current year and previous year of data will move over as part of the migration process You will have access to your 1.0 aimsweb account to run reports and view historical data beyond two years If you want to move more than two years of data we will handle on a custom request basis Tech specs being released soon Flash???? Ipad/tablet apps in Fall to assess and view results/data

13 Helpful Resources


15 Folder in Customer Forum

16 Aimsweb 2.0 Stay up to date:

17 What are tasks you have been doing in Aimsweb 1.0?
Manage Tab What are tasks you have been doing in Aimsweb 1.0? Schooll

18 Customer ID: 1280 or 1328 Username: Manager Password: Password1 Training Site (or use button on Weebly) Customer ID: 1280 or 1328 Username: Manager Password: Password1

19 Point out that this is teacher’s home screen
Point out “all students” – classes: will be imported, “Custom groups” National Norms – you can set default Green refresh button (like old blue “Go” button) Click a student – tasks NEW – preload these

20 Help! Continues to be contextual Search for “migration”

21 Go to Export Data Wizard pages

22 Imports - Status

23 Exports in Ver 2.0 Available the next day (done on off hours)
Files cannot be modified Clicking job name runs that job again with same settings “completed” files are available for 30 days

24 Manage Area School System

25 Graduate Can use the button to manually graduate but import will override Only account managers can do this If graduation has been done in a school year, button will say “Print Graduation Report”

26 District “Users” – lost students
Special holding area in your account Can delete or transfer

27 School “Users” – lost students
Special holding area for those not in a class Can transfer them to a class Delete if they have no data

28 Classes Created in your import Teachers can have multiple classes
Students can be in multiple classes Class needs a unique identifier (no.)

29 Custom Groups No check for duplicate names
Good for “reading” or “math” or “AIS” classes Previous year’s class for a teacher

30 Users Upload teachers & managers in an import (reading teachers, school psychologists, ais) Then assign a role – that makes them a user Users get a username and password & can log in Help – “delete user” for rules

31 User Roles NEW Manage area only, few rights View only, no editing

32 Deleting Users School managers – only can be deleted if no progress monitoring caseloads Can no longer log in to Aimsweb (unless they have another role); can deactivate Only can be done by District Manager or Account Manager Help – “delete user” for rules

33 Account – 5 functions

34 Interventions-for Monitoring
Managers can create Aimsweb defaults can be added/edited/deactivated by Account Managers only Other managers can create for district or school Can’t edit or delete if it has been used

35 Tasks - New Can edit the defaults or add new
Have to deactivate, then delete Can only delete if not being used

36 Examples of Tasks you might create
Can attach a video, sound recording or notes to a task

37 Calendar - New 2-3 weeks is ideal for each gr level but this is school wide; use Aimsweb windows

38 2 sub areas – Measures & Account Preferences
MEASURES – you can deactivate or activate assessments; deactivate ones you do not use (check means active)


40 Passwords – no control Must be changed every 60 days
Will be locked out after 5 incorrect attempts Can’t reuse password within same calendar year


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