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Technical Jonathan Wood.

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1 Technical Jonathan Wood

2 Agenda SIMS 2014 Autumn release SIMS Services Manager
SIMS Technical Roadmap update SQL 2014 Migration SOLUS3

3 The Autumn Release

4 SIMS Summer 2 issues 3 issues in the SIMS workstation code
Filters on sub-reports Printing crashes in deal with missing marks Historical attendance letters 2 delivery mechanisms have been provided SOLUS3 workstation patch An installation executable Both are for Summer 2 workstations only. Released on 10th October

5 SIMS 2014 Autumn release Release date: 14 November
Pre-release note ID: 23167 Available on Beta Early release 22 October

6 SIMS Services Manager

7 SIMS Service Manager (SSM)
Service installer to support Tablet, Agora, MultiView etc… Aim Unify our Cloud communication technologies To make on-boarding of new products easier Facilitate future self-service

8 What does it do? Enables data transfer for cloud products
Allows for automatic updates of the SIMS Services for the cloud products SIMS Services manager itself Removes the need for potentially costly and time intensive VPN links

9 Replacing many technologies
SIMS Server SIMS Cloud InTouch service InTouch VPN InTouch Data flow Agora Data flow Agora Service Agora VPN Tablet Data flow Tablet Service Tablet VPN

10 With one SIMS Server SIMS Cloud InTouch Data flow Agora Data flow
SSM Service Agora Data flow Tablet Data flow

11 What are the timescales for delivery?
Teacher App pilot schools have been able to install SSM from 18 September Will be installed by the SIMS Autumn release. Used by Tablets Agora FMS Links InTouch Further updates to SSM will be delivered online and in further SIMS updates

12 How is it being delivered?
No intervention is required Installed by the SIMSSQLApplicationSetup.exe Run on and installs to your SQL Server Run the installers manually to opt out \NoServicesManager switch Installs silently with no reboot Installs .NET framework onto the SQL server Installs as part of the SIMSSQLApplicationSetup.exe

13 What does it look like?

14 What configuration options does it have?

15 SIMS Technical Documentation

16 SIMS Technical Roadmap
June 2014 Update Resource ID: 17910 Headline News Support for SQL 2008 extended to Spring 2015 Support for SQL 2008 R2 extended to Spring 2015 Will be in extended support by MS, if an issue arises then support option is to upgrade to SQL2012/2014

17 SIMS System Requirements Document
Updated August 2014 Similar processor requirements Now includes Solus3 Sticky Items

18 SQL 2014

19 SQL Server SQL2014 update SQL2014 supported Autumn 2014
SQL Migration tool updated to deliver SQL2014 Released alongside Autumn 2014 Can migrate from SQL2008 to SQL2014


21 SOLUS3.7 Released on 23 June Release note Resource ID: 22779
Location: Password: SOlus

22 Benefits Re-designed and improved User Interface
To increase productivity To make it easier to use Workstation Patching SIMS Application Patches

23 SOLUS3.8 Released November 2014 Benefits
Having SIMS open will not lock an upgrade Running SIMS will prompt the user to upgrade SIMS version information can be viewed in the Agent Notifier You can now extract upgrade files



26 Agent Notifier Application Version Information

27 SOLUS2 retirement update
SOLUS2 will be extended to be supported until 1 September 2015 for Independent sector 1 April 2016 for maintained sector

28 SOLUS3 SIMS Support team implementation
2 days hands on workshop Overview of SOLUS3 concepts and roll out strategy Installation of the SOLUS3 components as an authorising server Installation of the SOLUS3 at 2 live primary schools £ two days if taken in school holidays £1,590 for two days in term time Until August 2015 Contact

29 Thank you

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