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1 Authority on Demand Flexible Access Control Solution.

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1 1 Authority on Demand Flexible Access Control Solution

2 2 The Challenge Emergency access to critical application data and processes is a very common security breach which is uncovered in System i audits. Currently, manual approaches to this problem are not only error-prone, but do not comply with regulations and auditor’s often stringent security requirements. System i sites define user’s security levels and allocate security rights corresponding to the different job responsibilities in the organization.

3 3 AOD Features Easy to Use - simplifies granting special authorities when necessary, and incorporates easy-to-use reporting and monitoring mechanisms. Add/Swap Security Levels (unique to iSecurity AOD) - grants a new security authority level or adds additional security rights on request. Authority Transfer Rules & Providers - enables pre-defining special authority "providers" and special authority transfer rules. Safe Recovery from Emergency - enables recovering from different types of emergency situations with minimum risk of human error. Full Monitoring Capabilities - logs and monitors all relevant activities, and sends audit reports and real-time e-mail alerts when employees request higher authority. Part of End-to-End Solution - solidifies iSecurity's position as the most comprehensive security solution for System i environments. Intuitive GUI Interface –suitable for non-technical staff. Controlled Access – allows only relevant personnel to access critical data

4 4 Part 1 Authority on Demand Scenario

5 5 Without Authority on Demand: Inefficient Work Mode Sam Evans Programmer Has authorities for Test & Development Needs authorities for Production once a week Richard Garner Busy IT Manager Hi Sam… temporary authorities for the Production folder? Hmmm, I don’t have time now… maybe next week. Authority Request Rejected

6 6 With Authority on Demand: Automatic Granting of Special Authorities Let’s define authority rules: When Sam Evens requests authority for Production Folder between 8AM-16:30PM, the system will automatically grant it… Uh, Richard, I need authorities for the Production folder again…

7 7 Requesting Special Authority… Now that we have AOD, I’ll request authority… Wow, this is so much easier than calling up Richard…

8 8 Instantly & Automatically Receiving Authorities Got the authorities!

9 9 Finally, I don’t have to waste my time on granting special authorities… the whole process is automatic and I can see a full log of Sam’s authority requests and even screen captures! Effective Monitoring of Special Authorities

10 10 Part 2 Authority on Demand Screens

11 11 AOD Welcome Screen

12 12 Authority on Demand Log DANA start add authority of user QSECOFR in job 456789/DANA/QPADEV0003. Reason: Need to check problem in production system. Confirmation ID: 5634 Time: 11/03/08 22:40 DANA end add authority of user QSECOFR in job 456789/DANA/QPADEV0003. Time: 11/03/08 23:19 ID: 653 Attachment 1 – Command entered Attachment 2 – Captured Screens Attachment 3 – DB Records changes Command entered ID: 653, Attachment 1 DB Records changes ID: 653, Attachment 3 Captured Screens ID: 653, Attachment 2 * Other attachment options available (all QAUDJRN information, summary of changes made by Ad-Hoc utilities…)

13 13 Authority on Demand Main Menu

14 14 Work with Authority Rules Select Authority Rule to modify.

15 15 Modify an Authority Rule Each field needs to be explained individually; “Add authority of Provider” is unique to AOD & ensures that logged info relates to requester.

16 16 Modify an Authority Rule Important note below.

17 17 Work with Authority Providers Select an Authority Provider to modify.

18 18 Modify definitions for an Authority Provider

19 19 Define (Option 6) and Change a Time Group

20 20 Activation menu (Option 11)

21 21 Request to obtain Authority (GETAOD) Requestor must enter the name of the Authority provider and either a PIN Code (with Reason *BYPIN) or Reason text.

22 22 GETAOD was successful Feedback message below.

23 23 E-mail messages for Start/End Authority

24 24 GETAOD was not successful Feedback message below.

25 25 Unsuccessful GETAOD: log and e-mail

26 26 Unsuccessful GETAOD- full explanation

27 27 Request AOD Console Messages Enter command.

28 28 Sample AOD Console Messages

29 29 Option 41 from the Main Menu is used to Display AOD log entries; can be filtered by requester or provider. Display AOD Log Entries

30 30 Sample AOD Log Entries Sample AOD Log Entries; F10 provides details.

31 31 Select type of AOD Log entries to Display Note the numerous possibilities for displaying AOD log entries.

32 32 This is the QAUDJRN log for one AOD request. Audit Log for one Get AOD request

33 33 AOD log contains “pointers” (i.e. attachments) to the appropriate QAUDJRN log. Option 43: Print Log

34 34 This is the printed QAUDJRN log for a single AOD request. Print output of QAUDJRN

35 35 This is an actual screen “Capture” of using AOD (back version). Showing “Captured” Screen Image

36 36 This is one of the user screens “Captured” (frame 11 in the Capture log file). Another “Captured” Screen Image

37 37 AOD System Configuration Screen Option 81 from the AOD Main Menu.

38 38 General Definitions Configuration Screen Note various general definition parameters.

39 39 Exit Programs Configuration Screen AOD allows for site-specific exit program overrides.

40 40 AOD Log Retention Configuration Screen Set the Log Retention period using this screen.

41 41 E-mail Definitions Configuration Screen An appropriate license must be signed with a local ISP.

42 42 SYSLOG attributes are defined using Option 81  21 from the main menu. SYSLOG Definitions

43 43 These are the SYSLOG messages written when authority was added. SYSLOG Messages

44 44 Work with AOD Operators Select an AOD Operator to modify.

45 45 Modify AOD Operator Rights Full product usage, Emergency usage or use as an Auditor (read-only).

46 46 Emergency Operator Screen Current user has been defined as Emergency operator, only 1 rule can be modified.

47 47 Modify Rule by Emergency Operator Modify the rule which relates this Emergency operator; other rules cannot be modified.

48 48 Auditor Screen No changes may be made to rules.

49 49 Modify Authority Rules screen disabled All input fields are disabled in this mode.

50 50 Please visit us at Thank You!

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