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BDD 2007 for Vista Anders Björling Senior Consultant Microsoft Mathias Carlberg Infrastructure Architect Microsoft.

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1 BDD 2007 for Vista Anders Björling Senior Consultant Microsoft Mathias Carlberg Infrastructure Architect Microsoft

2 Agenda BDD – Overview BDD 2007 – Computer Imaging System BDD 2007 - Light Touch Deployment Demo BDD 2007 - Zero Touch Deployment BDD Roadmap

3 BDD – Overview Mathias Carlberg Infrastructure Architect Microsoft

4 Manual Deployment $500 - $1000 per PC Light Touch ~ $350 per PC Zero Touch Less than $100 per PC What is The Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment? End-to-end guidance, best practices, and tools for efficient planning, building, and deploying Windows and Microsoft Office Based on real-world experience and industry best practices Increase automation Decrease costs

5 BDD Today Microsoft Office

6 BDD 2007 Microsoft Office

7 BDD 2007 Focus Areas Simplify and streamline Reduce documentation Separate guidance and methodology from tools |and reference material More automation, wizards, and checklists Shared components for all scenarios Integrate SCCM 2007 task sequencer Use all the Windows Vista deployment tools Some even for Windows XP Update guidance Changes for Windows Vista, 2007 Office system, and the new tools

8 BDD 2007 Deployment Scenarios Lite Touch Deployment without management infrastructure Manually initiated Uses network share, Windows Deployment Services, CD/DVD, or USB Refresh, upgrade, replace, new computer Complete rewrite from BDD 2.5 Zero Touch Uses SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack Scheduled via Systems Management Server (SMS) and completely automated Centrally monitored with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Management Pack Refresh, replace, new computer

9 BDD 2007 New Features Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0-based management console Replaces HTA application from BDD 2.5 Improved driver management For Windows PE, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Manage a driver store Inject drivers based on PnP ID (copy only needed drivers) Multi-language support Installation of MUI language packs Configuring locale settings

10 BDD 2007 New Features Task sequence-based Uses technology from System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007, but does not require SCCM Allows for greater configuration flexibility Computer imaging processes uses Lite Touch deployment process Automate the installation, Sysprep, and capture Backup capability

11 BDD 2007 – Computer Imaging System Anders Björling Senior Consultant Microsoft

12 Configuring BDD for First Use Importing the Windows Vista DVD

13 Select New


15 Enter the destination directory name to be used

16 Once the import has been completed the D:\Distribution\Operating Systems folder will contain the imported Windows Vista DVD

17 Create a Windows Vista Build

18 Select New

19 Specify organisation, product key and computer administrator password information

20 Specify the Windows Vista version to be used for this build, in this case Windows Vista Ultimate

21 This information will be added to the BDD Workbench under the Builds container

22 It is now possible to modify the build configuration information

23 The Settings tab allows the organisation and product key information for the build to be modified

24 Adding a Deploy Configuration to BDD

25 Select the New option

26 On the next dialog enter a descriptive name for the deployment point, e.g. Windows BDD Deployment Point





31 Select Finish to complete the BDD Deployment Wizard. A new Deploy configuration will be shown under the Deploy folder

32 Examine the General tab of the Deploy Properties dialog

33 Select the Rules tab (customsettings.ini)


35 Right-click on the configuration and selecting Update


37 A number boot images will have been created under the D:\Distribution\Boot folder Windows DS can now be used to initiate a Lite touch deployment by importing the LiteTouchPE_x86.wim

38 BDD Workbench

39 Gather source files Install Windows Vista Configure build Windows Vista Applications Drivers Execute task sequence BDD Workbench MMC Windows System Image Manager Windows PE 2.0 SETUP.EXE IMAGEX (WIMGAPI.DLL) BDD Server Lab CD Reference computer SCCM 2007 task sequencer Applications (maybe), settings Sysprep Windows Vista Capture image Lab CD Windows PE 2.0 IMAGEX (WIMGAPI.DLL) Build Lab CD (Windows PE) BDD Workbench MMC PEIMG (behind the scenes) BDD Computer Imaging Process

40 Gather source files Configure Unattend.xml Windows Vista ApplicationsDrivers BDD Workbench MMC Windows System Image Manager * Unless you want to include apps, or you want to use SMS OSD BDD Computer Imaging Process Windows Vista offers more options HAL-independent images Offline servicing (drivers and security updates) Provided as a Sysprep image (staged) So, some may choose a shorter route*

41 BDD 2007 – Light Touch Deployment Anders Björling Senior Consultant Microsoft

42 Gather Execute Prompt Rule-based Using Zero Touch Installation technologies Wizard-based Fill in missing values or override gathered values Consume gathered values Perform task sequence (SMSv4 Task Sequencer) BDD Lite Touch Process

43 Capture User State Apply new image Back up computer ZTIUserState.wsf USMT 3.0 Install Applications ZTIBackup.wsfIMAGEX ZTIApply.wsfSETUP.exe ZTIUserSTate.wsf USMT 3.0 Old OS Windows PE New OS Restore User State Configure OS ZTIConfigure.wsfUnattend.xmlZTIDrivers.wsf ZTIApplications.wsf SMSv4 Task Sequencer And more… BDD Lite Touch Process Task sequence

44 BDD Wizards Allow administrators to customize the wizard Provide default answers to bypass some questions Enable customization HTML-based Simplify localization Windows Vista look-and-feel

45 Lite Touch Deployment

46 BDD 2007 – Zero Touch Deployment Anders Björling Microsoft

47 Zero Touch Installation What is it? A component of BDD 2007, updated from BDD 2.5 Scripts, documentation, procedures Designed to extend the capabilities of the SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack

48 Zero Touch Installation What does it do? Extends scenarios OSD can support Computer replacement OEM (separate white paper) Download and execute (separate white paper) Adds capabilities Complete automation Dynamic data-driven deployments Extra features such as group membership migration, computer backup, etc.

49 Zero Touch Installation Changes in BDD 2007 Restructured from one script into several Shared functions in ZTIUtility.vbs, included by all other scripts Single-purpose scripts Stitched together as part of a task sequence Executed by the task sequence engine from SCCM 2007, inside the OSD package More easily customized

50 Zero Touch Installation Changes in BDD 2007 80+% of the scripts are common between Zero Touch and Lite Touch Technically, Lite Touch can be Zero Touch too… Databases, rules, etc. are possible with Lite Touch Database enhancements Better support for SQL 2005 named instances Support for different DB-Libs

51 Configure OSD Target and deploy Boot and capture Install OSD Create Capture CD Boot and capture using OSD Capture CD Create collections Send advertisements Reference Computer SMS Site Server Target computers SMS client processes advertisement Receive PE and OS WIMs Backup User state Install OS and applications Restore user state Task Sequencer And more… BDD Zero Touch Process Sequence of admin events SMS Site Server Create OSD Pkg Configure OSD package Define corporate image BDD Workbench Lite Touch build BDD console Deploy new image using OSD Task Sequencer

52 Zero Touch Installation How does it work? Rules engine gathers information ZTIGather.wsf Data repositories store configuration CustomSettings.iniDatabase(s) Gathers information from the local machine IP, MAC, GW, Name Asset tag, serial Gathers settings based on rules and DB lookups Dynamic apps SettingsGroups

53 Zero Touch Installation How does it work? Task sequence consumes gathered information to drive the process Conditions on task sequence groups and steps based on properties gathered Scripts consume gathered values

54 BDD Roadmap Mathias Carlberg Infrastructure Architect Microsoft

55 Q32006Q420062007Today BDD 2007 beta release Windows Vista Beta 2 SCCM 2007 Task Sequencer integration Windows Vista only Includes 2007 Office system support and guidance BDD 2007 beta release Windows Vista RC1 Complete guidance for 2007 Office system Windows XP support added Zero Touch added (OSD Update) Full Windows DS support BDD 2007 release Windows Vista RTM 2007 Office system RTM OSD Update RTM Windows DS RTM BDD 2007 updated Support for SMSv4 BDLM BDD Roadmap

56 The Future Business Desktop Lifecycle Management

57 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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