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Inspection & Test Overview 30.11.05 suite412.

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1 Inspection & Test Overview suite412

2 Why does an electrical installation require Inspection and Testing?
BS 7671:2001 Every installation shall, during erection and on completion before being put into service be inspected and tested to verify, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the requirements of the Regulations have been met suite412

3 Before being put into service
“It’s ok misses we've finished the electric's, we've put the supply on”. “be back next week to test it” Simple: If it has not been inspected and tested, it should not be energised. No discussion - No connection! suite412

4 The inspection shall be made to verify
that the installed electrical equipment is: (i) in compliance with Section 511 compliance with standards - British Standards or, Harmonized Standard (ii) correctly selected and erected in accordance with the Regulations (iii) not visibly damaged or defective so as to impair safety suite412

5 Certification suite412

6 Every Inspection and Test must be recorded on the appropriate
certificate suite412

7 The Installation Certificate
“Where do I use it?” suite412

8 include a new circuit For new installations
For alterations or additions that include a new circuit suite412

9 The Installation Certificate
“what does it consist of?” suite412

10 Installation address - Must include post code
Details of client Installation address - Must include post code Description and extent of the installation Signatories those with a responsibility for (i) The design (ii) The construction (iii) The inspection and testing Recommend date for next inspection suite412

11 THE DESIGNER Who recommends the date for the next
inspection (Periodic) ? THE DESIGNER suite412

12 THE INSPECTOR Who recommends the date for subsequent
inspections and tests (Periodic) ? THE INSPECTOR suite412

TN-C (of specialist nature) TN-S TN-C-S TT IT (of specialist nature) suite412

14 Number and type of live conductors
whether the supply is a.c. or d.c. number of phases number of poles suite412

15 Nature of Supply Parameters
nominal voltage U/Uo (V) Fixed nominal frequency, f (Hz) Fixed prospective fault current, Ipf (kA) external loop impedance Ze () suite412

16 Prospective Fault Current (Ipf) kA
May be obtained by Measurement Calculation Enquiry Public Electricity Supply (PES) suite412

17 External loop impedance Ze
May be obtained by Measurement Calculation Enquiry suite412

18 Supply Protective Device Characteristics (PES)
Type i.e. BS 1361 Type 2, BS 88 Nominal current rating (A) suite412

19 Particulars of installation referred
to in the certificate Means of earthing Maximum demand (Not rating of service head fuse) Details of earth electrode resistance if applicable suite412

20 Review - Characteristics of Supply
The following characteristics of the supply or supplies, from whatever source shall be determined by calculation, measurement, enquiry or inspection suite412

21 The nature of the current and frequency
The nominal voltage/s The nature of the current and frequency The prospective short circuit current Earth fault loop impedance Ze Maximum demand after diversity Type and rating of overcurrent device at the origin of the installation suite412

22 Main Protective Conductors
Earthing Conductor Material Cu - copper etc c.s.a Connection verified (low resistance ohmmeter) suite412

23 Main Equipotential Bonding Conductors
Material Cu - copper etc c.s.a Connection verified (low resistance ohmmeter recommended maximum value 0.05) suite412

24 BS /BS EN Number Number of Poles Current Rating Voltage Rating

25 Main Switch or Circuit Breaker
BS Type and Number of Poles Current rating (A) Voltage rating Fuse rating or setting Location RCD In (mA) and operating time (mS) at In suite412

26 Comments on Existing Installation
To be used for alterations or additions suite412

27 Schedule of items inspected
Refer to Schedule Common to both Installation & Periodic Inspection Report suite412

28 The Visual Inspection Footnote to Regulation 711-01-01
Chapter 71 Initial Verification Footnote to Regulation Precautions shall be taken to avoid danger to persons and to avoid damage to property and installed equipment during inspection and testing suite412

29 The Visual Inspection 712 Inspection
Inspection shall precede testing and shall normally done with that part of the installation under inspection disconnected from the supply suite412

30 Safe Isolation Test equipment to GS 38 Fused Leads Finger Guards
Probes 4mm max pref 2mm max suite412

31 Schedule of Test Results
Refer to Schedule Common to both Installation & Periodic Inspection Report suite412

32 Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)
Change of use or ownership As a result of damage. Fire - Flood etc Electrical overloading To ensure compliance/continued compliance with the Regulations Mortgage/Insurance request Local bylaws - Places of public entertainment - Theatres/Cinemas etc suite412

33 Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)
Some areas common to Installation Certificate, i.e. Details of client and installation Recommended next inspection date Signature of competent person Supply characteristics Particulars of installation suite412

34 Schedule of inspection
(PIR) continued Schedule of inspection Schedule of test results suite412

35 Major Differences Estimated age of installation?
Evidence of alterations or additions? Are there records available? Extent and limitations Observations and recommendations suite412

36 Extent and Limitations
Extent - Details indicating what part/s of the installation will be inspected and tested Limitations - State exactly what items are excluded, i.e. portable appliances, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, cctv, door entry systems, smoke detectors etc. suite412

37 Departures from BS 7671 must be allocated a numerical code
1. requires urgent attention 2. Requires improvement 3. Requires further investigation 4. Does not comply with BS imply that installation is unsafe suite412

38 Minor Works An alteration or addition to an existing installation that does not include the addition of a new circuit, i.e. spur to radial or ring circuit etc. suite412

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