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Law 12 Fouls & Misconduct.

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1 Law 12 Fouls & Misconduct

2 When can fouls occur? A foul may only occur when:
The action occurs on the field of play While the ball is in play The action is committed by a player… against an opposing player (or team)

3 Direct Free Kick Fouls A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following seven offenses in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:

4 DFK Fouls Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
Trips or attempts to trip an opponent Jumps at an opponent Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent Charges an opponent Pushes an opponent Tackles an opponent

5 DFK Fouls A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following three offenses: Holds an opponent Spits at an opponent Handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his/her own penalty area)

6 DFK Fouls Restart with a Direct Free Kick at point of infraction
Except when foul occurs by defender within the defender’s penalty area in which case a Penalty Kick is awarded.

7 Indirect Free Kick Fouls
Goalkeeper inside own penalty area: Takes more than 6 seconds while controlling the ball with his/her hands before releasing it from his/her possession – allow more time for younger players Regains hand control prior to touch by another Touches ball with hands after deliberately kicked by team-mate Touches ball with hands after throw-in by team-mate

8 IFK Fouls 5. Plays in a dangerous manner
6. Impedes the progress of an opponent 7. Prevents goalkeeper from releasing ball from his/her hands Commits any offense, not previously mentioned in Law 12, for which play is stopped to caution or dismiss a player KMSL Modification – Any slide tackling U-7 through U-10

9 Restart with a Indirect Free Kick at point of infraction
IFK Fouls Restart with a Indirect Free Kick at point of infraction EXCEPT… - by defenders within their own goal area …kick taken from anywhere within goal area. - by attackers in opponent’s goal area …move ball to out to closest point on 6 yard line.

10 Fouls Review Fouls can only occur… on the field of play,
while the ball is in play, by a player against an opposing player. Which 7 DFK fouls must be careless, reckless or involve excessive force? Kick, trip, jump, strike, charge, push, tackle What are the 3 other DFK fouls? Hold, spit, handling

11 Fouls Review What is the restart for committing a DFK foul outside the penalty area? What if the DFK foul occurs in a team’s own penalty area? What are the IFK infractions the goalkeeper can commit within his/her own penalty area? Delay, double touch, touch from kick or throw-in by team-mate What are the other IFK infractions? Dangerous play, impeding, prevents goalkeeper from releasing ball, anything not mentioned in Law 12, slide tackling U What is the restart for IFK infractions?

12 Fouls Review Is it a FOUL if a player punches a team-mate on the field while the ball is in play? No Shouldn’t that be punished in some way? Yes, with an Indirect Free Kick and…

13 Misconduct Seven Cautionable Offenses Seven Send-off Offenses

14 Cautionable Offenses P persistent infringement U unsporting behavior
D distance D delay restart L leave without permission E enter without permission S show dissent by word or action

15 Send-off Offenses Serious foul play Violent conduct Spitting
Abusive, insulting or offensive language 2nd caution Denies goal scoring by handling Denies goal scoring by foul

16 Misconduct Review When can misconduct occur?
Unlike fouls, misconduct can be against anyone, at anytime, anywhere including team areas, stands or parking lot Can you name the seven cautionable offences? P U D D L E S Can a foul also be misconduct? Yes, a foul may also be misconduct Does misconduct require a foul to have been committed? No. Can you give an example?

17 What is the restart if you stop play for misconduct, but no foul has been committed?
Misconduct causing a stoppage of play without a DFK foul will warrant restarting with a IFK If you don’t stop play for misconduct, when does it have to be dealt with? It must be dealt with at the next stoppage or not at all What about physical contact that looks the same as a DFK foul against anyone including teammates, spectators or officials at any time (or opponents, if the ball is out of play)? Deal with it as Unsporting Behavior or Violent Conduct depending on the severity of the action


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