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Sarah Callihan Eileen Grose

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1 Sarah Callihan Eileen Grose
Help!! I’m new to this! Sarah Callihan Eileen Grose

2 ‘Twas the Night Before STAAR
‘Twas The Night Before STAAR (in the eyes of a Coordinator)

3 Killer Questions Assignment: In the blanks on the right:
1. What is your one biggest concern? 2. We all know that our faculty is wonderful, but name one pet peeve you have encountered (pertaining to testing). 3. What is one thing you want to get out of this session?

4 What to do first? Find HELP! But who? You can’t do this alone!
Special Ed Case Manager/ Liaison Registrar Technology Counselors Admin Team

5 Why do I need help? Students testing / placed correctly
ARDs, ARDs, ARDs Negotiating schedules Interference Testing locations Year long process

6 Who do I need to talk to? Administrative Team Cafeteria Staff
Layout schedules, Test Administrators Cafeteria Staff Breakfast schedule Lunch Schedule Custodians Teachers Teacher Assistants Special Programs ESL 504 Spec Ed Parents/ Students Registrar/ Counselors New student enrollment Special Program Pops Librarian Calculators Dictionaries/ Thesauruses Receptionist/ Attendance Clerk

7 It’s February: What do I need to do?
Gather lists of testers. Who tests? What do they test? Accommodations? Special situations? How do I get these lists? Registrar for lists Data Portal System (DMAC, Euphoria, etc.) Remember: Homebound JJAEP DAEP

8 Online/ Paper Are the students online or paper? Spreadsheet to notate:
How did they test last? Check with teachers to see students’ preferences Spreadsheet to notate: Paper_Online Request.xlsx Texas Assessment Management System Check student scores Check registration details Change test type

9 Do you have Enough Materials for Testing
Mandatory Convenience Dictionaries Who and how many Special types Calculators Batteries Clearing Troubleshooting Pencils Sharpening? Highlighters Color Overlays Supplemental Aids Buckets Postit Notes Ziploc bags Tissues Colored Paper Do NOT wait until the last minute: Purchase Orders take TIME!!

10 Accommodations Special Education 504 LEP Any that need TEA approval?
Once you have received the lists, ensure the responsible parties notify you of any updates. Prior to testing, have responsible party sign off on accommodations.

11 Weeks/ Month Before Testing
Just like a recipe – Have all ingredients on hand!

12 How do I even begin? Map of School Computers?
How many desks/ students can each classroom hold? How many computers are available? Computers? Will we have to use classroom labs? Laptop availability? Who will update? Who will be on call? Number of individual tests?

13 Trainings: Who Needs to Be Trained?
Set Date for Mandatory Training: Train everyone in case of emergencies Custodial staff (what if a student gets sick on the test, etc.) Teacher Assistants Technology Staff on Campus Create Labels for Teachers’ Manuals Place on their Testing Manual Teachers like to make notes, etc., flag, highlight Ensures they can receive their same book again (if needed) Sign in Sheets Keep them with the Oaths in Alphabetical Order!

14 Responsibilities Checking rooms/ hallways Educational Material
Assign administrative staff to check Educational Material When: Day before testing Who: Teacher Assistants – we train this individual thoroughly and if any questions, she will notify the CTC Number of Desks When: Few days before testing Notify custodial staff Who: Teacher Assistants

15 Few Days Before Testing
Time to Mix the Ingredients

16 What Now? Verify Accommodations with Spec Pops Post Assignments
ESL 504 Spec Ed Post Assignments Elementary/ Jr. High: Notify teachers of locations High School: Post assignments around school Notify parents Remind cafeteria staff Breakfast Lunch

17 How to Organize Select colored paper for each day of testing Why:
Green: Science/ Biology Blue: Math/ Algebra Orange: English I/ Writing Brown: English II/ Reading Pink: US History/ Soc Studies Why: This allows the attendance personnel to keep track of testing days Helps you determine what roster goes with what day at a quick glance

18 Am I Ready Time to Bake the Cake

19 Test Day Checklist State Mandated To Make Life Easier
Testing Rosters Attendance Roster Testing Roster Accommodations Visual Aids, Color Overlays Test Administrator Relief Sheet DO NOT DISTURB sign Scratch Paper Computer Login Pages for Online testers Test Books and Answer Sheets for Paper testers Supplies: Pencils, highlighters, calculators Initial Attendance Roster Teacher Checklist State Cell Phone Policy Restroom Passes Supplies: Ziplock bags, sticky notes, tissues, paper clips

20 Helpful Hints/ Forms

21 What does your testing room look like?

22 Or

23 Dreaming?

24 Reality? What is your reality? Ideas? Is it too small?
Does it have proper storage? Is it neat? Is it organized? Ideas?

25 Colored Markers/ Scissors
Colored Paper Quick view of supplies Good Pencil Sharpener Hole Punch Breath Mints  Colored Markers/ Scissors Extension Cords Enough Colored Paper

26 Manuals/ Organizing Previous Years
Previous 3 years of Testing Manuals  Sorting Trays Tissue: when all you can do is cry Testing Manuals (with teachers’ names- alpha order) Years of testing data (yes color coordinated) Trash Can**

27 Buckets/ Cubbies Are y’all so lucky? Extra Storage Buckets (with TA)

28 Organizing Days for testing Begin Day 1 here Calendar Nurse’s Kit

29 Helpful Hints: Excel Example Excel Formulas Filter/ Sort Hide/ Unhide
Count only the sorted cells: =SUBTOTAL(3, D3:D53) All formulas begin with an = This formula (to count only the filtered cells) must have a 3, then range Making 0’s appear before numbers For ID Numbers: 254 but needing =text(D4, “000000”) D4: cell reference “number of places you need” Filter/ Sort Hide/ Unhide Freeze Cells Page Setup/ Page View Headers/ Footers

30 Forms Attendance Documentation Attendance Steps
Campus-Specific Procedures Cell Phone Contract First Hour Checklist Paper-Online Request Relief Test Administrator Sign Seating Chart Test Administrator Checklist Test Completion Pass Transfer Document Slip

31 Online Tips I don’t have a clue!

32 How am I going to get online tests to run smoothly?
Prepare! Computers Numbers? Working properly Up-to-date Train staff See if any staff members have tested online Log into TestNav the day before: Pop-ups are enabled Java is up-to-date Automatic updates are turned off

33 Documents Documents and examples can be found on the following website:

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