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2012 Refresher Exam Review Presented 8/29/2012 1.

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1 2012 Refresher Exam Review Presented 8/29/2012 1

2 Exam results SJSOA  194 took the test  176 passed (90.7%)  18 failed NJSOA  1325 took the test  1237 passed (93.4%)  88 failed 2 Presented 8/29/2012

3 Frequently missed questions 3 Presented 8/29/2012

4 #3  Photographers are permitted to walk behind the goals as long as they remain behind a restraining line drawn on the ground behind the goals for that purpose.  False – NFHS 1.6 4 Presented 8/29/2012

5 #9  An unlimited number of players may be substituted from the bench when a player is cautioned.  False – NFHS 3.3.2 Situation M (a) 5 Presented 8/29/2012

6 #11  The athletic director of Team A is seated in the team area. The name of the athletic director must appear on the team roster.  True – NFHS 3.1.3 6 Presented 8/29/2012

7 #13  If after the game has started a team has fewer than seven players eligible or able to participate, the game shall be terminated and a forfeit shall be declared.  False – NJSIAA Handbook p18, “Officials must not rule on forfeiture of any prematurely terminated events; only conferences and/or the NJSIAA have the jurisdiction to determine forfeits.” 7 Presented 8/29/2012

8 #15  The referee observes an injured player to be exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussion. The referee will have the player removed from the field. The referee will not, under any circumstances, allow that player to participate in the remainder of the game.  False – NJSIAA Modification 8 Presented 8/29/2012

9 #20  Team A elects to play short after player A6 is injured and removed from the field. At the next free kick to be taken by Team A, player A10 wishes to enter. The referee should allow the substitute to enter.  False – PR 3.3.2 Situation J 9 Presented 8/29/2012

10 #25  A player is wearing a hard cast that is properly padded and not considered dangerous. The referee will not let the player participate until a written permission note signed by the player’s physician is given to the referee. This is the proper procedure.  False – NFHS 4.2.1c 10 Presented 8/29/2012

11 #38  During the game the referee observes Player A wearing an earring. The player is improperly equipped.  False – NFHS 18.1.1.r, 18.1.1.s 11 Presented 8/29/2012

12 #40  An improperly equipped player removed from the field of play may not be substituted for when removed.  True – NFHS 4.3 12 Presented 8/29/2012

13 #44  The assistant referee observes a foul. The referee did not have a clear view of the foul and did not see the foul. The assistant referee will hold the flag straight up and wiggle it slightly to indicate that he has observed a foul.  False – NFHS AR Signals (p. 104) 13 Presented 8/29/2012

14 #46  The proper mechanic for the assistant referee to signal for a corner kick is to hold the flag horizontal to the ground and pointing toward the corner flag.  False – NFHS AR Signals (p.104) 14 Presented 8/29/2012

15 #57  On a direct free kick outside of Team A’s penalty area, player A1 kicks the ball back to his teammate A2. However the ball goes directly into Team A’s goal. The referee awards a corner kick to Team B. This is the correct procedure.  True – NFHS 10.1.3.c 15 Presented 8/29/2012

16 #58  Team A was awarded a direct free kick just outside its own penalty area. Player A2 attempts to kick the ball downfield but the wind carries the ball back towards his goal. Goalkeeper A, in his penalty area, picks up the ball and punts it downfield. The referee allows play to continue. This is the correct procedure.  True – NFHS 12.7.3 16 Presented 8/29/2012

17 #62  Player A2 is in an offside position behind opposing Goalkeeper B. Goalkeeper B puts the ball on the ground so he can kick it up field. Player A2 runs from his offside position, around the goalkeeper B and kicks the ball into Team B’s goal. The referee will allow the goal.  True – NFHS 11.1.3 17 Presented 8/29/2012

18 #70  Player A3 deliberately handles the ball to propel it into Team B’s goal. There is no goal scored and Team B is awarded a direct free kick from the spot of the handling foul. Player A3 is cautioned for a tactical foul.  True – NFHS 12.8.1.f.7 18 Presented 8/29/2012

19 #72  The referee stops play thinking player B4 is injured. Player B4 is faking the injury. The referee will caution B4 and restart play with an indirect free kick for Team A where B4 was faking the injury.  True – NFHS 12.8.1.f.8 19 Presented 8/29/2012

20 #77  The referee stops play to caution player A3 who is standing on the penalty spot in Team B’s penalty area. When the referee stopped play, Team B had the ball and was attacking Team A’s goal. Play is restarted with an indirect free kick where player A3 was standing when play was stopped.  True – NFHS 13.1.2 20 Presented 8/29/2012

21 #78  Player B3 takes a shot on an open goal but the ball goes wide and does not enter the goal. Player B3 quietly uses profane language that only the referee can hear. Since Player B3 used profane language the referee will disqualify B3. This is the correct procedure.  False – NFHS 12.8.1.d 21 Presented 8/29/2012

22 #84  Team B is awarded an indirect free kick. Player B1 touches the ball with his foot. Player B2 then kicks the ball into Team A’s goal. The referee will allow the goal. This is the correct decision.  True - NFHS 13-3-2, 18.1.1n (used for the exam)  False – NJSIAA web page (not in the Mods)  NJSIAA Interpretation – we want to see a kicking motion, no ballet toe-tap 22 Presented 8/29/2012

23 #94  On a corner kick, defenders must be 10 yards from the corner flag.  False – NFHS 17.1.2 23 Presented 8/29/2012

24 #96  To be properly put in play at the taking of a corner kick, the ball must leave the corner arc.  False – NFHS 17.1.3 24 Presented 8/29/2012

25 #97  Someone from the bench runs onto the field during the course of play and kicks the ball to prevent it from going into an opponent’s goal. This is considered serious foul play.  False – NFHS 18.1.1.v, 12.8.2.d 25 Presented 8/29/2012

26 #98  When a player is to be penalized for being offside, the referee should sound the whistle to stop play and then signal for the offside by placing both hinds on the waist.  False – NFHS Signal Chart (p. 103) 26 Presented 8/29/2012

27 #100  The proper mechanic for a substitution by the assistant referee is to hold the flag horizontally above the head and continue to keep the flag in this position until the substitution is completed.  False – NFHS AR Signals (p. 104) 27 Presented 8/29/2012

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