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You Can Measure the Benefits… Solid Applied Technologies Sewer Level Monitoring.

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1 You Can Measure the Benefits… Solid Applied Technologies Sewer Level Monitoring

2 2 Sewer Level Monitoring Solution Detect overflow events Prevent environmental disasters and health hazards Reduce maintenance costs – send a team to the exact location at the right time Plan for the long term Analyze pipe usage patterns and determine if new lines are required Manage an efficient and focused sewer maintenance plan Estimate flow and flow totalization (volume) with Manning Equation Quantify industrial flows into the public infrastructure Requires one-time or seasonal calibration

3 3 Field Sensor - GaugerGSM Unique Integration of Ultrasonic &Cellular Technologies Ultrasonic level sensor, non-contact and no moving parts for long life Range up to 8 meter deep sewers. ATEX / IECEx Intrinsic Safe models available GPRS (data) over GSM cellular transmitter Adaptive reporting interval depending on threat level No need for custom radio infrastructure or frequency licenses Unified or split configurations

4 4 Robust Two-Part Sewer Solution Manhole Control unit Sensor unit Open channel Installation Split Configuration Kit Autonomous kit – no road digging

5 5 Robust Two-Part Sewer Solution Dual IP68 protected electronics Seal protected but easily accessible battery pack IP68 external enclosure located just beneath manhole cover Pesticide cable conduit IP68 / PVDF sensor unit resistant to aggressive chemicals. Mechanical Protection Highlights

6 6 Views from under the ground GaugerNET Highlights Weekly sewer level trends Online current views for each sewer site: measured level, temperature, calculated Manning flow Online site health status ( Vin, RSSI) One year time logs for trend analysis Immediate e-mail alerts Tailored periodic reports (week, month) Map location & overall project views Use standard browser anywhere-anytime

7 7 Alternative Three-Part Sewer Solution For Non Aggressive Sites / No Overflow Threats Recommended arm material SS 316 In non-aggressive domestic sites SS 304 is a lower cost option

8 8 Communication Architecture for GaugerGSM and GaugerNET GPRS data Browsing and email alerts/reports SMS Control

9 9 GaugerNET Supporting Charts, Tables and Map Views

10 10 Site Examples

11 11 Deployment THE LEADING sewer monitoring solution in Israel Installed in over 20 cities and towns across the country Backed by the Government Israel Water Authority Tested and installed in Italy, New Zealand, Chile and others..

12 12 Summary (1) Sensor type: non contact ultrasonic Dead zone: 15 cm Range: up to 8.0 meter Seal rating IP68 Sensor material PVDF or equivalent material for aggressive chemicals Available Data: level, temperature, Manning based open channel flow, input voltage level and cellular signal strength Adaptive measurement and reporting intervals Battery lifetime of at least one year of operation in typical scenarios Communication type: GPRS over GSM Local wired monitoring and control option plus remote control via SMS Specification Highlights - Sensor

13 13 Summary (2) Web-based monitoring with any standard browser and no local installation required Charts and tables of level, temperature, flow, Voltage and RSSI Location map E-mail alerts and periodic reports Option for domain-parking (browse to a customer domain name) Data logging of all sites at least for one year (server database) Flexible and selectable time scale and vertical scale for all measurements Downloadable charts and tables Open interfaces for customer own SCADA or monitoring software including Modbus TCP interface Specification Highlights – Monitoring Segment

14 14 Solid Applied Technologies Israeli manufacturer of ultrasonic level meters and remote monitoring solutions Operating worldwide for more than 10 years SmartScan 50 SmartScan 25 SmartLite MonoScan MicroScan GaugerGSM

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