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Industrial Video and Surveillance Bud Broomhead, CEO

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1 Industrial Video and Surveillance Bud Broomhead, CEO

2 2 Types of Technology for Video Surveillance
Technical factors affecting Video Surveillance # of Cameras, Resolution (SD, HD, XD), Frame Rate, Retention Periods CCTV is an “upgrade” business Rapid conversion to IP technology ~10% are IPVS systems today ~53% will be IPVS systems in 2012 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

3 Video Surveillance Storage Requires Scalability
Scalable recording platform (storage) is key competitive differentiator Storage is 50% of a VS deployment Storage Opportunity in VS in 2010 4,000+ PB in Existing CCTV market 1,000+ PB in Emerging IPVS market COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

4 Technical Considerations by Segment
Key Architectural Attributes Scalable Archives for Casino/gaming Megapixel Cameras for Manufacturing/QA Edge Recording for Retail Long Retention for Litigation COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

5 Extend the Life of CCTV Installations
Need more Retention (days recorded) Need more Resolution of recorded video Need more Reliability (storage) Increase Retention Period (days recorded) Increase Resolution of recorded video Increase Reliability (storage) D: Video System I: C: Video Software x COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

6 Extending Life of CCTV Business requirements CCTV system requirements
Increase Retention from 30 to 180 days for security evidence Support megapixel resolution cameras for Manufacturing/QA Reduce audit risk by eliminating “gaps” in recorded history CCTV system requirements Expand storage capacity of 7 DVRs to retain recorded video longer Expand storage to support higher resolution of recorded video Remove “storage-failures” from the system By incorporating key business drivers, Baxter was better positioned to select technology meeting the needs of its current and future business COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

7 Migration To Open Systems
Leverage IT infrastructure and skills Scalability, lower cost, improved reliability, and simplified deployment IP Cameras Video Management System Coax or converted analog Digital Video Recorder Storage COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

8 All-IP Video System Business requirements Integrated IP environment
Integrate business, gaming, and security systems Satisfy regulations to retain recorded history Integrated IP environment Video Surveillance, Life Safety, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Point of Sale, VoIP, PA/Entertainment, Slot Network Massively scalable storage platform for future growth By providing an integrated, comprehensive view of multiple aspects of Enjoy’s operation, its staff gained real-time insight into activities throughout the casino COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

9 IP Storage is a “crossover” technology
Supports both CCTV systems & IP-based systems Analog/Coax-based DVRs IP-based Video Management System IP Ethernet Connector (same room as DVR/NVR/VMS farm) Storage COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

10 Captive vs Shared Storage DVR Solution
DVR with Captive Storage DVR with Shared Storage Processor/VMS software Processor/VMS software Sys Sys Video Video Video Video Sharable IP Storage COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

11 Real World Comparison 1 Single DVR with 16 channels, 2TB, leading manufacturer

Today, the # of cameras an NVR can support is limited by storage (maximum size and storage/disk throughput) As a result, more NVRs are needed VMS Sharable Storage Remove storage bottleneck inside NVRs NVRs become performance limited instead Each NVR can support more cameras, perhaps 4x or more Fewer NVRs are needed Shared storage means efficient usage, less storage overall COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

13 Camera Throughput and Storage

14 I/O Profiles of Selected NVR/VMS
Vendors Product Architecture File System OS ReqSize (KB) Sequential % Random Honeywell Alpha Live Video None Windows 20-200 100 Cisco VSMS Linux EXT3 Linux2.6 8, 128 57 43 Bosch VIP X1 Linux 54, 60 2 streams Milestone XProtect LV-Archive NTFS 4, 32, 64 8 92 OnSSI NMVS 10 90 Genetec Omnicast 4, 64 55 45 SAM IPVideo SAMCore 32 68 IndigoVision NVR 64 31 71 AMAG 20 80 Camera counts and Filesystem creates Random I/O due to Fragmentation COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

15 FPS Sampling Statistics [55 cameras @30FPS]
Instances with 10% or less FPS loss Instances with greater than 10% FPS loss Expected 1650 FPS COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

16 Define Video Surveillance Quality
Max Cameras with acceptable Frame Loss “Good-enough” Quality “Good-enough” Quality = Frame Loss < 5% of Total Samples AND Number of Instances where ( Frame Loss > 10%) < 5% Total Samples COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

17 Intransa Product Portfolio
Independently scale Capacity and Performance Lower costs, increase Retention, Resolution, & Reliability RAID & data protection Ideal for Video Surveillance deployments PerformanceBlock 4 to 1,500TB 10-80 GbE BuildingBlock 4 to 1,500TB 2-8 GbE Q4 ‘08 EdgeBlock 4 to 51TB 2-4 GbE SAS JBOD StarterBlock 2 to 16TB 1-2 GbE COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL

18 StorStac™ Architecture with COTS Hardware
Application hosts (Windows or Unix) Management GUI & CLI LAN IP SAN (iSCSI Storage Area Network) Management network StorStac Performance Controller Units (PCU) StorStac StorStac StorStac Realm GbE Interconnect StorStac StorStac StorStac Storage Capacity Enclosures (SCE) Storage Expansion Enclosures COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL


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