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Firewall End-to-End Network Access Protection for System i.

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1 Firewall End-to-End Network Access Protection for System i

2 Overview

3 Firewall A solution which secures every type of access to and from System i, within & outside the organization

4 Market Need Hacking Open TCP/IP environment has increased System i risks Many remote activities are now easy Initiating commands Installing programs Changing data Moving files Limited ability to log/block unauthorized access Internal Fraud FBI Study: the most significant threat to an organization's information systems comes from inside Control and follow-up on user access - a necessity

5 Firewall Features Airtight protection from both internal and external threats Covers more exit points than any other product Protection from User Level to Object Level Protects both incoming and outgoing IP addresses Unique layered architecture - easy to use and maintain Excellent performance - especially in large environments User-friendly Wizards streamline rule definitions Historical data statistics enable effective rule definition Best-Fit feature formulates rule to suit each security event Detailed log of all access and actions Simulation Mode Tests existing Firewall rules Enables defining rules based on the simulation Reports in various formats: e-mail, print-out, HTML/PDF/CSV

6 Firewall Scenario

7 Monday, Midnight “OK, I’m bored… Let’s do some quick hacking…” Rob Black Hacker

8 5 Minutes Later “Got it! I’m inside IronTrust Bank systems. I really need a new sports car… Let’s extract a few hundred thousands...

9 Tuesday, Midnight “OK, now let’s try SMART Insurance… this should take about 5 minutes! Rob Black Hacker

10 One Minute Later Glenda Wright, Information Security Manager, SMART Insurance “Our Firewall just blocked a break-in attempt. I’ll have the identity, time and IP address in a minute.”

11 5 Hours Later “Hey, what are all those security layers? And all these protected exit points… I can’t get through… there goes my new car!” Rob Black Hacker

12 Firewall Info

13 Firewall Gateways i5 server Other products’ Gateways IP Address Other products iSecurity Firewall Gateways IP Address User Verb File Library Commands iSecurity Firewall

14 Firewall Adds Another Security Layer Native IBM System i security – suitable for stand-alone systems External access bypasses IBM security System i is vulnerable in network environments Firewall System i FTPInternet Network PCTelnetODBC Before FirewallWith Firewall Native IBM System i Security

15 Firewall - Layered Security Design Exit Point Security IP / SNA Name to Service Subnet Mask Support User-to-Object Management Rights Data Rights User/Group/Supplem ental/ internal groups & Generic Names User-to-Service/Verb/IP/Device/ Application Firewall User Groups IBM Group Profiles Reject Allow Level of Control FYI Simulation Mode Emergency Override User/Verb Object IP/SNA Firewall

16 FTP: Authorities Based on IP & User Telnet: Terminal based on IP-Automatic Signon Internet (WSG): User to IP address Passthrough: User to System name (SNA) Remote Logon Logon Firewall - Layered Security Design (2) Exit Point Control Standard Firewall User/Verb Object FTP: Authorities Based on IP & User, Home dir, CCSID, Encrypt… Telnet: Terminal based on IP-SSL, Automatic Signon, Naming… Internet (WSG): User to IP address… Passthrough: User* to System (SNA), Replace user…

17 Client Access File Transfer 3 Ways to Steal Your Data Network Neighborhood Drag & Drop

18 Firewall GUI

19 GUI Example

20 User Management

21 21 Generate Firewall Query

22 22 Edit a Firewall Query

23 23 Edit a Firewall Query

24 24 Results (historical log entries) Current FW definitions Firewall Suggests an Appropriate New Rule based on Log Entry

25 25 From Log: Get an Appropriate Rule Definition

26 26 From Log: Create Real-Time Detection Rule

27 27 From Log: “Create Detection rule” Populates the Filter with Data from Request

28 Visualizer for Firewall

29 29 Tool for presenting at-a-glance graphic views of log data from Firewall Immediate response to queries for any database size Analyzes network access activity (Firewall) and system journal events (Audit) to pinpoint breaches and trends Visualizer

30 30 Night Maintenance Job Audit Statistics File Firewall Statistics File Firewall Audit Visualizer How Visualizer obtains Firewall & Audit Data Daily Log Files

31 Visualizer – Analysis of Firewall Log

32 32 Example: Select Object…

33 33 Or: Select the Server

34 34 And Continue investigating, filtering by Directory & down to the SQL Verb level!

35 Please visit us at Thank You!

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