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 Preparation for the Algebra 1 State Test.  Bring: Jacket No. 2 Pencil Favorite highlighter.

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1  Preparation for the Algebra 1 State Test

2  Bring: Jacket No. 2 Pencil Favorite highlighter

3  7:30 am Breakfast in Cafeteria

4  8:15 am Report to testing rooms at end of Math Hallway

5  Cell Phones Make sure they are turned off and in your back pack or purse. If it goes off during the state test you FAIL.

6  Materials Test Booklet Answer Sheet Calculator that has been reset to factory settings Scratch paper Ruler Formula Sheet

7  Highlighters Keep them away from your answer sheet! Keep your answer sheet under your desk until you are FINISHED and ready to transfer answers.

8  Key Words Identify your key words. You must READ the test question before you select an answer.

9  No assumptions! Copy formulas from FORMULA sheet. Answer questions based on KEY WORDS.

10  Skip around! Work the problems you are comfortable with first. It builds confidence to tackle the “others.” Wait until the end to transfer answers to ScanTron.

11  Simplify fractions without the calculator. Simplify the numerator first, then the denominator. Now it’s safe to enter it into the calculator.

12  Eliminate answers Use process of elimination to improve your score. Never make a “blind” guess.

13  TAKE YOUR TIME! You will not be released until the end of 3 rd period. This means you have AT LEAST three minutes a question.

14  Keep your answer sheet clean! Students who bubble and darken their answers neatly score 20% higher.

15  Double CHECK! Verify you transferred your answers correctly BEFORE you close your test booklet.

16  End of 3 rd Period Students still working will be moved to another classroom. Be proud you are taking your time! All finished students will return to classes with the 4 th period bell.

17  BLUE FOLDERS Blue folders are due Friday. You may organize it during class, however it must be turned in by the end of class. Content list is online.

18  Extra Credit is due before the state test begins. The three USA Test Prep assignments are due by Thursday before the test starts.

19  Homework Read your reminder sheet several times before bed and at least twice in the morning.

20  ADVANCED SCORES ONLY! You can miss 10 questions and still score ADVANCED!!! Try EVERY question and watch out for careless errors.

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