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Not So New Coordinator Academy September 24, 2008 Emily Lorenz – Gregory-Portland ISD Jim Street – Edgewood ISD Best Practices: Getting it Right the First.

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1 Not So New Coordinator Academy September 24, 2008 Emily Lorenz – Gregory-Portland ISD Jim Street – Edgewood ISD Best Practices: Getting it Right the First Time

2 Agenda Who are we? What we have learned… What we have done wrong… How we fixed it… What not to do again!

3 Real Agenda Training and Sharing of Information Forms Materials Control – Handling materials – Checking in and out – Transfers Accommodation Request Forms – Who, what, when, and why? Incident Reporting TELPAS Documentation

4 A Little Funny…

5 Training

6 Trainings and Meetings Best method of prevention Administrator Overview Materials Handling Overview Training – once per year – Delivered by DTC Best Practices Meetings Campus Coordinator Training – Provided by DTC Administrator Training – Written by DTC – Delivered by CTC Non-certified staff training Campus Readiness Visits Vignettes – Designed and delivered via alternative methods – Quick tips, reminders, best practices

7 Resource Materials – Page number documents Highlight important manual contents Provides notes section during training – District Calendars Training dates Meeting dates Testing dates Materials return deadlines Reporting dates Include in training at all levels – TSNAP, Pearson and TEA websites

8 Sharing the Information CTC Training – Make it a regular event – schedule in advance – Will alleviate most incidents if done correctly Document Posting – Counselor Sharepoint – Dedicated intranet site – District webpage and/or via email – Ensures everyone is using the right forms and has access to all of the training documents

9 Forms

10 The Beauty of Forms Student Tracking: – Absentee documentation – LEP exemptions – Score code “O”ther – Refusal documentation You never want to have to spend too much time doing research when checking in answer documents! Make it easy on yourself…

11 Day of Testing Do Not Disturb – Include the time slots you want staff to be monitoring for condensing Seating Charts – Make available TEA recommended as well as district formatted that include multiple room layouts – by creating them you make sure they have everything they need for compliance – Add a notes section – allows us to log for relief administrators and to record student behavior

12 More Forms… Day of Testing Checklist – Includes all the important reminders we want teachers to know – Step-by-step instructions on what needs to be completed

13 Active Monitoring Monitoring Logs – Campus principal and CTC log all of their active monitoring efforts during test days (done 1 of 2 ways) – Restroom sign-in/out sheets are used to monitor and document student movements during testing

14 Materials Control

15 Handle the Stress - GPISD Secure storage – Another form! There should never be a question about the security of your storage Materials Control – Boxes – District created form that creates an auditable paper trail of boxes to campuses Triplicate One delivery person One receiving location – Color code campus box labels and everything be sent to campus – makes it easily identifiable – Copy campus packing list on campus color and ask it to be signed and returned within 24 hours For district overage materials – guess what, another form – gives them a specific list of materials being sent from overage

16 Handle the Stress - EISD Secure storage – find out early Materials Control – Boxes – Campus Test Coordinator or Alternate CTC must pickup boxes from the Testing Department. Signature required on district packing slip which indicates that they received the boxes they were supposed to. Verify contents and notify the testing department (via email) by the end of the day via that all materials are present. – District created transfer form (triplicate) that documents transfer of secure materials. Testing Department overage to campuses District to district ALL transfers MUST go through Testing Department

17 Materials Control Booklet control – Materials control form Condensing Forms – Be able to find a booklet at any given moment on your campus Returning materials from campus – Check in list Includes what to bring back with them for score vs. non-score and a place for them to enter the count before check in – Counts return Modified secure booklet number spreadsheet that is separated by campus and includes a place for me to enter what is returned

18 Materials Control Return of materials is set by appointment – Provide snacks, drinks, and make them comfortable, we could be here a while Each CTC is responsible for accompanying their materials to the CO or Testing Dept. for check-in – For larger GPISD campuses – the delivery person will set an appointment with campus personnel that corresponds with district check-in time Check-in includes all materials – during non-score check-in all oaths, sign-ins, copy of training materials, and auditable documentation should be returned Have a plan BEFORE HAND for how you will store these items for the required amount of time

19 Answer Document Verification During training cover answer documents – using those provided by Pearson! – Create a sample that it is given to every test administrator highlighting the fields they are responsible for – Train CTC and create samples for all different possible combinations that they then take and post in storage room as reminders – Create a DTC sample that reminds you what not to forget and how to verify the tricky ones DTC verifies every answer document – do not move on until you have it corrected. That is why it is imperative that CTC does not leave until the process is complete! – Have access to your student management system and special ed information management system…be prepared

20 Check-In Forms Various documents can be created to assist with answer document check-in. Completion of forms by the CTC prior to check- in can help ensure that: – Every student has been accounted for, – Each student has appropriate bubbles completed (accommodations, make-up testing, DAEP or JJAEP coding, etc…), – Appropriate demographic and program information changes have been made if necessary, – Basically, that ALL of the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

21 Transfers Document, document, document Campus to Campus – Is included on the form GPISD uses to track boxes moving from CO to campus – EISD does not allow campus to campus transfers District to District – Phone a friend! Make an agreement before the year begins – Always create a trail for each district to follow – statements signed by both DTC’s is imperative

22 Accommodation Request Forms

23 Accommodation Requests Accommodations manual – Will alleviate the need for as many ARF’s Online ARF submission – Need to create a plan and means for coordinating the submission – still submitted by DTC – Keeping track – spreadsheet with students by number – Be ready to answer questions from TEA! – Cheat sheets – what needs one and what doesn’t – Training!

24 What I’ve Learned ARF’s become an afterthought Coordinate with Special Ed staff and include with ARD documentation / make available during ARD with copy of manual for better decision-making – Should be completed when ARD adjourns and submitted immediately – Alleviate last minute requests – Ensures most recent decisions are reflected for testing – Ask questions – watch for “mass” usage of an aide or accommodation

25 Incident Reports

26 Be Prepared On days of testing, always have: – Monitoring Forms General Campus Overview: storage, hallways, testing signs, etc. Individual Administrator: monitoring, seating arrangements, covered walls, etc. Blank incident report forms and statements forms Blank Corrective Action Template Locally Determined Disciplinary Action Template – DCCM and TA Manuals along with the materials you used/provided during training

27 Take Good Notes Gather complete information Collect sufficient documentation (there is never too much) – Including dates, signatures, multiple accounts by everyone involved – Document your conversations – Use blank templates so you know all the information is included – Track what you submit to TEA


29 Writing Collections English Language Proficiency Standards – for the first time have some ammunition! Timelines for submissions Collection coversheets District developed Validity of Ratings coversheet – Allows us to have extra documentation supporting how we chose to implement the rating support and verification component Coordinate with the Bilingual/ESL Dept.

30 Questions?

31 Jim Street, Edgewood ISD Emily Lorenz, Gregory-Portland ISD

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