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1 و فیوزهای فشار ضعیف Safety in Focus Safety in Focus

2 و مزایا و کاربردها Fuses protect Human life Electrical circuits Electrical products Electronics Cables and conductors Product advantages Very high switching capacity at very small dimensions Effective current limitation very low peak currents Fine tuned discrimination Low power dissipation Very high reliability and resistance against aging Simple use

3 و NHساختار فیوز NH Fuse handle NH- Fuse Link NH-Fuse Base Indicator wire Gripping lug indicator M-effect material Ceramic body Melting strip Quartz sand Contact knife

4 و ساختار فیوز D,D0 Gauge Piece (Screw Gauge) D-Fuse Base Screw cap/fuse carrier D-fuse link Melting strip Touch protection cover Melting strip Gauge Piece (Ring Adapter) D0-Fuse Base Screw cap/fuse carrier D0-Fuse Base Touch protection cover D- Fuse D0- Fuse

5 و استاتدارد IEC/EN Letter a=partial range g=full range 2. Letter G (L)=cable and conductor protection M=Motor(switchgear) protection R=Semiconductor protection

6 و عملکرد فیوز به هنگام اضافه بارواتصال کوتاهOverload: The M-effect material diffuses into the copper melting strip. The melting temperature is lowered to approx. 170 °C Short circuit: Due to the high heat of the current the copper melting strips melts on all constrictions Melting temperature approx °C Limit of Diffusibility ms s min N I N I (4...8)   Melting time current-characteristic Overloadt Melting Temperaturec M-effect ca. 170 °C Short Circuit tMelting Temperature Copper 1083 °C, t Constrictions

7 و ذوب فیوز و اثر M NewCopper M-effect Material NewCu J p Melting strip without M-effect Melting strip with M-effect J p Interruption at approx °C J p Interruption at approx °C J p Überlast alloy M-effect / Cu J p

8 و مراحل ذوب المان فیوز در هنگام اتصال کوتاه و اضافه بار NH-fuse link size 00 / 63 A / AC 500V characteristic gG acc. IEC Rated current I n = 63 A Overload I 5 = 126 A Short circuit I 2 = 5 kA Short circuit I 1 = 120 kA

9 و منحنی قطع t t System Voltage Arc Voltage Arcing current prospective Short Circuit Current I U tStS t LB tAtA tStS tAtA Melting time Arcing time Cut off time Max. Peak Current

10 و تمایز و جداسازی جریانهای خطا

11 و افزایش دما تابعی از زمان به هنگام اضافه بار Temperature [°C] Diffusion depth [mm] Zeit [s]

12 و I 2 tمنحنی The fuse limits the peak current at short circuit I eff I2tI2t Sicherung 63 A Schaltgerät 63 A

13 و محدودیت جریان peak

14 و بیشینه جریان عبوری در فیوزهای NH NH-Fuse links gG for general purpose AC 500 V und AC 690 V acc. IEC Section I Pa [W] size AC 690 V AC 500 V 100 A size A size A 250 A 315 A 400 A 500 A 630 A size 3size 4a 1000 A1250 A A

15 و اتلاف انرژی تابعی از افزایش جریان NH-fuse link size 00, 100 A, gG, AC 500 V  e.g. P n = 6 W F (Load Relation I / I n) Load Relation I / I n example: P a bei I L = 60 A 60 A/100 A = 0,6 F(0,6) F(0,6) = 0,31 P a = F(0,6) x P n P a = 0,31 x 6 = 1,86 W

16 و تجهیزات و تعاریف Function Making and Breaking CurrentIsolating Making and Breaking Current and Isolating SwitchDisconnectorSwitch disconnector Fuse combination unit Switch - FuseDisconnector - fuseSwitch-disconnector-fuse Fuse-switchFuse-disconnectorFuse-Switch-Disconnector Utilization CategoryTypical applications AC20B, DC20BConnecting and Disconnecting und no-load conditions AC21B, DC21BSwitching of resistive loads including moderate overloads AC22B, DC22BSwitching of mixed resistive and inductive loads, including moderate overloads (e.g. shunt motors) AC23B, DC23BSwitching of highly inductive loads (e.g. series motors)

17 و کاربردها NH-Fuse Switch Disconnector "gTr" Trafo Protection HV-Fuse Fuse Switch Combination "gR/aR" Semicond uctor Protection "aM" Protection of motor circuits "gL/gG" Cable and Conductor Protection "gB" Mining Überstrom- relais > I M Special Application

18 و NH-fuse base 1 and 3pole NH-bus bar fuse base 1-pole NH-bus bar fuse base 3pole پلان کاربری NH-fusw switch disconnector 1 and 3pole NH-bus bar fuse switch disconnector 1pole NH-fuse switch disconnecotr for Bus bar systems, 3-polef NH-vertical fuse switch disconnector for busbar systems 3polie NH-vertical fuse base for bus bar NH-fuses sizes: 000, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4 und 4a NH-fuse switch disconnectors sizes: 000, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4a NH- vertical fuse switch disconnectors sizes: 00, 1, 2, 3, 4a NH-vertical fuse bases sizes: 00, 1, 2, 3, 4a Rated current: bis 100A, bis 160 A, bis 250A, bis 400A, bis 630A, bis 1250A Rated voltage:AC 400 V, AC 500 V, AC 690 V Aufsteckgriff Abdeckung

19 و نگاه اجمالی بر فیوزهای فشار ضعیف D0-Fuses sizes:D01,D02,D03 Gewinde:E14,E18,M30x1,5 Ampere:2-16A,20-63A,80-100A Bemess. Spannung:AC 400 V DC 250 V D0-Einbausicherungssockel Standard Schraub- befestigung Schnapp- befestigung D0-Einbausicherungssockel mit Rahmenklemmen D0-Einbausicherungssockel VBG4 D0-Reitersicherungssockel 3polig für Sammelschienensystem D0- Fuse Disconnector D0- Fuse Switch Disconnector Größen:D01,D02 Gewinde:E14,E18 Ampere:2-16A,20-63A Bemess. Spannung:AC 400 V D0-Trennschalter D0-Lasttrennschalter Schubladentechnik D0-Lasttrennschalter Schraubtechnik D0-Reitersicherungs-Lasttrennschalter für Sammelschienensystem Adapter Adapter D0-Lasttrenn- schalter D-Fuses Größen: NDz,DII,DIII,DIV Gewinde: E16,E27,E33,R1¼" Ampere: 2-25A,2-25A,2-63A80-100A Bemess. Spannung:AC 500 V DC 500 V D-Einbausicherungssockel Standard D-Reitersicherungssockel für Sammelschiene D-Reitersicherungssockel 3polig für Sammelschienensystem Schraub- befestigung Schnapp- befestigung D-Einbausicherungssockel

20 و IEC/EN استاتدارد IEC/EN IEC/EN Part 2-1 IEC/EN IEC/EN Part 3-1 Low Voltage Fuses General Requirements Additional Requirements for fuses for use by authorized persons Examples of types of standardized versions Fuses for use by unskilled persons D-Fuse System/D0-Fuse system Fuses for semiconductor protection

21 و حفاظت و کنترل MONITORING Of Fuse/Switch Combinations Voltage Monitoring Fuse operation (yes/no) Switch Positionn(on/off) Current Measurement Phase Failure AAA L1L3 13 Electronic Monitoring NPEL Supply VoltageSignal contact (C/O) Relais Supply voltage 230 V / Hz L2 Elektronic System LED-Anzeige FailureF3F2F1 F3 Elektronic-Unit F2

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