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1 Test Coordinator Training Fall 2013 Roles of STC, TAs, and Proctors.

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1 1 Test Coordinator Training Fall 2013 Roles of STC, TAs, and Proctors

2 2 Roles/Responsibilities STC Responsibilities TA Qualifications and Responsibilities Proctor Qualifications and Responsibilities Principal Responsibilities Superintendent Responsibilities

3 3 Roles and Responsibiliti es All responsibilities outlined in state rule 6.10.7 NMAC: State Rules for Test Security and Administration PED-Produced Checklists Based on 6.10.7 NMAC and Common Irregularities.

4 4 STC Requirements Professionally licensed Gainful employee of district or school

5 5 STC General Responsibilities Be completely knowledgeable of 6.10.7 NMAC Follow STC Checklist; document completion of tasks Communicate assessment information to staff and students Enforce state and district policies (test security, cell phone, etc.) Be responsible for test material security, tracking, and protection at all times within school Primary liaison with DTC Develop student/teacher and room testing assignments. Set standard for professionalism

6 6 STC Training Responsibilities Provides training to TAs and Proctors 2x year Review 6.10.7 NMAC with TAs and Proctors Disseminate and trains TA/Proctor Checklist Provide manuals in advance of training and review manuals during training Train local secure tracking procedures (demonstration with substitute test materials is ideal) Review student and room testing assignments Review accommodations and proper administration of accommodations (Section 504 Plans, IEPs, ELL Plans) Provide clear instructions on what is/is not allowed

7 7 STC Admin. Responsibilities Post conspicuous signs near copy machines, entry doors, office and classroom doors Actively monitor consistent, proper, and standardized administration across school and correct administration of accommodations (visit classrooms during test sessions) Distribute allowable support materials/tools when appropriate by session and grade (calculators, rough draft paper, No. 2 lead pencils, etc.) Securely store assessment materials daily; follow tracking procedures at all times Report irregularities to DTC and conduct investigations Verify Student Pre-ID Labels and Roster for accuracy

8 8 STC Post-Test Responsibilities Ensure all students were tested Apply student labels Complete biogrid Return all secure materials, including rough drafts, to DTC Recycle manuals

9 9 STC Documentation Responsibilities Develop STC Training Agenda and TA/Proctor sign- in sheets for training; capture all signatures and provide evidence of STC training to DTC Capture all required signatures of Verification Forms and provide to DTC Maintain local secure materials tracking system within school; provide to DTC upon request

10 10 Test Administrator Qualifications Professionally-licensed educators Gainful employees of district or school Counselors, coaches, contractors, service providers with valid educational licenses Teachers on waivers or intern licenses Long-term subs with teaching license, not substitute license

11 11 TA Responsibilities Administer assessments to assigned students according to directions and manuals Offer accommodations as directed Maintain security of assessment materials Protect confidentiality of students Read the DFA script as written Strictly monitor students during testing Maintain an appropriate and fair testing environment Report irregularities immediately to STC and principal Set standard for professionalism

12 12 Proctor Qualifications Any staff or community member who has been trained in proper test administration and test security Must sign Confidentiality Agreement

13 13 Proctor Responsibilities Assist TA, but not act as test administrators Hall monitor/restroom escort No parents in child’s or relative’s classroom

14 14 All Individuals Involved in Testing Maintain “Materials Chain of Custody” Sign Confidentiality Agreement

15 15 Principal & Superintendent Verify that procedures are followed correctly Sign Verification forms Superintendent’s Verification—send to the PED Principal’s Verification—maintain at school/district

16 16 Questions?

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