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Cowden Support Program (CSP) Step by Step Analysis of Treatment of Multi-Symptom, Multi-Microbial Inflammation W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H) Chairman Scientific.

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1 Cowden Support Program (CSP) Step by Step Analysis of Treatment of Multi-Symptom, Multi-Microbial Inflammation W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H) Chairman Scientific Advisory Board Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Copyright W.L.Cowden

2 CSP Empirically Treats MSMMI Including:
Common Co-Infections (acquired at the same time) Borrelia (36 species & at least 3 species known to cause disease) Bartonella (cat scratch disease & 31 other species of bacteria) Babesia (14 species of protozoa) Protomyxzoa (Stephen Fry Lab: at least 8 species of protozoa) Leptospira (other spirochetal bacteria) Ehrlichia & Coxiella (and other rickettsia) Mycoplasma (hundreds of L-forms) Opportunistic infections/infestations (or Co-conspirators) Parasites (other protozoa & helminths such as V.Klapowi lungworm) Fungi (candida sp.,aspergillus sp.,penicillum sp.,cladysporium, etc.) Treponema sp. & Ochrabactrum anthropi (oral bacteria) Viruses (HSV-1 & 2, CMV, EBV, HHV-6, XMRV, coxsackie, etc.) Copyright W.L.Cowden

3 Multi-Symptom Lyme + Coinfections:
Lyme causes, mimics or contributes to more than 350 illnesses ( Can mimic MS, myelopathy, polyneuropathy, brain tumor, encephalopathy (Neurosurgery.1992 May;30(5):769-73) Can cause meningitis, encephalitis, neuritis, mania, OCD, depression, schizophrenia, anorexia, dementia (Am J Psychiatry Nov;151(11): ) Lyme can cause cardiomyopathy, CHF, perimyocarditis, arrhythmias, AV block and conduction disturbances (Eur Heart J.1991 Aug;12 Suppl D:73-5) 90% of chronic fatigue patients are Lyme positive. (Informal study by American Lyme Disease Alliance) Fetal borrelia can cause fetal death, SIDS, fetal anomalies… (Rheum Dis Clin North Am.1989 Nov;15(4):657-77) Copyright W.L.Cowden

4 Since Blood Tests Often Miss Borrelia, Can Use Cowden Support Program Empirically For Symptomatic Patients Harvey, W. and Salvato, P. ‘Lyme disease’: ancient engine of an unrecognized borreliosis pandemic? Med Hypothesis 2003, 60: (showed at least 2/3rds of the initial CDC Western blot & serum/urine PCRs for Bb were negative in 455 fatigue patients even though most became positive on subsequent testing in < 1 year) Copyright W.L.Cowden

5 Or Healing-Crisis Reaction
Herxheimer Reaction Or Healing-Crisis Reaction The die-off of toxin-producing micro-organisms releases toxins into the body and as one takes treatment to get better, they feel temporarily worse with headache, myalgias, arthralgias, abdomen pain, nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, anxiety, depression, insomnia (described first by German Dr. Karl Herxheimer) Herx reactions resolved rapidly in the study using homeopathic & herbal drainage remedies Adverse reactions are rare with this natural treatment other than Herxheimer Copyright W.L.Cowden

6 Program As It Evolved For MSMMI (2003-2007) Drink enough pure water
Binding metals= Zeolite-HP Sulfa Detox=Sparga L-glutathione (liposomal) Reduce electromagnetics Lymph drainage/ Chi machine Bath Detox-Epsom salt/bicarb Laughter & Stretching Emotional release+Ezov+Evox Dental amalgam replacement Enzymes with meals Metabolic Type Diet (no sugar or allergens) Enzymes between meals (Serrapeptase) Vit.C,D3,Iodine,Minerals Magnesium Malate Detox herbs= Pinella + Burbur or Parsley Samento + Cumanda or Banderol or Houttuynia Mora or Enula+/-Quina Copyright W.L.Cowden

7 Horowitz Study Richard Horowitz MD, then vice-president of ILADS, in Dec.2006 started several hundred Lyme patients (who had failed to improve on antibiotic therapy) on the all-natural “Cowden Support Program” Cowden Support Program had developed from the Lyme Pilot Study in Dallas in 2003 See program: 70% of his patients improved fairly quickly (<6mo.) Dr. Horowitz presented this at ILADS Conf. 2007 I evaluated some of the “failures” in his office Failures were toxic from mercury, biotoxins,& EMR, were dehydrated, had food allergies & were eating excess sugar Cowden Support Program was then modified > 80% of subsequent Lyme patients improved Copyright W.L.Cowden

8 Effect of Therapies on Borrelia Biofilm
Doxycycline Control Banderol Only Samento Only Banderol+Samento Copyright W.L.Cowden

9 University of New Haven Study
In vitro studies done 2010 on Borrelia at University of New Haven (Connecticut) Compared doxycycline with Samento & Banderol against various Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) forms Samento & Banderol were as effective against the Bb spirochetal forms as doxycycline Bb round-body forms decreased with Banderol & Samento but not with Doxy Banderol + Samento eliminated Bb biofilm but doxycycline did not (Townsend Letter 7/2010) Copyright W.L.Cowden

10 Effect of Therapies on Borrelia Biofilm
Doxycycline Control Banderol Only Samento Only Banderol+Samento Copyright W.L.Cowden

11 More Borrelia Research- U
More Borrelia Research- U. New Haven Eva Sapi, PhD presented at national Lyme conference 2013 In vitro eval. of Banderol,Samento,Cumanda,Stevia, Takuna, Enula, Mora, Houttuynia & Doxycycline vs 3 forms of B.burgdorferi (biofilm, cyst, spirochete) Against Bb biofilm, all of the herbs were effective (especially Stevia) but Doxycycline was not effective Against Bb cyst, several of the herbs were effective but Doxycycline was not effective Against Bb spirochete, Doxycycline & all of the tested herbs were effective Copyright W.L.Cowden

12 Lack of Toxicity of Herbal Products in Cowden Support Program for MSMMI
Pharmacology & toxicology studies were done at the University of Guayaquil in Ecuador Samento, Banderol, Cumanda, Houttuynia, Enula, Mora, Burbur, Parsley, Pinella, Sparga, Amantilla, Babuna, & Avea were all tested. Doses equivalent to thousands of times the recommended doses for humans caused no organ damage acutely or chronically nor any unexpected adverse-effects. Copyright W.L.Cowden

13 Anti-inflammatory Effects of Quantum-Enhanced Herbals
Pharmacology & toxicology studies were done at the University of Guayaquil in Ecuador Drug Feldene reduced inflammation 99.8% Samento reduced inflammation 84% Cumanda reduced inflammation 97% Quina reduced inflammation 99.9% Noni Conc. reduced inflammation 99.4% Morinda Noni reduced inflammation 31.3% Copyright W.L.Cowden

—14 Products Used — Copyright W.L.Cowden

15 Cowden Support Program
First 3 days take Burbur/Parsley-Detox + Pinella 10drops of each 2x/day (increase to every 15 min. for Herx) Day 4 add 2caps 2x/day Serrapeptase, 2+caps Mg.malate, Sparga 10drops 2X/day; also add Banderol & Samento-starting 1drop each & building to 30 drops of each 2X/day Day 4 add every 3rd night 2 caps Zeolite, then on Day 49 change from Zeolite to Zeolite-HP (+DMSA if no amalgam) On day 78, cycle Banderol to Cumanda+Mora then Enula+ Houttuynia 30drops2X/day for 12.5 days on, 36 hours off On day 78, cycle Samento 30 drops twice daily 12.5 days on, 36 hours off with each day of Mora,Enula,Banderol 9month program +2pg.Summary at Copyright W.L.Cowden

16 Purpose of Each Product in CSP
Burbur-Detox & Parsley-Detox imprinted with energies to detoxify liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph & ground matrix (can take 8-10 drops every 15min) Pinella detoxes brain,spine,nerves(8drops q 15min.prn) Sparga imprinted with nosodes to detox sulfa drugs Magnesium malate helps produce adenosine-tri-phosphate, relaxes muscles & aids neuro-conduction Serrapeptase digests fibrin in capillaries, improves tissue oxygenation & exposes microbes to leukocytes Zeolite & Zeolite-HP bind heavy metals in the gut Broad spectrum antimicrobials are Samento, Banderol, Cumanda, Mora, Enula & Houttuynia (doses can go up to drops twice daily for adults); Stevia now added Copyright W.L.Cowden

17 How to Take Antibiotics with CSP
After day 78 in CSP, there is a 36 hour period OFF all Microbial Defense herbs every 2wks Pharmaceutical antibiotics must stop 12 hours before the Microbial Defense herbs and restart when the first Microbial Defense herbs restart Therefore, the pharmaceutical antibiotics are stopped for 48 hours each 2 weeks The time off all antimicrobials allows hiding forms of microbes to transform back into the invasive forms, which are the forms most responsive to the antimicrobial agents Copyright W.L.Cowden

18 Sleep Study- Guayaquil Ecuador
108 patients with severe insomnia from 4 ambulatory clinics participated Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, triple cross-over study Each group took for one week each Nutramedix Babuna Sleep, Amantilla Relax/Sleep or placebo without a wash-out in between the 3 weeks The placebo improved the sleep in 39.9% of the 108 patients (but much less in the group who received placebo first) Babuna Sleep improved the sleep in 68.8% Amantilla Relax improved the sleep in 82.5% Copyright W.L.Cowden

19 Nutramedix Products Used As-Needed
Amantilla= imprinted extract of valerian root for anxiety & insomnia Babuna= imprinted extract of chamomille for anxiety & insomnia Adrenal Support= Schizandra, Astragalus, Rhodiola, Rhododendron caucasicum & Panax Ginseng Algas= mobilizes radioactive elements out of body Avea= imprinted extract of tumeric for depression Condura= applied topically & orally for pain relief Copyright W.L.Cowden

20 More Nutramedix Products Used As-Needed
Ezov= imprinted extract of hyssop that brings subconscious emotions into the dream-state Maca= improves adrenal & sex hormones Mapalo= helps detox brain & regenerate nerves Melatonin= aids sleep & quenches free-radicals Quina= broad-spectrum antimicrobial Stevia= used in place of sugar(to not feed microbes) but also is antimicrobial & anti-biofilm Takuna= antimicrobial (mostly antiviral) Copyright W.L.Cowden

21 Non-Empiric Program For MSMMI (EDS-guided)
Laser Energetic Detox Chi-machine for lymph LymphStar-Pro/Skin-brush Clay scar treatment Stress-reduction +sauna Cranial suture release EMF avoidance, esp.nite Adrenal Support + B5 AmantillaRelax/Melatonin Avea/Lizyme- depression Ezov/Evox for emotions Samento+/-Artemisinin Low-sugar blood-type diet Avoid all allergenic food Serrapeptase/Lumbrokinase Enzymes with meals also Magnesium malate & iodine Select minerals/vitamins(C,D3) Cautious use of Zinc,Mn,Mb,B6 Algas/Zeolite-HP+/-DMSA/EDTA Burbur/Parsley/Pinella/Mapalo Takuna/LDM/Lauricidin - viruses Cumanda/Banderol/Houttuynia Enula/Mora for Babesia/parasites Flora + fiber Copyright W.L.Cowden >95% improve

22 Co-morbid Conditions in Borreliosis (that can predispose to, or perpetuate, Borreliosis & Coinf’s)
Electromagnetic pollution Gastrointestinal dysfunction Fungi (candida,etc) and/or mycotoxin exposure Parasites, “non-Lyme” bacteria & viruses Focal infections ( mouth) Heavy metal & other toxins Kryptopyroluria & genetic detox defects Nutrient deficiencies “Toxic” and/or allergenic foods Emotional traumas Adrenal and/or thyroid insufficiency Structural misalignments Hypoxia Neuro/CCSVI 2 webinars recorded on Copyright W.L.Cowden

23 1) ElectroMagnetic Pollution
Low-frequency EMR from V appliances, wall circuits, transformers & electric power lines High-frequency EMR from cell-towers,cellphones, cordless phones,WiFi,SmartMeter,dirty-electricity Human body affected by thermal-effect, ionizing radiation & non-thermal,non-ionizing effect EMR can cause insomnia, depression, MS, ALS, immune disruption,cancer, other chronic diseases EMR causes leaky blood-brain-barrier & dementia EMR can increase biotoxins in body & in home* Best solution is create sleep sanctuary *Cross Currents by Robert Becker, MD Copyright W.L.Cowden

24 2) Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
Chronic stress => hi cortisol & stomach damage Low stomach HCl => poor alkaline tide & tissue acidity Low HCl also => low bile & low pancreatic enzymes This => low absorption of AAs, EPA, vitamins A,D,E,K This => poor synthesis of proteins & membranes This => problems in immunity/bone/brain/coagulation Undigested gut protein => putrefaction & food allergy This => immune distress, fatigue, N/V/D, abd.pain This => liver/GB toxicity (enterohepatic circulation) This => poor metabolism of hormones & toxins in liver Do Stress-reduction-technique 4 minutes 4X daily Do 4-day-rotational blood-type diet w/ food-combining Aloe+enzymes Copyright WL Cowden

25 3) Fungi & Mycotoxins Immune response to fungi/mold in home/workplace can mimic Lyme (do VCA test on If +VCA, look for mold/moisture behind sinks, tub, etc. Stop source of moisture then remediate (incl.AC ducts) Then must do no sugar/no starch diet, antifungals plus probiotics twice daily & daily sinus irrigation for 8+ weeks If on antibiotics before w/o mold, must do (d) for 8+weeks Untreated fungi => fatigue, N/V/D/C/abd.pain/brain-fog After doing steps in (d), bind mycotoxins with chitosan, fiber, Cholestepure, or cholestyramine & heal leaky gut Sauna & oil-pulling can also remove mycotoxins Banderol & Cumanda are 2 of the best fungal remedies Copyright WL Cowden

26 4) Parasites, Non-Lyme Bacteria & Chronic Viruses
Low HCl allows parasites in food to grow in gut Parasites cause leaky gut & food allergies Parasites spread to other organs w/ many symptoms Best Tx= DiatomaceousEarth + Enula/Cumanda/Banderol +/- Artemisinin (or Rife frequencies) Many causes of tissue acidity (stress,food allergies, deficient minerals); acidity stimulates microbe growth Strep(PANDAS),staph,chlamydia,mycoplasma,etc can be resolved w/ Cowden Support Program herbs EBV, CMV, herpes & other viruses can be resolved with Takuna, MCT oil, Lauricidin, Larix, Lomatium Copyright WL Cowden

27 5) Toxic Focal Infections
An area of man-made & bio-toxins + microbes 80% of toxic foci are in head & neck (sinuses, tonsillar crypts, root canals, dental extract sites) Other toxic foci= GB, bile ducts, appendix, fallopian tubes, prostate, spleen, etc. Adversely affects organs thru acupuncture meridians & via poisoning thru blood stream Cannot be cleared with antibiotics Often requires surgical drainage to resolve 80% of dental toxic foci clear w/ Oral Health Sinuses can clear w/ diet, oral herbs & NetiPot Chi-machine Copyright WL Cowden

28 Metals removed from One patient’s mouth From Vera Stejskal, PhD
Courtesy of Dr Dagmar Magnusson, DDS Copyright WL Cowden From Vera Stejskal, PhD Courtesy of Dagmar Magnusson, DDS

29 6) Heavy Metals & Other Toxins
Mercury from dental amalgams,fish,etc.poisons microtubules (mitosis, pseudopods, neurons…) Aluminum from antiperspirants, cooking pots, etc. Lead from coal-burning, old paints, leaded gas, etc. poisons brain, bone, bone marrow, enzymes Ni,Cd,Ti,Pd,etc.cause allergic inflammation (MELISA) Radioactive metals & iodine from Fukushima, nuclear weapons cause cancer & chronic infection Pesticides, herbicides, solvents, GMOs, etc. disrupt DNA, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters Eat organic, remove amalgams, take NM-Zeolite-HP, take Lugol’s iodine, do saunas &oil-pulling +/- DMSA, Lipophos-EDTA, cilantro Copyright WL Cowden

30 The Detox Dilemma If one attempts to detoxify heavy metals from their body before they remove their amalgam fillings, most chelators will move more mercury from their amalgams into their tissues (zeolite does not cause this problem but often cannot detox enough alone) This usually makes it preferable to remove amalgams first (& other dental metals that test as problems by MELISA testing), then detoxify heavy metals with DMSA, DMPS, LipophosEDTA, cilantro, Zeolite-HP +/- chlorella Copyright WL Cowden

31 Preferred Techniques For Mercury Amalgam Removal
Take 1500mg.chlorella daily for 1-2 weeks before Use rubber dam on each amalgam tooth Take amalgams out in chunks (don’t pulverize) Use copious water irrigation/high-vacuum suction Use negative ion generator while removing Patient breathes oxygen while removing Chlorella swish-&-spit immediately after removing Replace amalgams with biocompatible materials Adjust bite with patient’s skull, neck, back, hips & pelvis in good alignment (Learn self-adjustment at Copyright WL Cowden

32 7) Kryptopyrroluria & Detox SNiPs
KryptoPyrrolUria from heme metabolism defect poisons detox pathways (in large% of MSMMI pts) Treat KPU w/ zinc,manganese,B6,C,biotin,Mb Metal-binders often needed (DMSA,DMPS,EDTA) Some SingleNucleotidePolymorphisms impair detox (GST,CytP450, SUOX,CBS,MTHFR,etc) Treat SuOX w/ molybdenum; MTHFR w/OHB12 and 5MTHF; GST w/ liposomal-glutathione; CytP450 w/ milk thistle, sauna, oil-pulling Treat CBS with low-Sulfite/ low-sulfur diet, taking TMG & Nutramedix Sparga plus avoiding vitamin B6 Copyright WL Cowden

33 8) Nutrient Deficiencies
Get most nutrients from organic, non-GMO foods Nutrients often missing: Mg, chromium, Zn, iodine, EPA, D3, CoQ10, vit.C, other antioxidants, trace minerals *Fewer antioxidants needed if Earthing all night Zinc citrate, vit.C, chromium polynicotinate after food Best Mg= Malate, then 2AEP or glycinate (with Zn & vit.C) Fulvic minerals with Magnesium (improves lactic acidosis) Best CoQ10= Ubiquinol in oil-gelcap before food Best D3 mycelized with EPA/DHA & CoQ10 before food Lugol’s iodine orally 30 min. before food 5-MTHF, B3,B5,B1,B2,B6,B12,D-ribose,carnitine if tired Copyright WL Cowden

34 Insufficient Nutrients
Eating “fast-food” speeds you to your grave Eat for health first (side benefit is good taste) With meals, no fluids, esp. cold drinks Eat as much raw, organic, non-GMO, sprouted & fermented foods as possible Food green-picking, processing, cooking & preservatives reduces nutrients Soil depleted from corporate farming x 100+ years Many nutrients wasted from the body under stress (Mg, chromium, B vitamins & vitamin C) A toxic body uses up nutrients faster Copyright WL Cowden

35 9) Toxic & Allergenic Foods
Sugars cause inflammation, Synd.X (esp.fructose) No toxic oils= peanut, canola, hydrogenated, fried Genetically-Modified(wheat,soy,corn,caged-chickens, feed-lot-beef) cause cancer, allergies, autoimmunity LeakyGut from fungi/parasites/EMR causes allergy NSAIDs & other drugs also cause leaky gut Foods wrong for blood type more likely allergenic Foods wrong for metabolic type =>acidity/alkalinity Food allergies cause allergic gastritis/enteritis, tissue acidosis, mineral depletion, more infections, immune-disruption, body-wide inflammation, more cancer risk 4-day clean-food rotation using Coca pulse test Copyright WL Cowden

36 10) Emotional Traumas Emotional events in childhood or intra-uterine emotions felt from parents cause physical toxins to accumulate in organs(anger in GB; fear in UB, KI) Toxins disrupt organ function & attract microbes Immune response to microbes is inflammation Zyto-Evox + Recall Healing + Ezov drops can resolve even subconscious emotions from parents & self (Recall Healing taught on When emotion resolves, physical toxins leave the affected organ, thus changing the “tissue terrain” Microbes leave when the terrain normalizes then inflammation & symptoms resolve Copyright WL Cowden

37 “Quantum Voice Therapy”
EVOX analyzes voice for emotions related to a person, event or task about which one speaks Energetic signals computer-generated from the voice-recording are delivered back to the patient This releases emotions & associated beliefs This changes attitudes about people & events Can quickly resolve anger, phobias, grief, etc. Evox most effective if client is pre-treated with quantum-physically-imprinted hyssop (Ezov) Emotion release often causes physical toxin release, which then discourages microbial growth Copyright WL Cowden

38 11) Adrenal & Thyroid Insufficiency
Stressors can be emotional, chemical, EMR, structural (automobile accident, sleep-apnea…), microbial, etc. Adrenal response to protracted stress exhausts adrenals & thyroid tries to compensate Thyroid can develop hyperfunction or burn-out If thyroid & adrenal both exhausted, first resolve stress & rebuild adrenal, then rebuild thyroid (to avoid palpitations,chest pain,anxiety,insomnia,etc) Evox, Stress-Reduction 4min.4x/day, B5, vit.C, herbal adaptogens +/- adrenal glandular/live-cell 3-5d/wk For thyroid, visualize/rage to speak all unspoken issues, take Lugol’s iodine +/- tyrosine & tx scars Copyright WL Cowden

39 12) Structural Misalignments
Most common structural misalignment is C1 vertebra Most common C1 cause is anger affecting GB20 If one does conscious & subconscious forgiveness, then turns their own neck, often C1 re-aligns Next is sacro-iliac misalignment which can come from sexual frustration or poor family support At bedtime self-adjusting both hips & both SI-joints decreases adrenalin release from pelvic ganglia Then sleep can be deeper & more healing Sleep-apnea is common cause of chronic dis-ease TMJ disease & malocclusion also stress entire body Copyright WL Cowden

40 13) Hypoxia (& Lactic Acidosis)
Hypoxia from shallow breathing (esp. “stress”): Breathe deeply (Stress-Reduction for 4min.4x/day) Hypoxia from alveoli mucus/biofilm or Cardiomyopathy: Avoid mucoid foods(dairy,gluten,soy); Biofilm remedy (vinegar, Stevia); EVOX (brokenheart),CoQ10… Hypoxia from low hemoglobin or carbon monoxide (cigarette smoke, bad furnace, poorly tuned car): Avoid smoke, tune the car & furnace; Exercise With O2 Therapy; Hyperbaric O2 Hypoxia from fibrin lining capillary endothelium (from fibroblast response to infection): Serrapeptase/Lumbrokinase/Bromelain 30min. before food 2-3x/day; Treat infection Copyright WL Cowden

41 14) Chronic CerebroSpinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) & Neuro Effects
CCSVI first described in MS patients by P. Zamboni Patients had jugular/azygous vein stenoses Some MS pts got better instantly with angioplasty Many who got better had recurrence Reimaging showed restenosis of jugulars But no one has proven why veins re-stenosed Miklossy has shown spirochetes cause dementia Bartonella causes seizures & other neuro effects Babesia causes insomnia & many neuro effects Copyright WL Cowden

42 Co-morbid Conditions in Borreliosis (that can predispose to, or perpetuate, Borreliosis & Coinf’s)
Electromagnetic pollution Gastrointestinal dysfunction Fungi (candida,etc) and/or mycotoxin exposure Parasites, “non-Lyme” bacteria & viruses Focal infections ( mouth) Heavy metal & other toxins Kryptopyroluria & genetic detox defects Nutrient deficiencies “Toxic” and/or allergenic foods Emotional traumas Adrenal and/or thyroid insufficiency Structural misalignments Hypoxia Neuro/CCSVI 2 webinars recorded on describe this Copyright W.L.Cowden

43 Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS)
EDS can tell which of 14 “Lyme” co-conditions is present In the 1950s, Rheinhold Voll, MD developed electronic instruments to identify acupuncture points and their relative conductance (EDS) He discovered that a very high conductance correlated with inflammation of the associated organ and very low conductance with organ degeneration (compared blood tests, x-rays, etc.) He discovered that placing a vial of the correct substance on the patient would normalize high or low conductance of acupuncture points If a patient took that correct substance orally, it would often resolve the patient’s illness (This is purely “vibrational medicine or BioEnergetics”) Copyright W.L.Cowden

44 EDS Advances & Mode of Action
First computerized EDS device was developed for Dr. Voll in early 1970s Many other EDS devices were developed since (Intero, Vega, Computron, Listen, Prognos, Bio-Meridian, Bicom, Zyto, etc.) These EDS devices pass direct-current voltage at micro-amp level thru the body & measure Ohm resistance before & after an informational signal using a frequency output rather than words to affect galvanic-skin-response (quantum lie detector) Copyright W.L.Cowden

45 QS-EDS Finds Dyspnea Cause
78 yr. old man developed dyspnea on exertion Zyto QS-EDS showed most negative stressor was glacial acetic acid (2.5 times greater than the next highest stressor) On further questioning, he admitted he recently started mopping his floor with vinegar each wk Dyspnea improved when stopped vinegar use Vinegar had caused a pneumonitis Ayurveda= go to patient’s home to diagnose EDS allows doc to “go” to each patient’s home Copyright W.L.Cowden

46 Quantitative Semi-automated ElectroDermal Screening (QS-EDS)
QS-EDS delivers 3 frequency challenges per second & takes 6 galvanic skin measurements per second QS-EDS (Zyto) testing done on 200 Chinese patients on the same day as they had many blood tests, scans, X-rays, Hx&Px, etc. demonstrated 87% correlation Testing for toxins, allergens, nutrients, microbes and other substances can each be done in <10 minutes using the QS-EDS device Technician can learn device operation in <1 hour Doctor can learn the “basics” about how to interpret & implement into practice in about 2-3 days Copyright W.L.Cowden

47 Academy Academy The Academy Offers:
The bridge between hope and healing The bridge between hope and healing The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine CIM Academy The bridge between hope and healing The bridge between hope and healing The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine The Academy Offers: On-line Education Community Conferences Weekly Webinars Inner-Circle Think-Tanks Forums & Blogs Clinical Research Client Referrals Most importantly, it offers the hope of real change, so that we can make a difference in how health care is delivered. Please join us. We need YOU !

48 Thank You For Your Attention !
Copyright W.L.Cowden

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