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 Sarah Callihan Eileen Grose.  ‘Twas The Night Before STAAR (in the eyes of a Coordinator) ‘Twas The Night Before STAAR (in the eyes of a Coordinator)

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1  Sarah Callihan Eileen Grose

2  ‘Twas The Night Before STAAR (in the eyes of a Coordinator) ‘Twas The Night Before STAAR (in the eyes of a Coordinator)

3  Assignment: In the blanks on the right: o 1. What is your one biggest concern? o 2. We all know that our faculty is wonderful, but name one pet peeve you have encountered (pertaining to testing). o 3. What is one thing you want to get out of this session?

4 Find HELP! You can’t do this alone! But who? Special Ed Case Manager/ Liaison Registrar Technology Counselors Admin Team

5  Students testing / placed correctly  ARDs, ARDs, ARDs  Negotiating schedules  Interference  Testing locations  Year long process

6  Administrative Team o Layout schedules, Test Administrators  Cafeteria Staff o Breakfast schedule o Lunch Schedule  Custodians  Teachers  Teacher Assistants  Special Programs o ESL o 504 o Spec Ed  Parents/ Students  Registrar/ Counselors o New student enrollment o Special Program Pops  Librarian Calculators Dictionaries/ Thesauruses  Receptionist/ Attendance Clerk

7  Gather lists of testers. o Who tests? What do they test? o Accommodations? o Special situations?  How do I get these lists? o Registrar for lists o Data Portal System (DMAC, Euphoria, etc.)  Remember: o Homebound o JJAEP o DAEP

8  Are the students online or paper? o How did they test last? o Check with teachers to see students’ preferences  Spreadsheet to notate: o Paper_Online Request.xlsx Paper_Online Request.xlsx  Texas Assessment Management System o Check student scores o Check registration details o Change test type

9 Mandatory  Dictionaries o Who and how many o Special types  Calculators o Batteries o Clearing o Troubleshooting  Pencils o Sharpening?  Highlighters  Color Overlays  Supplemental Aids Convenience  Buckets  Postit Notes  Ziploc bags  Tissues  Colored Paper  Do NOT wait until the last minute: Purchase Orders take TIME!!

10  Special Education  504  LEP  Any that need TEA approval?  Once you have received the lists, ensure the responsible parties notify you of any updates.  Prior to testing, have responsible party sign off on accommodations.

11  Just like a recipe – Have all ingredients on hand!

12  Map of School o How many desks/ students can each classroom hold? o How many computers are available?  Computers? o Will we have to use classroom labs? o Laptop availability? o Who will update? Who will be on call?  Number of individual tests?

13  Set Date for Mandatory Training: o Train everyone in case of emergencies Custodial staff (what if a student gets sick on the test, etc.) Teacher Assistants Technology Staff on Campus  Create Labels for Teachers’ Manuals o Place on their Testing Manual Teachers like to make notes, etc., flag, highlight Ensures they can receive their same book again (if needed)  Sign in Sheets o Keep them with the Oaths in Alphabetical Order!

14  Checking rooms/ hallways o Assign administrative staff to check  Educational Material o When: Day before testing o Who: Teacher Assistants – we train this individual thoroughly and if any questions, she will notify the CTC  Number of Desks o When: Few days before testing o Notify custodial staff o Who: Teacher Assistants

15  Time to Mix the Ingredients

16  Verify Accommodations with Spec Pops o ESL o 504 o Spec Ed  Post Assignments o Elementary/ Jr. High: Notify teachers of locations o High School: Post assignments around school  Notify parents  Remind cafeteria staff o Breakfast o Lunch

17  Select colored paper for each day of testing o Green: Science/ Biology o Blue: Math/ Algebra o Orange: English I/ Writing o Brown: English II/ Reading o Pink: US History/ Soc Studies  Why: o This allows the attendance personnel to keep track of testing days o Helps you determine what roster goes with what day at a quick glance

18  Time to Bake the Cake

19 State Mandated  Testing Rosters o Attendance Roster o Testing Roster  Accommodations o Visual Aids, Color Overlays  Test Administrator Relief Sheet  DO NOT DISTURB sign  Scratch Paper  Computer Login Pages for Online testers  Test Books and Answer Sheets for Paper testers  Supplies: Pencils, highlighters, calculators To Make Life Easier  Initial Attendance Roster  Teacher Checklist  State Cell Phone Policy  Restroom Passes  Supplies: Ziplock bags, sticky notes, tissues, paper clips





24  What is your reality? o Is it too small? o Does it have proper storage? o Is it neat? o Is it organized?  Ideas?

25 Quick view of supplies Hole Punch Colored Markers/ Scissors Good Pencil Sharpener Breath Mints Enough Colored Paper Extension Cords

26 Sorting Trays Trash Can** Previous 3 years of Testing Manuals Tissue: when all you can do is cry Years of testing data (yes color coordinated) Testing Manuals (with teachers’ names- alpha order)

27 Are y’all so lucky? Buckets (with TA) Extra Storage

28 Days for testing Begin Day 1 here Calendar Nurse’s Kit

29  Example Example  Excel Formulas o Count only the sorted cells: =SUBTOTAL(3, D3:D53) All formulas begin with an = This formula (to count only the filtered cells) must have a 3, then range o Making 0’s appear before numbers For ID Numbers: 254 but needing 000254 =text(D4, “000000”) D4: cell reference “number of places you need”  Filter/ Sort  Hide/ Unhide  Freeze Cells  Page Setup/ Page View  Headers/ Footers

30  Attendance Documentation Attendance Documentation  Attendance Steps Attendance Steps  Campus-Specific Procedures Campus-Specific Procedures  Cell Phone Contract Cell Phone Contract  First Hour Checklist First Hour Checklist  Paper-Online Request Paper-Online Request  Relief Test Administrator Sign Relief Test Administrator Sign  Seating Chart Seating Chart  Test Administrator Checklist Test Administrator Checklist  Test Completion Pass Test Completion Pass  Transfer Document Slip Transfer Document Slip

31  I don’t have a clue!

32  Prepare! o Computers Numbers? Working properly Up-to-date  Train staff o See if any staff members have tested online  Log into TestNav the day before: o Pop-ups are enabled o Java is up-to-date o Automatic updates are turned off

33  Documents and examples can be found on the following website:  D=277564&pREC_ID=700048

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