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OpenAIRE – Building a Collaborative Open Access Infrastructure for European Researchers Dr Birgit Schmidt / Najla Rettberg Goettingen State and University.

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1 OpenAIRE – Building a Collaborative Open Access Infrastructure for European Researchers Dr Birgit Schmidt / Najla Rettberg Goettingen State and University Library LIBER, 29 June 2012, Tartu

2 Overview What is OpenAIRE/plus about? Networking activities Outlook

3 “To make progress in science, we need to be open and share. […] With the right infrastructure and the right approach, we can bring on a new age of scientific practice and discovery. ” Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes, speech at the ALLEA Meeting on "Open Infrastructures for Open Science“, Rome, Italy, 11 April 2012 Open Infrastructures for Open Science European Context policies and supporting e-infrastructures

4 Horizon 2020 opportunities to consolidate OA to research results 4 The European Commission will soon publish a formal Communication to the European Parliament and Council of EU Member States. The Communication will be complemented by a Recommendation to EU Member States – by targeting the European R&D&I programme (HORIZON 2020) and the National programmes in the EU Member States, there is a great opportunity of coordination and to have the critical mass to tackle the challenges of OA and long term preservation of scientific information; Policies supported by e-Infrastructures – the European Commission and EU Member States have been working on the policies for OA and Preservation and also in providing the conditions to deploy efficient e-Infrastructures in support of those policies; – this approach has been highlighted in the recent event on “Open Infrastructures for Open Science”, in Rome (c.f. ALLEA Declaration:

5 OA Publication Infrastructure Open Data Infrastructures ESFRi, EU wide infrastructures Enhancing ‘European Knowledge’ 5

6 What is OpenAIRE? Dec 2009 – Nov 2012, 27 countries OA Publication Infrastructure EC Open Access Pilot, Mandate, SC39 Measure Impact of FP7 Open Access repositories FP7 Project Information Services 6

7 7 The current OA policies: FP7 Open Access Pilot Launched in August 2008, will run until the end of FP7 (2013) Special Clause 39 (SC39), part of the Grant Agreement with the EC, requires beneficiaries to: “deposit peer reviewed research articles or final manuscripts resulting from their FP7 projects into an online repository and make their best efforts to ensure open access to these articles”* * - immediately if the scientific publication is published “open access“, i.e. if an electronic version is also available free of charge via the publisher, or - within 6 months in the thematic areas Health, Energy, Environment (including Climate Change), Information & communication technologies and Research infrastructures (e-infrastructures) and 12 months in the thematic areas Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities and Science in Society. 7

8 8 The current OA policies: ERC OA Guidelines December 2006 – ERC Scientific Council's Statement on Open Access: – fundamental importance of peer-review in ensuring the certification and dissemination of high-quality scientific research – the importance of wide access and efficient dissemination of research results. December 2007 – ERC Guidelines for Open Access: – The ERC requires that all peer-reviewed publications from ERC- funded research projects be deposited on publication into an appropriate research repository where available or an institutional repository, and subsequently made Open Access within 6 months of publication. – The ERC considers essential that primary data are deposited to the relevant databases as soon as possible, preferably immediately after publication and in any case not later than 6 months after the date of publication. 8

9 OpenAIRE Pilot 9 ……. 2009-2012 Support the OA mandate for peer-reviewed publications across Europe and monitor its impact Project consortium Service sites hosted at ICM, content storage in reps, Orphan at CERN OpenAIRE Guidelines Slide: D. Castelli, CNR

10 OpenAIREplus = Phase 2 Dec 2011, 2.5 yrs, 33 countries Building on OpenAIRE Linking OA publications to datasets Linking to funding, outside FP7 From pilot to service for users 10

11 OpenAIREplus 11 2011-2014 Support the OA mandate for research outputs, monitor its impact and facilitate the exploitation of these outputs ……. Service sites hosted at ICM, content storage in reps, Orphan at CERN OpenAIRE Guidelines Project consortium Slide: D. Castelli, CNR

12 OpenAIRE current data & services 12 Publication repositories Institutional & Thematic Open Access Journals OpenDOAR EC funding Linked Content Statistics Search & Browse Deposit/ Ingest Publications Orphan Usage data Research impact Citations, usage statistics Slide: D. Castelli, CNR

13 OpenAIREplus services 13 Publication repositories Institutional & Thematic Open Access Journals 5,200,000 OA publications 331 validated repositories Data repositories Metadata on data sets ResearchID (ORCID,..) OpenDOAR … CRIS Systems National funding EC funding Visualize - Manage Enhanced Publications Linked Content Statistics +++ Search & Browse Curate & collaborate Deposit/ Ingest Publications &data Orphan APIs Usage data Research impact Citations, usage statistics +++ LinkClassify De-duplicateCite Text Mine Slide: D. Castelli, CNR

14 Networking activities 14

15 41 Partners… 15

16 Supporting OA in Europe Network of EU Open Access Knowledge Champion Open Access Helpdesk Reach out to: Users, Researchers, Collaborate 16 1 2 3 22222 4

17 Repositories & Mandates across Europe Currently about 1,000 European-based repositories (up by nearly 30% over the last 1,5 years) About 150 funder and institutional mandates across Europe 17

18 What does this community of practice entail? Very diverse national research environments & policies & collaborations Expertise in OA, repositories & services + emerging need to learn more about research data management Outreach to national stakeholders & link to European activities >> A European network of people sharing experiences & best practise 18

19 Open Access in the EU OpenAIRE/plus Advisory Board, 12 June 2012, Copenhagen 19

20 20

21 What to find in OpenAIRE? National OA experts reach out & provide support Researchers/project coordinators: easy process to claim & confirm publications Research administrators/managers: statistics about projects and programmes Repository managers and publishers: join a network & contribute metadata about publications (guidelines), get usage statistics EC project officers: guide on how to support projects, FAQs, list of journals with impact indicators 21

22 Claiming of Publications 22

23 FP7 Projects: Encourage OA & highlight the outcomes 23

24 How research administrators can support – A checklist At the time of the proposal writing – Inform researchers about eligibility of publication costs & ask to add a budget to proposals (GA Annex II.16.4) – Inform coordinator / participant about EU OA policies During the project – Identify SC39 & ERC researchers – Inform/Remind project coordinators about their OA obligations – Provide resources online: leaflets, checklist, link to local library & helpdesk at – Use newsletters to promote the OA policies Collaborate with your local library – Ask library to provide an OA repository and to comply with OpenAIRE – Work together to inform researchers & support them in copyright issues – Help to identify & upload publications – Help researchers with their final report 24 Research Administrators

25 Monitoring the uptake Research Administrators 25

26 … and usage data 26 publication level repository level project level All

27 Repositories/Journals: Join the network OpenAIRE/plus Advisory Board, 12 June 2012, Copenhagen 27 Repositories & Journals

28 28

29 About 15 Open Access Journals Forthcoming: harvesting from National Aggregators Netherlands, Ireland In addition: Retrieving publications from thematic repositories (UKPMC Open Set, ArXiv, PUMA, …) Orphan: ~100 publications 29

30 Identified FP7 publications FP7 publications From total of ProjectsOANotes OpenAIRE portal 3180 - 35095%From OA harvesting PUMA/CNR 46358,7637840% ArXiv 4501313,391863100%Searched everything published after 2007 UKPMC 608242,407388100%Open Access set +350 FP7 publications with no referral to Grant Agreement (ERC) Other sources 17,47270,079349612%2,267 OA publications (DOAJ) 937 publications with no DOI 1230 duplicated in ArXiv Total27,180684, 640 Total Open Access ~10,000 35-40% 30

31 Challenges & How to handle them Implementing OA mandates takes time >> multiple stakeholders are asked to change their attitudes & workflows Research administrators are powerful allies – they sympathise with the idea of OA (but have little knowledge) >> work closely with researchers / project coordinators >> collaboration with the library is key A question of priorities: some see OA pilot as a great opportunity, some are more reluctant >> look for synergies with institutional/ national agendas 31

32 Outlook 32

33 Services for Users Search, Access Statistics Deposit Files and Metadata – Publications and Datasets into Orphan Repository Create/Infer to links between Objects – Information in Context 33

34 Enhanced Publications Linked data through “Enhanced publications” – The new generation publications – Representation, end user creation and visualization, export 34

35 What Data are we Gathering? 35 Projects/FundingLicenses Publications (metadata) Datasets (metadata) CRIS, (CERIF)Studies Data Repositories DRIVER, OpenAIRE (Text) EC, National Metadata OpenAIRE Guidelines Guidelines for Data Providers

36 Expand Helpdesk Topics 36

37 Learning more Workshops Policies – documentation online Interoperability – Portugal - Jan 2013 Linking Research – Belgium - May 2013 Legal, Sustainability – Lithuania - Late 2013 Quarterly Newsletter 37

38 … last but not least We need you to make Open Access / Science a success – in Europe and world-wide! Join the OpenAIRE network! 38

39 Your questions & comments? Contact Details Birgit Schmidt Najla Rettberg More Information OpenAIRE Twitter OpenAIRE_eu Acknowledement Some slides by D. Castelli, N. Manola 39

40 Others ‘Users’ Content provider – Repository managers Third-party application developers – Bulk-fetch content via APIs – Authority files – Enhanced Publications Data ‚Curators‘ – Validate, Enrich Data, Links, Citations 40

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