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2012 NJ Modifications Review Presented 8/29/2012 1.

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1 2012 NJ Modifications Review Presented 8/29/2012 1

2 Perimeter Fencing / Roping - VARSITY  NFHS – 10 feet  NJ Mod – 25 feet  Play the game regardless, report the issue to the home administration and NJSIAA 2 Presented 8/29/2012

3 Concussion Policy - ALL  NFHS – Any player who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion… shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health-care professional.  NJ Mod – The NJSIAA Return to Play form must be signed by the health-care professional. 3 Presented 8/29/2012

4 GK / Field Player change places - ALL  NFHS – done at any stoppage of clock or substitution opportunity  NJ Mod – always stop the clock when the goalkeeper is changed. 4 Presented 8/29/2012

5 Face mask - ALL  NFHS – allowed with a medical release  NJ Mod – Mask must be inspected and initialed by Alan Brown. Note from Alan must be presented in addition to the medical release. 5 Presented 8/29/2012

6 2 nd cautionable offense - ALL  NFHS – player/substitute/coach/bench personnel is disqualified  NJ Mod – player/substitute/coach/bench personnel will be disqualified by raising first the yellow card, and then (with the same hand) the red card. No report, no suspension, but team still plays short. 6 Presented 8/29/2012

7 Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity (DOGSO) - ALL  NFHS – Serious Foul Play (disqualification) includes a foul by a player against an opponent who is moving towards his/her offensive goal with an obvious opportunity to score.  NJ Mod – player intentionally handling the ball preventing it from entering the goal or denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity with a deliberate tactical foul in a non-flagrant manner shall be disqualified from the game and shown the red card in one hand and the yellow card in the other. Team will play short, no report, no suspension. 7 Presented 8/29/2012

8 Unsuccessful DOGSO - ALL  NFHS – A foul that is unsuccessful in denying an opponent an obvious goal scoring opportunity will still lead to disqualification  NJ Interpretation – if the obvious goal scoring opportunity remains after the foul, and advantage is applied, the offending player will be cautioned at the next stoppage. 8 Presented 8/29/2012

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