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AzMERIT/AIMS Science Pre-Test Training for School Teachers & Staff Spring 2015 1.

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1 AzMERIT/AIMS Science Pre-Test Training for School Teachers & Staff Spring 2015 1

2 2 c=s&source=video&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved= 0CCkQtwIwAg&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtub UAVdTAD9PVoATGjICIDw&usg=AFQjCNG5- 3NdvLk8yj4knyrCKrKbHslX4w&sig2=UbZximXY6H vFuzb-9V8pIg Babies Discuss High Stakes Testing

3 AzMERIT Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching. This assessment is for 3 rd -8 th graders in our schools and includes assessments in the English Language Arts, both Reading & Writing, and Mathematics. Like 60% of the schools in Arizona, we will be taking the Paper-Based Test. AIMS Science Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards in Science This assessment is for 4 th and 8 th graders only at our schools. 3

4 TRAINING OVERVIEW AzMERIT Testing Schedule Prior to Testing Test Administration Accommodations 4 AIMS Science Testing Schedule Preparation, Administration, Accommodations

5 Grades 3 – 8 Test Days Content AreaTests are Untimed HOWEVER These are Estimated Times Day 1 Monday, April 13, 2015 ELA – Writing45-90 minutes Day 2 Tuesday, April 14, 2015 ELA – Reading, Part 1 Mathematics, Part 1 45-75 minutes 60-85 minutes Day 3 Wed., April 15, 2015 ELA – Reading, Part 2 Mathematics, Part 2 45-75 minutes 60-85 minutes 5 For Legacy and Athlos

6 Mathematics – End-of-Course (EOC) Estimated Times Thursday, April 16, 2015 Algebra I (Pt. 1 & 2) Geometry (Pt. 1 & 2) Algebra II (Pt. 1 & 2) Pt. 1: 50-85 minutes Pt. 2: 50-85 minutes AIMS Science (more on this later) Estimated Time Monday, April 20, 2015 Grades 4 and 8 only2 hours 6 For Legacy and Athlos

7 Test Administration Schedules – There must be a break between test sessions scheduled on the same day – AzMERIT and AIMS Science are untimed. 95% of students should finish in estimated time – Test Session must be completed by the end of the day 7

8 Make-Up Testing – All make-up testing for both the AzMERIT and the AIMS Science Tests must be completed no later than April 24. 8 PBT


10 Have the following items ready in the rooms being used to test: “Testing- Do Not Disturb” sign for classroom door (provided by school) #2 sharpened pencils (provided by school) Scratch paper Dictionaries and thesauri for each classroom (for the Writing Test only). Grade Level Writing Rubrics (provided by school) Printed Classroom Roster Sheets (provided by school) 10

11 You May Access Sample Tests at assessmentitems/: assessmentitems/ – These are available to everyone. – Look for section on Paper-Based Testing. – These do not have sample items that introduce content for each grade level. – These are merely to help students understand the format of the questions. 11

12 Calculators are not allowed to be used in Grades 3-6, 12 HOWEVER…

13 CALCULATORS 7 th & 8 th grade students are permitted (but not required) to use scientific calculators (or calculators with fewer functions)—ONLY on Part 1 of their Math test. Students taking EOC tests, are permitted to use a scientific or graphing calculator (or a calculator with fewer functions). Jr. High/EOC Math Teachers are aware of the specific guidelines regarding calculators. 13

14 AzMERIT is a computer-based test (and has been adapted for paper testing) and has the following item types: – Multiple-choice items (according to the newest information available from ADE, most of the questions are multiple choice) – Multi-select items – Editing tasks – Hot text items – Grid items – Equation items – Open Response items 14

15 Test Preparation for Students and Parents It is very important to communicate a positive attitude about testing. Send home positive messages in grade level newsletters, teacher websites, etc. Remind parents to ensure their children eat breakfast every day and get enough sleep the night before. Stress the importance of avoiding checking out their children from school early on testing days. Message that Parent Volunteers are to be scheduled outside of the testing rooms on testing days. 15


17 All staff at schools must sign a test security agreement for the AzMERIT & the AIMS Science tests. 17

18 All Test Administrators will- follow Testing Administration Directions exactly as stated in the Test Administration Directions. receive/verify each day that testing materials were received and returned. 18

19 Test Administrators will- distribute/collect all testing materials on testing days. complete the accommodation information on the testing booklets for all of the students receiving accommodations. 19

20 Test Administrators will ensure that any visual aids displayed in the testing room (that could assist students while Testing) are removed or covered completely during testing. 20

21 Testing Administrators will- supervise the room at all times during testing. answer student questions pertaining only to the clarification of directions. verify students are marking their answers in the proper locations in their testing materials. 21

22 Students who disrupt testing, refuse to participate, receive help from others or engage in any other unacceptable behavior, should be subject to the disciplinary procedures established by the school. These students should be allowed to continue testing in another location. 22

23 23 Students who leave the Classroom during testing… Must have their test materials collected upon exit. Must have their test materials given back to them when they return. May only leave one-at-a-time.

24 24 Students who leave campus during testing… Must have their test materials collected upon exit. Are not allowed to finish that testing session when they return.

25 Students are not allowed to use electronic devices (with the exception of acceptable calculators for 7 th- 8th grade math, pt. 1 & EOC testers) during testing. Personal electronic devices are prohibited. Remove unacceptable device if observed. Allow testing to continue, but report it to the District Assessment Coordinator. 25

26 PBT Each student will receive at least two Pre-ID labels for the AzMERIT, one for their Math test booklet and one for their ELA test booklet. There will be no separate answer documents, as students will write their answers directly in their test booklets for all grades.

27 Any Students taking the End of Course Test for Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II, will also receive a Pre-ID Label for that test, as well. 27


29 AzMERIT TESTING CONDITIONS, TOOLS, AND ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDANCE FOR SPRING 2015 All Test Administrators should be familiar with this document prior to testing. Accommodations-2015_rev-Feb-2015.pdf Accommodations-2015_rev-Feb-2015.pdf 29


31 AIMS Science is administered to 4 th and 8 th graders only. It is untimed, however the estimated time to complete the test is 2 hours It will be given on Monday, April 20, 2015 31Science

32 All of the same testing preparation, administration and security precautions will be taken with the AIMS Science test as with the AzMERIT. 32Science

33 AIMS Science Sample Items can be found at- mssupportmaterials/ 33Science

34 There is a separate set of Testing Accommodations, for the AIMS Science Test. All Testing Administrators need to be aware of these accommodations, as well. 34Science


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