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Jeremy Colburn – Product Manager Technical Briefing – Spring 2015.

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1 Jeremy Colburn – Product Manager Technical Briefing – Spring 2015

2 In this update.. Release Schedule SIMS Technical Roadmap SOLUS3 SIMS Services Manager Hosted SIMS

3 = SIMS My Account Beta has been well received We are working on a go live plan More detail on the SIMS blogblog

4 SIMS 2015 Spring Release Friday 27 March Pre-release ID’s Beta is available on request:

5 Installable Release The next installable release is planned for early 2016 New blank databases can be created using SIMS-2013-Summer-2-Installable A resource will be posted to verify all iso downloads from Summer 2013 to > Spring 2015 A rolling setups directory is being considered as a downloadable resource

6 SQL 2014 We are aware that some customers have experienced slow SIMS performance when migrating to SQL server 2014. Setting compatibility mode to SQL 2012 looks to be helping to improve the issue. We are investigating the issues in escalation and will post an update as soon as possible.

7 SIMS Technical Roadmap Last pdf published June 2014 Supportnet ID: 17910 One of my first tasks will be to review the roadmap and including new adoptions such as Windows 10

8 SIMS Technical roadmap (Last Supported releases below) Spring 2015 SQL 2008 SQL 2008R2 Autumn 2015 Office 2007 Spring 2016 SOLUS2

9 SOLUS2 – SOLUS3 migrations School benefits to migrating Centralised view of client upgrades Scheduled upgrades based on calendar with email notification Pre delivery of client software before actual upgrade Granular environmental reporting Roll out of infrastructure such framework

10 SOLUS2 – SOLUS3 migrations SOLUS2 last supported release Spring 2016 Post summer 2016 engineer.iso and setups directories will be available for hosted platforms and customers looking for manual management. (test systems etc) Post Summer 2016 SOLUS3 will download software to schools and extract files to a chosen folder.

11 SOLUS3 - Next release 3.9 Upgrade agent from DS on heartbeat and wakeup Agent re-install if same / old version send config files for SIMS/FMS/Discover when upgrading from agent Nova T extract WebEx overview dates 28 April 5 May 12 May

12 SIMS Service Manager - SSM The goal of SSM is to facilitate the SIMS Teacher App, SIMS InTouch and other hybrid cloud applications without the need for VPN software. Successfully supporting both hosted and on-premis SIMS schools today Capita’s own Hosted SIMS schools are using SSM Around 1000 schools have moved to SSM for the Teacher App and InTouch.

13 SIMS Service Manager - SSM Release 2 aims to Make the UI more user friendly Facilitate a self updating SSM agent Released after spring 2015

14 Hosted SIMS and FMS The goal of Hosted SIMS is to provide a cost effective alternative to hosting your own SIMS server Hosted from the Microsoft Azure cloud platform Based on Server 2012R2 Remote Desktop Services Integrates with all Capita software and 3 rd party software via software VPN link Includes, SIMS, FMS, Discover and Office 2013 for SIMS

15 Hosted SIMS and FMS PC, Mac, Android and iPad compatible

16 Hosted SIMS and FMS Launch from Windows shortcut or web portal

17 Hosted SIMS Introductory Pricing PRIMARY SCHOOLS 12 month subscription £50010 user accounts Migration and setup £495 – Extra accounts £30 each. Includes 3 rd party VPN connector SECONDARY SCHOOLS 12 month subscription £150030 user accounts Migration and setup £495 – Extra accounts £30 each. Includes 3 rd party VPN connector


19 Your questions and feedback? Jeremy Colburn

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