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SIMS Software Secondary User Forums Autumn 2009 Welcome.

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1 SIMS Software Secondary User Forums Autumn 2009 Welcome

2 Presenting Ralph Gardner SIMS Support Manager Chris Sherwood Capita Children’s Services Ltd

3 Housekeeping

4 Agenda 1.Census – Some Feedback and News 2.Technical Update – SQL 2008, SOLUS3 3. – What’s New and Coming 4. Performance, Exams and Curriculum

5 Census Some Feedback and News

6 Census October 2009 October Pupil Census Went well as per usual Learning aims are still an issue Check your summary for an overview Check your detailed reports for on roll and leavers learning aims October SWC Dry Run Helpdesk very busy Kent 100% Return!

7 Census January 2010 January Pupil Census No major changes expected January SWC Keep your personnel data up to date, don’t store up your changes! After January 2010 the next SWC will be October 2010 and annually thereafter

8 Technical Update

9 SIMS Releases Previous NameNew Name SIMS 2009 October MainSIMS 2009 Autumn Main SIMS 2009 December UpdateSIMS 2009 Autumn Update SIMS 2010 March MainSIMS 2010 Spring Main SIMS 2010 June MainSIMS 2010 Summer Main

10 SQL 2008 Migration Migration of both SIMS and FMS at the same time Why migrate? Support for SQL 2005 predicted to drop in 2011 Allows enhanced 64 bit support Proven, stable Microsoft technology Timeframe November 2009 and September 2010 Must be done before the Autumn 2010 SIMS Upgrade (October 2010)

11 SQL 2008 Migration How will it happen? EIS will produce a set of step by step instructions If you require help EIS will do it with you remotely at a mutually convenient time How long will it take? Approximately 2 to 3 hours

12 SQL 2008 Migration SIMS Backups Compression removed from Autumn 2009 Main Release Quicker backups Tidy Backups in System Manager will be removed so manual tidying will need to be done What happens to SQL 2005? Will still exist but will need turning off and/or uninstalling once a safe time period has passed

13 SOLUS3 Replaces SOLUS2 SIMS File Server/ SQL Server CCS License Server

14 SOLUS3 SOLUS2 Current Issues Scheduling the workstation updates is difficult Required user rights might be limited thereby causing issues Workstation visits are still often required

15 SOLUS3 How does it work? Deployment Service A service that controls and manages SIMS updates SIMS Agents Sits on each SIMS computer Are ‘smart’ and know the role of the computer e.g. if it is a SIMS or FMS computer or both. A service that updates SIMS without user intervention

16 SOLUS3 Overview CCS License Server Deployment Service Automated polling by SOLUS3 SIMS Workstations Authorised software is downloaded SQL Database is upgraded. SIMS SQL Database If SQL Database Upgrades successfully then the workstations are upgraded.

17 SOLUS3 Workflow EIS releases upgrade to schools The Deployment Server receives an update from Capita The Deployment Server then rolls out the update package to the relevant SIMS agents Either manually or scheduled Laptops can be upgraded when they next connect to the school network The SIMS Agents run the update and install any supporting infrastructure

18 SOLUS3 Additional Points Requires a TCP/IP connection For remote agent installation a domain is required For peer to peer networks a one off manual installation of the agent is required

19 SOLUS3 Main Advantages Scheduled updates Updates can be performed when you choose New computers can have SIMS installed remotely The entire SIMS system can be automatically upgraded without user intervention Any infrastructure needed by SIMS can also be automatically deployed

20 SOLUS3 Main Advantages The deployment manager at each site can easily determine what has been upgraded Reduce the need for visits to each computer that runs SIMS

21 SOLUS3 Implementation Phase 1 – Autumn 2009 Allows the SIMS client to automatically updated on computers Phase 2 – Summer 2010 Functionality for managing the deployment of the entire SIMS suite

22 Supported Operating Systems Server 32bit and 64bit Windows Server 2003 SP2 Windows Server 2008 32 bit only Windows XP Pro SP2 Other Software.NET framework 2.0 SP1 For PX, SQL2008, SOLUS3 and SLG you need 3.5 SP1

23 Supported Operating Systems Workstation 32bit Windows XP Pro SP2 Windows Vista Business SP1 Other Software.NET framework 2.0 SP1 minimum.NET framework 3.5 will be installed by SOLUS3 Office 2003 or 2007

24 New Technologies Internet Explorer 8 Supported from Autumn 2009 Main Release For SLG still under review Windows 7 Six months from release date – April 2010 Office 14 Six months from release date

25 Module Support Dates ModuleDate Support Ends Nova T4 CoverFebruary 2009 Parents GatewayMarch 2009 SIMS Learning Gateway 1March 2009 Attendance 6August 2009 Lesson Monitor 6August 2009 Fees Ledger 3.09August 2009 Web IntegratorAugust 2009 Nova T4 ReportingSpring 2011

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