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Ozone and Oxygen The future of healing…..

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1 Ozone and Oxygen The future of healing….

2 What is ozone….exactly It is an activated form of oxygen with 3 molecule instead of 2 (Oxygen = O2 and Ozone =O3) Ozone therapy accelerates the metabolism of oxygen In a very short time the ozone breaks down into 2 atoms of oxygen by giving up one atom leaving a single reactive atom. This single cell does all the work cleaning up the body – for example in a cancer environment it….. Alkalises the cell’ Destroys the cancer cells Binds to hydrogen Destroys bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. To completely destroy the cancer it requires massive amounts of medical ozone to be applied at cellular level

3 The difference between O2 and O3 therapy
The single atom breaks off and tries to join with other free radicals ( e.g. Carbon MONOXIDE – which is deadly - and converts it into Carbon DIOXIDE) This single atom OXIDISES – destroys- 99% of all toxins. As our bodies love OXYGEN, this extra oxygen molecule gobbles up all the bad things and leaves behind O2 rich blood. The toxins are anaerobic – which means that they cannot survive in this O2 rich environment

4 So how do we get Ozone into the body
Ozone IV – injections Bagging Ozone sauna treatments Ingestion

5 STRESS is the biggest environmental factor for disease
The cause of disease. STRESS is the biggest environmental factor for disease The human body is composed of 2/3 water. Disease happens when this water gets DIRTY. To maintain a CLEAN system, a proper diet, sufficient oxygen in the blood is required. It is VIP to maintain sufficient Oxygen in the body for cellular metabolism Ozone is very powerful as it increases the stability of normal good cells and destroys the immature, sick and deformed cells which are foreign to the body. 2. Each cell burns sugar (carbohydrate)in OXYGEN to make fuel.the carbon – hydrogen bond is cleaved, the oxygen bonds with the hydrogen forming H20 (water) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) as waste products. Calcuim is theEach cell burns sugar (carbohydrates) in oxygen to make its fuel, ATP. The carbon-hydrogen bond is cleaved, and oxygen bonds with the hydrogen, forming H2O (water) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) as waste products. Calcium is the guardian of the cell in regards to the amount of oxygen allowed in. If there is too little ionic calcium in the cell, due to dietary deficiencies, oxygen cannot enter. If there is insufficient oxygen available, CO (carbon monoxide) is formed instead of CO2 and the blood is made more acid. If this oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) continues long enough, some cells will eventually be forced to ferment their sugar anerobically in order to survive. The body has several mechanisms to eliminate these wayward cells, but if the system is toxified, these systems may not be working. As the cells continue to ferment their sugar, lactic acid and carbon monoxide are produced. This process may continue for years at a low level, until it finally attracts the attention of T-cells and macrophages. As they enter the area and react to the acidic environment, they release enzyme growth factors (EGF), their natural response when they sense tissue that is damaged and in need of repair. (If any parasites enter the body, they will migrate to the distressed area. They will produce offspring, establish a colony and dump their acidic wastes, accelerating the process.) Stimulated by EGF, the cells begin to wildly make copies of themselves, ignoring signals from the body to stop. This ungoverned cell replication is what we call cancer. Other disease can also result from lack of calcium in the cell.

6 Direct causes STRESS (remember that every situation is NEUTRAL until we get emotional) Poor diet Oxygen deficiency resulting in toxic overload Overloaded system provides an environment that allows detrimental changes in the body (germs, parasitic infestation) Leads to degenerative disease and premature death

7 Carcinogenisis Build-up of toxins Hypoxia impairs cellular respiration
The cell is forced to ferment its sugar supply, thus rendering the condition potentially cancerous. The APT production drops

8 O3 - Ozone Ozone is oxygen with an added molecule
electrically it has a higher charge. It is unstable and reactive. A single O1 is highly reactive and acts as a scavenger of other free radicals. It reacts with them to render them harmless, thus protecting the cell from damage

9 O2-Oxygen Oxygen is the most vital element for human life
It is the key to good health The more oxygen in the body, the more energy we produce, the more we can eliminate toxins from the body

10 How do we get oxygen into the body
Aerobic exercise Breathing The food we eat Ozone therapy

Pollution - the most vital factor is air pollution. Devitalised foods – heavily processed, cooked, micro waved, canned, and high fat foods contain little oxygen and this is the diet that leads us to degenerative disease (arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer) Poor breathing STRESS!!!!!

12 The primary effect that breathing has on the body is Oxidation.
Oxidation is the process of oxygen combining with another substance resulting in change in the chemical composition of both substances

13 Ozone and virus Toxins – virus – bacteria are anaerobic
i.e. they survive in a low – oxygen environment Cancer is a virus – and the precondition for cancer is LACK OF OXYEN at a cellular level ( Altman, N pg 10) HIV is a virus The development of cancer is a lack of oxygen at cellular level (Altman, N )

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