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Interoperability scenarios between UKPMC and OpenAIRE Jo McEntyre, Wolfram Horstmann.

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1 Interoperability scenarios between UKPMC and OpenAIRE Jo McEntyre, Wolfram Horstmann

2 Objectives Develop an aligned OA policy – The better the OA world is organized, the better the scientific community can communicate – Provide more coverage in OpenAIRE/UKPMC – Allow free choice between IRs and SRs Save researcher‘s time for reporting – Re-use existing bibliographic data – Prevent double input, redundancy, confusion Pave paths to future applications – e.g. Research data management

3 Functions for Researchers (end-users) When using UKPMC with respect to EC-Grants o FP7-funded articles can be added to UKPMC o “One stop” grant claiming o Delegation of FP7 grant information management When using OpenAIRE with respect to UKPMC o to be referred to UKPMC for depositing full-texts o to find UKPMC records with EC-Grant information o to see UKMPC as provider of a given record in claiming services

4 Functions for Funders When using UKPMC with respect to EC-Grants o Analysis of funding outcomes in the context of other biomedical funding When using OpenAIRE with respect to UKPMC o maximize coverage and accuracy in disciplinary comparisons of EC-Grants

5 Infrastructural implications Within UKPMC – find Life Science full-texts from institutional repositories in OpenAIRE (with or without EC-Grant information) – fetch of full-text from OpenAIRE/IRs – link to full-texts in IRs Within OpenAIRE – find Life Science full-texts with EC Grant information from UKMPC – find Life Science records from UKPMC for claiming display – enrich IR records with PM(C)IDs / de-duplication

6 What does this mean practically? Many routes of deposit – impossible to explain all – instead a hypothetical use case For the sake of clarity, picture a „Grant reporting action for SC39 projects“ – All coordinators receive letter with link to OpenAIRE and project-specific credentials – When logging in, they find a suggestion list of possible publications resulting from the project, including all repositories worldwide UKMPC/BASE – The task is to claim the correct records, maybe edit/complete them or add missing

7 SC39 reporting action – SCHEMATIC

8 Authors PubMed OpenAIRE-UKPMC content flow OpenAIRE deposition and claiming OpenAIRE deposition and claiming UKPMC Metadata Article Article in UKPMC? Wiley, Elsevier? UKPMC manuscript processing Add Grant Info, link to IR Packet complete

9 Grant information in UKPMC If articles are “self archived”: grant info is linked to that article during the process Requirement: PI-Grant relationships supplied by Funder in the UKPMC deposition system If articles are publisher-deposited: grant info has to be added retrospectively Requirement: (semi)manual annotation e.g. by retrospective bulk upload of information or author claiming mechanism

10 Claiming Service – SCHEMATIC

11 Summary of practical tasks UKPMC info in OpenAIRE – Records (in claiming) – full-text flag (in claiming) – OA-Articles with EC Grant Info from UKMPC-MSS in OpenAIRE (public display, see 2.) Transfer of complete records (full-text+EC Grant Info) from OpenAIRE to UKPMC* Directing user from OpenAIRE to UKMPC for MSS-Upload * NOTE: Bulk Upload for XML-conversion of Full-Text from OpenAIRE into UKPMC (see 2.)

12 Proposed pilot project: towards building “PMC Europe” Goal: explore content flow between OpenAIRE and PMC Deliver: FP7-funded Health-related articles deposited via OpenAIRE into UK PubMed Central Demonstrate and report on: – technical feasibility – linking of bibliographic records in UKPMC to FP7 award data – added value (enrichment, citations, database links) – usage Costs: – technical staff (pipeline set up, funder database adjustments, author support, report writing) ~ 6 months FTE = ~ 50,000 € – per manuscript processing (conversion) for 6 months (up to 500 articles of which 30% will come via OpenAIRE) = up to150 articles @ 50 € per article = 7,500 €

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