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ISecurity User Profile & System Value Replication.

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1 iSecurity User Profile & System Value Replication

2 Power i User Profile Replication Log Showing Statistical info: Sent, Done, Errors, Wait As well as each sent request in full iSecurity Standard User Profile Replication Power i User Profile Power i User Profile Report Replication Rules: Decide Destination Power i Replication Auto Interception of: CRTUSRPRF CHGUSRPRF DLTUSRPRF CHGPWD Power i User Profile

3 iSecurity User Profile/Password Replication - Features Flexible user-defined replication rules defining user profiles, passwords and parameters to be replicated Definition of destination system(s) for replication Bulk updates of user profiles Setting of System Values to optimal value or site-defined baseline values Replication of all, group or individual system values Collection & display of network-wide replication results Revival of deleted users, with an option to modify parameters Can be initiated from any system in the environment and does not require special commands

4 Rule Based

5 Mass Update Command

6 Network Wide Replication Results Collected

7 Statistical Display

8 Keeps List of Deleted Users

9 Possibility to Modify Parameters

10 Specific Command CHGAUSV

11 Network Wide Results Collected

12 Statistical Display

13 Replication Options on GUI Navigator Tree

14 Replicate Users Dialog Box

15 Revive Deleted Users Dialog Box

16 System Values Table and Dialog Box Current, Optimal (as set in Compliance Evaluator) and Baseline (as saved in the past) values displayed. New value, Optimal Value or Baseline value can be set.

17 User replication rules table. Specific operations and common attributes can be selected.

18 Replication history log including target system, result and actual CHGUSRPRF command invoked.

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