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HORIZONT TWS/WebAdmin TWS/WebAdmin for Distributed

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1 HORIZONT TWS/WebAdmin TWS/WebAdmin for Distributed
Web Interface to TWS TWS/WebAdmin for Distributed HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D München Tel ++49(0)89 / 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

2 What’s new? The new version V3R1 generally available Q It has the following new features: Event Driven Scheduling Support Backup Manager Scheduled Time Filtering Event Tracker TWS support TWS/WebAdmin Audit Log PAM authentication modules support (UNIX) Miscellaneous TWS/WebAdmin 3.1 FixPack 01 (Nov 2011)

3 Event Driven Workload Automation
TWS/WebAdmin 3.1 allows to manage and monitor event driven scheduling easily Adding or modifying event rules definitions: Comfortable web forms and dialogues Text edit for advanced users Watching of selected event rules activity easily Event Rules Activity Monitoring Direct links to the Triggered Actions Monitor Triggered Actions Monitoring Direct links to the production plan and the message logger TWS Message Logger Monitoring

4 Event Rules Administration
Click on the event rule name to get to the triggered actions monitor to see the status of the actions Various action buttons – Display, Modify, Add, Copy, Display, Rename, Text Edit, Delete, Instances etc. Event rules definitions as an integral part of TWS/WebAdmin

5 Event Rule Design – General Options
Click the folder title to get to the event conditions or event actions definition

6 Event Rule Design – Conditions
Create the set of event conditions dynamically Select additional attributes corresponding to the actual Event Condition type Collapse, remove or change the order of each event in the set

7 Event Rule Design - Actions
Dynamically create the set of actions to be triggered Select additional action attributes corresponding to the actual action type Click “Update” to submit your modifications

8 Event Rule Modification – Confirmation
Check the modifications in the event rule definition prior final submissions to the TWS event processor Click “Update” to submit modifications or return to the modification dialog

9 Event Rule Source Definition
Text Edit function: For some modifications it is still faster and easier to do in the source code

10 Event Rules Activity Monitoring
Click on the link to see the status of triggered actions in the actions monitor Event rule instance status

11 Action Runs Monitoring
Type of the action. Direct link to the current plan for TWS actions Action of this event was executed Direct link to the log messages monitor

12 Log Messages Monitoring
The severity class of the action. Click to display the event rule definition Name of the event rule which instance has written the log message to the TWS message logger

13 TWS Backup Administration
Set filter to reduce the list of displayed backup files Click on the backup file name to get its content Integrated compare function

14 Backup Files Compare Function
Original version left, new version right red lines show differences

15 Scheduled Time Filtering
Example: Low Time=TODAY High Time=“empty” Effect: Only jobs scheduled for the actual day are displayed. Useful for plans covering more days. Specify a time range using Low Time and High Time values. No high time means low time + 24 hours

16 Scheduled Time Filtering
Scheduled time filtering is important for monitoring jobstreams. Since TWS names of jobstream instances may not be unique.

17 TWS/WebAdmin Event Tracker
Focus are events not reported by TWS: New event type JOB LONG: Triggered if a job is running longer then expected TWS/WebAdmin’s Event Tracker writes to TWS events log, so standard procedures like alert triggering are supported automatically TWS/WebAdmin Event Tracker TWS Batchman TWS Plan/Database Data Global Events Log Event Collector Standard event types provider New event types

18 Parameter Tables Administration
New TWS 8.5 database object: Parameter tables - fully supported since TWS/WebAdmin 3.0 FP06 Scheduled time filtering is important for monitoring jobstreams. Since TWS-8.3 names of jobstream instances must not be unique. Scheduled time is the differentiating attribute. Dialog to add and modifying parameter tables

19 TWS/WebAdmin Audit Log
Optional -allows to monitor all operations made by TWS/WebAdmin TWS/WebAdmin Audit Log TWS CLI Plan/Database Data User’s request writes the operation log record and submits them to TWS CLI TWS/WebAdmin Audit Log preview

20 Miscellaneous Title can be customized Logo can be customized
Add your own links here

21 TWS/WebAdmin 3.1 FixPack 01 Extended filtering allows to define multiple entries of each criteria and join them into complex logical expressions Support for User Groups (including TWS user security groups) Customizable Action Buttons Flexible Tables providing more comfortable way to work with data

22 Extended Filtering Example: Select all jobs that DON’T contain text “TEST” or “TMP” in their names and are NOT in status SUCC or HOLD. Select logical operator Click to add next criteria entry

23 Customizable Action Buttons
Select a TWS/WebAdmin section Specify action buttons that will not be displayed

24 Customizable Action Buttons
Example: Enable only buttons that doesn’t allow to modify the TWS plan data

25 Flexible Tables The column headers still displayed while scrolling the data, etc.

26 Any Questions about TWS/WebAdmin?

27 HORIZONT TWS/WebAdmin Many thanks for your attention!
The Web Interface to TWS Many thanks for your attention! HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D München Tel ++49(0)89 / 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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