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Introduction to CellCom Digital Cellular Communicator.

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1 Introduction to CellCom Digital Cellular Communicator

2 Objectives Why use Cellular? CELLCOM description What are its features? Compatibility Whats in the box? Pricing

3 Why use Cellular? Unavailability of land lines VOIP transition Backup for POTS Critical Installations Reliable ubiquitous wireless network Isolated locations Future-Proof

4 Versions

5 Compatibility XR100, XR100N XR500, XR500N, XR500E Version 203

6 Description Fully supervised GSM/GPRS network CellComRT- remote enclosure XR100/XR500 LX Header

7 Features Add on cards –External External P/S Primary or backup Fully Supervised DMP Adaptive Technology PNP installation

8 Features (Cont) Programming over cellular Long battery life Direct reporting No external equipment Multiple Antenna options Signal strength at keypad Encryption available

9 Whats in the box? CellComRT Remote* Cellular Communicator *Optional 9 volt DC power supply: Part number 376 One Sim Card Housing 383 Antenna Battery

10 Primary and Backup Paths Use as primary communication Use as backup to land line

11 Direct Data Transmission Direct packet transmission No middleman for transmission Faster response

12 Cellular Data Throttling Overage management –Hourly alerts –Non-alarm message suppression –Full communication restoral

13 Adaptive Technology Auto switching when primary fails –Immediate supervision fulfilment –UL High Line Security (no need to send a runner) –NET CELL or NET NET or CELL CELL Auto switch back to primary –Only uses cellular when necessary Saves $

14 Email/SMS Messages Ability to send –Email –SMS Text messages –Send to three locations Combo of Email and SMS

15 SecureCom Cellular Service DMP Hardware SecureCom Cell Service SIM ready to use Easy Activation –Automatic data plan recommendations Easily change carriers with SIM

16 CellCom Pricing

17 Conclusion Now you can clearly see that when it comes to cellular communications, DMP has flexible, innovative solutions that work.

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