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Opening access to European funded publications (FP7 & ERC) : the OpenAIRE project Alexandra Deniot– Couperin Consortium.

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1 Opening access to European funded publications (FP7 & ERC) : the OpenAIRE project Alexandra Deniot– Couperin Consortium

2 The Digital Agenda for Europe The main policy context today is the Digital Agenda. T he Digital Agenda is Europe's strategy for a flourishing digital economy by 2020. It outlines policies and actions to maximize the benefit of the Digital Revolution for all. To achieve these goals, the Commission will work closely with national governments, concerned organizations and companies. agenda/index_en.htm OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 2

3 Origins of the Open Access debate The Internet has led to unprecedented access and dissemination possibilities - Access should be easier and cheaper However, journal subscription prices have risen considerably over the past decades - Protests by researchers and libraries Need to make the best possible use of opportunities offered by the digital revolution - Room for improvement OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 3

4 What Open Access is not? An open access requirement is not a requirement to publish: researchers are free to publish or not Open access and commercial exploitation (e.g. patenting) are not at odds: open access only applies after the decision to publish has been taken Open access publications are not of lower quality than traditional publications: they have gone through the same peer-review process as non-OA publications Open access is not the same as open source, which applies to software OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 4

5 Open Access Policies OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011

6 Open Access Mandates 300+ OA mandates internationally – 46 funder mandates – 117 institutional mandates – … EC Open Access initiatives – FP7 OA pilot – ERC OA guidelines Source: ROARMAP ( OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 6

7 FP7 society/open_access OpenAIRE presentation Paris 16.3.2011 7

8 Reimbursement of publication costs Gold open access Limited to duration of project Uptake to be monitored during and at end of FP7 Publication costs (including gold/author pays open access fees) are eligible for reimbursement: - Legal reference: II.16.4 of FP7 Model Grant Agreement permits 100% reimbursement for “other activities” including open access publication OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 8

9 FP7 OA pilot Special clause 39 : “In addition to Article II.30.4, beneficiaries shall deposit an electronic copy of the published version or the final manuscript accepted for publication of a scientific publication relating to foreground published before or after the final report in an institutional or subject- based repository at the moment of publication.“ press/2008/pdf/annex_1_ne w_clauses.pdf OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 9

10 FP7 OA pilot Applies to seven areas of the 7th Framework Programme – “Health” – “Energy” – “Environment” – “Information & Communication Technology” (Cognitive systems/robotics) – “Research infrastructures” (e-infrastructures) – “Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities” – “Science in Society” OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 10

11 FP7 OA pilot in detail Applies to grant agreements signed after August 20, 2008 Pilot based on “Self-Archiving“ / “green“ OA Final published article or final peer-reviewed manuscript If no repository is at hand, into a special repository for “orphan” publications OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 11

12 Deposit immediately upon acceptance for publication Embargo open access – 0 months (OA publications) – 6 months (Energy, Environment, Health, Information and Communication Technologies, Research Infrastructures) – 12 months (Science in Society, Socio- economic Sciences and Humanities) OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 12

13 ERC Scientific Council Guidelines for Open Access _Access_revised_Dec07_FINAL.pdf OpenAIRE presentation Paris 16.3.2011 13

14 17 December 2007 “The ERC requires that all peer-reviewed publications from ERC-funded research projects be deposited on publication into an appropriate research repository where available, such as PubMed Central, ArXiv or an institutional repository, and subsequently made Open Access within 6 months of publication.” “The ERC considers essential that primary data - which in the life sciences for example could comprise data such as nucleotide/protein sequences, macromolecular atomic coordinates and anonymized epidemiological data are deposited to the relevant databases as soon as possible, preferably immediately after publication and in any case not later than 6 months after the date of publication.” OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 14

15 How to comply? OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011

16 Support needed to enable projects / researchers to comply => OpenAIRE OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 16

17 OpenAIRE Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.03.2011 17

18 Main Goals HELPDESK : Deliver “an electronic infrastructure and supporting mechanisms for the identification, deposition, access, and monitoring of FP7 and ERC funded articles” ORPHAN REPOSITORY: Additionally, offer “a special repository for articles that can be stored neither in institutional nor in subject-based/thematic repositories”. OPENAIRE PORTAL: All deposited articles will be visible and freely accessible worldwide through a new portal to the products of EU-funded research, built as part of this project. OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 18

19 Publication & Deposit Workflow 19 OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 19

20 Steps for Compliance 1. Submit your article to a journal of your choice. – Please use the cover letter and the „Addendum to Publication Agreement“ 20 OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 20

21 Publication Agreement 21 OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 21

22 2. Deposit your accepted author manuscript (a PDF of your final version as submitted to the publisher after peer review) in your institutional repository, subject repository or orphan repository OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 22

23 Help OpenAIRE to Identify FP7 Publications Acknowledge project in publication OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 23

24 Acknowledgement of Funding Examples of acknowleding FP7 in your publication – Financial support by the European Commission (FP7-ICT-2009-1, Grant Agreement no. XXXX) is gratefully acknowledged. – This work has been supported by the EC within the 7th framework programme under grant agreement no. FP7-IST-XXXX. – This work has been supported by the XXXX project, grant agreement number YYYY, funded by the EC Seventh Framework Programme theme FP7-ENERGY-2008-2. – The authors acknowledge the financial support by the European Union FP7-ICT project ZZZZ under contract no. XXXX. 24 OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18/05/2011 24

25 Help OpenAIRE to Identify FP7 Publications Acknowledge project in publication Use publication identifier at reporting time OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 25

26 Reporting 26 OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 Open Access Publication Identifier 26

27 Help OpenAIRE to Identify FP7 Publications Acknowledge project in publication Use publication identifier at reporting time Urge institutional repository to become OpenAIRE compliant OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 27

28 OpenAIRE Compliant Repositories Find out if your institutional repository is OpenAIRE compliant In July 2010 the OpenAIRE team released the OpenAIRE Guidelines 1.0 - Guidelines for content providers of the OpenAIRE information space: Advocate for it OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 28

29 Need help? Helpdesk: – -> support OpenAIRE presentation Paris 16.3.2011 29

30 OpenAIRE presentation Paris 16.3.2011 30

31 Network of National Open Access desks (NOAD) – Divided in 4 regions – France is part of region west (Couperin) NOAD handles the question OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05..2011 31

32 Network of National Open Access Desks OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.03.2011 32

33 OpenAIRE Portal OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011

34 OpenAIRE presentation Paris 16.3.2011 34

35 OpenAIRE presentation Paris 16.3.2011 35

36 About France OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011

37 Already Open access repository: - HAL (Hyper Article en Ligne) - IFREMER, - INRA, - Grandes Ecoles de Toulouse, - Dauphine University, - Journals in OA ( OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05..2011 37

38 OpenAIRE - factsheet Programme: FP7 – Research Infrastructures Starting date: December 1, 2009 Duration: 36 months Budget: 4.1 Million 38 partners covering all European member- states (except Luxemburg + Norway) OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 38

39 More OpenAIRE website: http://www.openaire.eu Further details on the open access pilot in FP7 can be found on: society/open_access society/open_access Follow us on twitter: @OpenAIRE_eu OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 39

40 Contact If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email: OpenAIRE presentation Lyon 18.05.2011 40

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