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S.A.B. Welcomes all Visitors Discussion on Proposed N2 Wild Coast Toll. With specific reference to the Joyner rd Toll.

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1 S.A.B. Welcomes all Visitors Discussion on Proposed N2 Wild Coast Toll. With specific reference to the Joyner rd Toll.

2 AGENDA - N2 WILD COAST TOLL MEETING 2pm – 4.30pm SAB Admin Boardroom 13/11/02 Welcome and Introductions. (10 min) - GF Detailed Map of the Upper South Coast Toll Plaza’s and alternate routes. (15 min) – Developers/PS Expected Costing’s and Concessions. (15 min) – Developers/PS Concerns by relevant business parties. –SAB. (15 min) - GF –Toyota. (15 min) - RW –Sappi. (15 min) - MH –Unilever/Robertsons. (15 min) - WW Response by developers and consultants. (30 min) – Developers/PS The way forward. (20 min) - All Close and drinks in pub @ 4.30pm - All

3 Prospecton Rd Joyner Rd Dickens Rd Moss Kolnik Rd Adams Rd SAB TSA Rob TSA PRIMERESIDENTIALPRIMERESIDENTIAL Toti CBD Sappi Toll TT TT TT N2 North

4 PROS RE THE N2 WILD COAST TOLL ROAD It will provide much needed employment in the area It will boost business along the EC section of the road with erection of Fuelling stations etc. It will provide a safe and cost beneficial transport route for business to distribute their goods to the Eastern Cape. Surely this is where the cost vs benefit lies and this is where the substantial percentage of the funding for the Toll road should come from ? It will encourage tourism down the South Coast – one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in the country. It will allow for a reliable safe alternative of Transport should the Durban harbour not be able to cope with demand, then business could use road to PE or Cape Town harbours. It will alleviate the strain on the rail system for transport of raw materials such as coal and timber to big industry. At the onset I must start by saying we agree totally will tolling of new roads, it makes socio – economic and environmental sense, however tolling of existing roads in our view is preposterous.

5 CONS RE THE KZN LEGS OF THE N2 WILD COAST TOLL ROAD We have over 240 heavy-duty reticulated vehicles going in and out of Joyner road every single day. This will cost us over R750000/annum – for absolutely no benefit as the current N2 is perfect. Over 50% of the staff that work at SAB Prospecton live South of this toll road, this will have financial implications on them as they will have to pay for a road they already travel on and is currently perfectly suitable. There is absolutely no benefit for them either. Their alternative route is the R102, which is already very congested and would become extremely over congested, dangerous and time consuming for these employees Their properties will be substantially devalued as a result of the South Durban area becoming less desirable than it already is, especially those properties along the R102 as this will become a congested highway and significantly spoil the current appeal of this section of Amanzimtoti. We are all for the Eastern Cape Toll road as there are benefits to everybody. We just cannot accept the Joyner road as a feasible Toll plaza point.

6 CONS RE THE KZN LEGS OF THE N2 WILD COAST TOLL ROAD The current taxi fees are already high and will only go up if Taxi operators use the Toll road. We subsidise our staff to get to and from work, this will again be at a cost to SAB at no benefit. The value of our business premises as well as those of other big and small business in the area will decline, as the area will be less desirable to manufacturers and Distributors than other areas that are not affected by tolls outside their front door. Our raw material suppliers will have to incur costs to get product to us from the harbour and Durban. Costs that will inevitably be passed on to us. An alternative route will pass outside our main gate, which as has already been discussed will be immensely over congested. This will severely affect our Distribution vehicles getting in and out of the depot; it already is a problem with trucks parked back up to 500m from the main gate at times, so I cant imagine how it would work. We pride ourselves on having amongst the best distribution service in the beverage industry and cannot compromise on these standards having trucks being delayed at gate our whilst waiting to get on to the N2. The already high noise and air pollution levels will only get worse, affecting the working environment for our employees as well as the value of the properties of those employees who live South of Joyner road. The South Durban Basin is allready clouded by negatives such as pollution, poor town planning and an absurd railway travelling along the coastline, these all add to making it a non preferred place to live and invest. A Toll road will only make this worse.

7 SOME SUGGESTIONS Leave the Park Rynnie Toll plaza and put a “self funding” one up at Port Edward as this is where public and business will see the benefit and be prepared to pay to use a new stretch of road there. Offer residents, big business and taxi operators in and around the area, significant concessions to make it benefitial for them to use the toll road and also implement a system to discourage the use of the R102 as an alternative. Build and erect an entirely new toll road, linking up to the Marianhill toll plaza to a Park Rynnie plaza. This will offer business in the Northern Province a cost effective route down the coastline to EC and WC – This will aslo encourage significant development in KZN along this new route and help subsidise future toll roads down to the EC. In summary we want to see a better road linking KZN and EC, however we do not agree that by tolling an existing road of >25 years and making the residents and business in these areas subsidise the EC section is once again preposterous. Thank You We Have some Suggestions

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