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Consultation on key routes which run parallel to Oxford Road corridor September 2012 Bus priority package.

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1 Consultation on key routes which run parallel to Oxford Road corridor September 2012 Bus priority package

2 What is the bus priority package? Over 25 miles of bus routes will be created or enhanced – one of the largest investments in Greater Manchesters bus network in decades. Improve bus links between Leigh, Atherton, Middleton, Parrs Wood and Manchester city centre Enable buses to travel more freely through Manchester city centre Reduce the need for passengers to change buses and walk between city centre stops when travelling from one location to another Improve links to other locations by making public transport more accessible through better access to bus services, and the rail and Metrolink networks

3 What are the benefits of the scheme? Enable more punctual, reliable, frequent and faster bus services and therefore improve the travel experience for passengers Improve routes to key locations and enable thousands more people to access key employment, education, health, leisure and retail destinations Remove the inconvenience of having to change buses in Manchester city centre for many passengers Stimulate increased investment along the route and support current and emerging business and commercial markets

4 Where is covered by the scheme?

5 What changes will be seen along the routes? Eight miles of new bus lanes to be introduced on or alongside existing roads Part of Oxford Road and some sections of roads in Manchester city centre will be closed to general traffic Greater Manchesters first guided busway to be built on 4.5 mile stretch between Leigh and Ellenbrook Enhancements for cyclists and pedestrians Road layouts and traffic signals changed to minimise congestion, and some localised parking and loading restrictions introduced Traffic calming measures in specific residential areas of Moss Side (Lloyd Street and Cambridge Street)

6 Summary of proposed changes (Oxford Road) Oxford Road will be closed to general traffic between Hathersage Road until the junction with Cavendish Street and Grosvenor Street in both directions; Access will remain open for buses, cycles, hackney carriages and emergency vehicles; and A bus contra-flow system will be in operation on sections of highway between Grosvenor Street and Portland Street. This means buses will be able to travel in both directions, but it will remain a one-way street for general traffic.

7 Summary of proposed changes (Higher Cambridge Street, Lloyd Street North and Upper Brook Street) Improvements will be made to provide better pedestrian access between Ardwick, Plymouth Grove and the Oxford Road area: Some localised road widening to Upper Brook Street, adjacent to the hospital site, to minimise congestion; New 20mph restrictions on Higher Cambridge Street and Lloyd Street North to reduce traffic speed; Junction alterations along Higher Cambridge Street and Lloyd Street North to make it safer and easier for pedestrians to cross the streets; Improvements for cyclists on Plymouth Grove and Lloyd Street North, including new cycle lanes; and Some additional parking and loading restrictions

8 Summary of proposed changes (Lloyd Street North, Upper Lloyd Street, Lloyd Street South and Claremont Road) New 20mph restrictions to slow traffic down Kerb build-outs to form a gateway to the residential area on Lloyd Street South Bus stop build-outs to enable passengers to board buses more safely and with improved access and protect existing parking space for residents and businesses Junction alterations along Lloyd Street North, Upper Lloyd Street and Lloyd Street South New marked out parking bays Some additional parking and loading restrictions Any existing restrictions on the side roads off the corridor will remain unaffected unless shown otherwise on proposals

9 Current position TfGM has the funding in place to deliver the overall scheme Follows high profile public consultation in 2009 and approval for Government funding (announced in March 2012) TfGM is working with stakeholders (local councils, bus operators, businesses, universities, hospitals) to improve the plans Public awareness raising brochures sent to stakeholders and residents in July 2012 Subject to local consultation, all work is scheduled to be completed in 2015

10 Consultation along key streets parallel to Oxford Road Consultation on how scheme should be implemented on key streets which run parallel to Oxford Road corridor to take place between Monday 3 September to Monday 1 October 2012 Will be widely promoted to get maximum input: -Leaflets, public events, dedicated section on TfGM website, media release, briefing for stakeholders Responses can be logged via website, email address, Freepost address, phone line or at public events (details are on TfGM website) There will be a separate consultation in 2013 on the proposed improvements to Oxford Road

11 For more information on bus priority package… Phone: 0300 123 1177 Post:TfGM Bus Priority Corporate Communications FREEPOST RRHE-RKUU-KSJY Manchester M1 3BG

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