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Summary Summary This slides is for information Purposses on

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1 Summary Summary This slides is for information Purposses on
Telemetri & Solution Description Functionality Informations & Traitements Consultation locale (nouveauté v3.10) Communication & Alarmes via Mobile phone Presentation Materiaal Cateristiques of equipment Tools for configuration, instalation and dignostics Applications uses LS : research of water networks and zones LT : surveillance of sewer overflow LS/LT version 1 – janvier 2011 Document basé sur la « Gamme LS » du 17/09/2010. LS/LT version 3.10 – juin 2011 Création de ce slide archives - Consultation locale (courbes – export Excel) Slides modifiés : 5, 6 (nouveau) Communications multiples périodiques ou programmées Communications temporaires après intervention réseau Slide modifiés : 7

2 Constraints and demands of District Metering
Little water networks installations Man-hole/chambers of water networks Strom overflow sewers Installations without mains power… Demanding environment Flooded or humid plants Sites with no mains power Isolated or hard to reach plants Dedicated Applications Leak detection through sectorisation Detection of Storm water overflow. Key Customer Meter Remote reading. Remote control of secondary plants. Je ne comprends la signification de Site Secondaire.

3 Sofrel Solution : LS-LT Data Loggers range
High performance GSM Antenna Reenforced watertightness Battery Life-time : up to 10 days Hardware for a tough environment GSM Reception level indicator Commissioning through Bluetooth Easy access, by end-user, to SIM and battery « Field » tools Inputs : Pulse, AI, DI Calculations : flow, thresholds, daily reports. Time-stamping in Data Logger Alarm SMS Daily historical values collections Data viewing through WEB server On-site data-handling and GSM/GPRS Communications

4 Available data Physical data Calculated data
1 to 4 pulse or signalisation inputs Pulse : Pulse meter, standard or « two ways» Signalisation : Normaly open or normaly closed. Appearance and disapearance settable timer. 2 measurements 4-20 mA inputs (option) SOFREL sensor very low consumption (8V) Standard Sensor, powered by LS/LT (12V) Calculated data Meter average flow-rate. Threshold on average flow-rates Two time-windows per day Threshold Value and logic settable for each time-window m3 / h Compteur : Durée minimum d’impulsion de 2 ms (fréquence max. 250 Hz) Compteur de type transistor à collecteur ouvert (capacité < 220 pF) Low threshold # 4

5 Data Handling Daily reports Historical values  Metering
Index, Volume, min & max Flow-rate Night flow in a settable time-window. Signalisation (DI, threshold) Number of activations. Duration of active status. Historical values Periodic (1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes) Index and average flow-rate. Measurments Signalisation status changes. Memory extended to records 24 h M³/H m³/ h # 5

6 On-site data handling With Softools through Bluetooth connection
« Information » screen Real-time values of all information Meters , flow, measurments, signalisations, thresholds reports, battery,… Selection of 10 information for Curves Excel Transfert Time-frame : Day / Week / Month Y scale adjutment X Zoom Excel Transfer Fonction Datalogger pur « Pas de centralisation » OBIG : Je ne comprends la signification de zoom en X # 6

7 Communication with SCADA
GPRS or SMS (LS) communication 1 or 2 Central Stations Automatic clock up-date Transfered data : Historical values – daily reports Diagnostic : power, reception level... Multiple choices of data transmission Scheduled transmission : 1 to 6 daily calls. Periodic transmission (every 15 minutes to 8 hours (GPRS mode)) Transmition when alarm appears (threshold, DI) Network Diagnostic after on-site visit. Periodic transmission for a limited period of time (Max 1 day) GPRS Communication SCADA or WEB server with static « Low –cost » communication Optimized volume of data - No roaming

8 Alerts Alerts to SCADA Central Station Alert to mobile
Can be activated on all the Dis and Thresholds On appearance and disappearance Send available data Current data status Historical values Alert to mobile Can be activated on DIs or Thresholds On appearance A « signaling » SMS is sent immediately. Configurable text message Cuurent data status Archiving Paris Sector 12 Open manhole cover

9 Hardware features High-performance built-in antenna
Specifically designed to be used in man-holes Optional watertight External Antenna. IP68 watertightness Case with double O-ring seal Uniform distribution of sealing pressure Military-type « inputs » connector Battery life Ultra low-power technology Standard/high capacity battery : Standard battery : Up to 5 years High-capacity battery : Up to 10 years Power consumption Measurement Transmitted to the SCADA Central Station Consommation inférieure à 100 μ-Watt en veille OBIG : C’est volontairement que je n’ai pas traduis SMS : 5/10 ans et GPRS 4/8 ans => On dit dans nos autres documents (Ex : Doc commerciale) qu’il n’y a pas de différence de durée de vie!

10 Hardware features Wall mounting User access Bluetooth port
Easy to mount and remove User access To insert SIM card and change battery Bluetooth port Local wireless link 4 control LEDs Immediat visual inspection Local wake-up with key Activation of LED, Bluetooth, SMS

11 Configuration through Softools
Application wizard For LS application Only one configuration screen Direct access to all functions Full view of settings Remote transfer of configuration Read/Write via Bluetooth LS/LT ID Card Geographical coordinates Serial number – Versions – Options.. Écriture / lecture possible en SMS pour LS en SMS

12 Diagnostic tools 4 complementary diagnostic tools Control LED
Softools commands via Bluetooth link SMS commands from a mobile OBIG : C’est quoi cet objet NOKIA d’un autre temps? Serait-ce un téléphone?

13 GSM network logon & SIM card OK
LED Diagnostic Direct and Integrated diagnostics Data Logger, SIM card, GSM Network status GSM signal strength Assistance to installation Assistance to maintenance GSM network logon & SIM card OK Data Logger activated GSM signal strength Wake-up

14 SMS & Bluetooth Diagnostic
Communication tests Best-operator selection Signal strength Triggering Send SMS to mobile Transmitted to the SCADA Central Station Deferred transmission Test in real conditions man-hole cover closed Input wiring test Meter indexing Energy reading Remaining battery life

15 SOFREL LS/LT range A comprehensive range Applications Equipment
SOFREL LS for Water Netwok District Metering SOFREL LT for Storm Overflow Sewers Equipment SOFREL LS/LT42 Core part of the range 2 optional AI SOFREL LS/LT42-EA Version dedicated to tough GSM signal conditions External antenna SOFREL LS10 Simplified version 1 Pulse

16 « Leak detection through District Metering » application
Sofrel LS « Leak detection through District Metering » application « Volume and flow » function Volume counting Mecanical meter –Electromagnetic flow-meter. Reports Average flow-rate. Night-flow in a settable time-window. Archiving Periodically : index and flow Daily : index, volume, min/max flow, night-flow. Daily transmission to Central Station Additional Information Handling of two-way meters. Pressure measurement Signalisation : man-hole cover opening, flow-meter default… Alerts on flow and measurement thresholds

17 « Storm overflow sewer » application
Sofrel LT « Storm overflow sewer » application « Overflow » function Connection to an « overflow sensor » Level measurement Ultrasonic mA sensor. Calculations Number and duration of overflows Archiving Overflow time-stamping Number and duration of daily overflows Variable frequency depending on overflow status (Ultrasnic sensor) Daily transmission to Central Station Additional information Signalisation : sensor default Alerts on level threshold

18 LS/LT Range: THE industrial solution for water networks little plants
Sum-up LS/LT Range: THE industrial solution for water networks little plants Fully IP68 waterproof High-performance GSM Antenna Up to 10-year battery life-time Field installation « tools »

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