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Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

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1 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge
An example of sustainable development

2 About the HZMB project A series of bridges and tunnels to connect West PRD with Lantau, Hong Kong Length: 29 km 40 mins travel time compared with the present 4-5 hours

3 About the HZMB project Estimated construction cost: $5.47 billion
Construction starts in 2009 or 2010 Completed in 2015


5 Reasons for the HZMB To cope with the increasing cross-border demand
To relieve congestion in other cross- border points, e.g Lo Wu To change the present travel pattern in West PRD which relies heavily on water transport To enhance economic development in Zhuhai and Macau



8 Economic benefits of HZMB
Promoting the development of tourism ( more investment opportunities) Reinforcing Hong Kong's status as an international shipping and aviation center Better connectivity with the West PRD Facilitate the industrial growth Development of Boundary Crossing Facilities (e.g. Shopping centres, recreational facilities etc.)→ job opportunities

9 Drawbacks of HZMB High construction cost (HK has to share >50% cost)→ ↑ toll Competition from the Macau logistics (because cheaper) ↓export of service (because tourists might buy the goods from Macau) License limitation → Low traffic flow

10 Social benefits of HZMB
Perfecting the regional transport network(↓ travel time from 3-4 hrs to 30 mins) Promoting the socio-economic development of the Pearl River West Well-linked with the railway and airport Improving the relations between them, it might lead to further future cooperation

11 Social costs of HZMB ↑ cars from Macau → ↑ traffic flow → deteriorate local trafficability ↑ risk of spreading of diseases from Macau (because easier and more frequent contact between each other) The construction of the HZMB may need resettlement of residents in San Shek Wan, northern Lantau

12 Environmental considerations
HZMB Hong Kong link road will not touch any land area of Lantau. It will span across the headland between San Shek Wan and Sha Lo Wan by a viaduct (X affect the environment) Tunnels are used to minimize visual impact

13 Environmental impacts of HZMB
↑ cars from Macau → ↑ traffic flow → ↑ risk of traffic congestion → air pollution → environmental degradation Noise pollution from heavy cross-border traffic Water pollution is caused during construction work as dredging of sea bed is necessary spoil natural beauty of Lantau Island

14 Inspection facilities
2 options: one in the east of Chek Lap Kok Airport, opposite to Tung Chung New Town Another in the west of Chek Lap Kok Airport, near present delta area of Tung Chung river



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