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Industrial Video and Surveillance Bud Broomhead, CEO.

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1 Industrial Video and Surveillance Bud Broomhead, CEO

2 2 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 2 Types of Technology for Video Surveillance  Technical factors affecting Video Surveillance  # of Cameras, Resolution (SD, HD, XD), Frame Rate, Retention Periods  CCTV is an “upgrade” business  Rapid conversion to IP technology  ~10% are IPVS systems today  ~53% will be IPVS systems in 2012

3 3 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Video Surveillance Storage Requires Scalability  Scalable recording platform (storage) is key competitive differentiator  Storage is 50% of a VS deployment  Storage Opportunity in VS in 2010  4,000+ PB in Existing CCTV market  1,000+ PB in Emerging IPVS market

4 4 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Technical Considerations by Segment  Key Architectural Attributes  Scalable Archives for Casino/gaming  Megapixel Cameras for Manufacturing/QA  Edge Recording for Retail  Long Retention for Litigation

5 5 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Extend the Life of CCTV Installations  Need more Retention (days recorded)  Need more Resolution of recorded video  Need more Reliability (storage) D: VideoSystem I: Video C: Video Software x Retention  Increase Retention Period (days recorded) Resolution  Increase Resolution of recorded video Reliability  Increase Reliability (storage)

6 6 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Extending Life of CCTV  Business requirements  Increase Retention from 30 to 180 days for security evidence  Support megapixel resolution cameras for Manufacturing/QA  Reduce audit risk by eliminating “gaps” in recorded history  CCTV system requirements  Expand storage capacity of 7 DVRs to retain recorded video longer  Expand storage to support higher resolution of recorded video  Remove “storage-failures” from the system  By incorporating key business drivers, Baxter was better positioned to select technology meeting the needs of its current and future business

7 7 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Migration To Open Systems  Leverage IT infrastructure and skills  Scalability, lower cost, improved reliability, and simplified deployment Coax or converted analog Digital Video Recorder Video Management System IP Cameras Storage

8 8 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL All-IP Video System  Business requirements  Integrate business, gaming, and security systems  Satisfy regulations to retain recorded history  Integrated IP environment  Video Surveillance, Life Safety, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Point of Sale, VoIP, PA/Entertainment, Slot Network  Massively scalable storage platform for future growth  By providing an integrated, comprehensive view of multiple aspects of Enjoy’s operation, its staff gained real-time insight into activities throughout the casino

9 9 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL IP Storage is a “crossover” technology  Supports both CCTV systems & IP-based systems IP-based Video Management System Analog/Coax-based DVRs Storage IP Ethernet Connector (same room as DVR/NVR/VMS farm)

10 10 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Captive vs Shared Storage DVR Solution Sys Video Video Processor/VMS software Sys Video Video DVR with Captive Storage DVR with Shared Storage Sharable IP Storage

11 11 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Real World Comparison 1 Single DVR with 16 channels, 2TB, leading manufacturer

12 12 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL NVR Consolidation VMSVMSVMSVMSVMSVMSVMSVMSVMSVMS  Today, the # of cameras an NVR can support is limited by storage ( maximum size and storage/disk throughput)  As a result, more NVRs are needed VMSVMS Sharable Storage  Remove storage bottleneck inside NVRs  NVRs become performance limited instead  Each NVR can support more cameras, perhaps 4x or more  Fewer NVRs are needed  Shared storage means efficient usage, less storage overall

13 13 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Camera Throughput and Storage

14 14 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL I/O Profiles of Selected NVR/VMS VendorsProductArchitecture File System OS ReqSize (KB) Sequential % Random % HoneywellAlphaLive VideoNoneWindows20-2001000 CiscoVSMSLive VideoLinux EXT3Linux2.68, 1285743 BoschVIP X1Live VideoNoneLinux54, 602 streams0 MilestoneXProtectLV-ArchiveNTFSWindows4, 32, 64892 OnSSINMVSLV-ArchiveNTFSWindows4, 32, 641090 GenetecOmnicastLive VideoNTFSWindows4, 645545 SAM IPVideoSAMCoreLV-ArchiveNTFSWindows4, 643268 IndigoVisionNVRLive VideoNTFSWindows643171 AMAGNVRLV-ArchiveNTFSWindows642080 Camera counts and Filesystem creates Random I/O due to Fragmentation

15 15 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL FPS Sampling Statistics [55 cameras @30FPS] Expected 1650 FPS Instances with greater than 10% FPS loss Instances with 10% or less FPS loss

16 16 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Define Video Surveillance Quality “Good-enough” Quality = Frame Loss 10%) < 5% Total Samples Max Cameras with acceptable Frame Loss “Good-enough” Quality

17 17 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL  Independently scale Capacity and Performance  Lower costs, increase Retention, Resolution, & Reliability  RAID & data protection  Ideal for Video Surveillance deployments Intransa Product Portfolio BuildingBlock 4 to 1,500TB 2-8 GbE EdgeBlock 4 to 51TB 2-4 GbE PerformanceBlock 4 to 1,500TB 10-80 GbE StarterBlock 2 to 16TB 1-2 GbE SAS JBOD Q4 ‘08

18 18 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL StorStac™ Architecture with COTS Hardware Management network Management GUI & CLI Application hosts (Windows or Unix) IP SAN (iSCSI Storage Area Network) LAN GbE Interconnect Performance Controller Units (PCU) … Storage Capacity Enclosures (SCE) StorStac Realm Storage Expansion Enclosures … StorStac


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