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2 What was the first attempt of Americans to form a government?

First attempt of Americans to form a new government.

4 Why did the Articles fail?

5 WEAKNESS OF ARTICLES No standing army to protect the nation.
No court system to enforce laws. Central gov. could not collect taxes. Each state had its own money. The 13 states seemed to be separate nations

6 What did Americans do next?

7 U.S CONSTITUTION Plan of U.S Government to present

8 FEDERAL SYSTEM Power divided between state and national governments.
Reserve powers- set aside for states Delegated powers- set aside for national

9 LEGISLATIVE BRANCH Makes laws. Bi-cameral- two Houses = Congress:
House of Representatives- based on population, more people= more Reps. Senate- each state gets two.

10 EXECUTIVE BRANCH Enforces laws. President Vice-President
Electoral College- chooses Pres. And V-P. Cabinet- advisors to President. Agencies and Commissions.

11 JUDICIAL BRANCH Interprets laws:
Judicial review- can declare laws unconstitutional. District Court- original cases. Appeals Court- reviews cases. Supreme Court- has the final say.

12 SEPARATION OF POWERS Each branch has its own duties.

13 CHECKS AND BALANCES Each branch can limit power of others:
Veto- president can cancel a law. Override- Congress cancels the veto. Judicial review- Courts can cancel laws.

14 IMPEACHMENT Gov. officials can be removed from office.

15 EXTRADITION People can be moved from one state to another to face trial.

16 FULL FAITH AND CREDIT Rights granted in one state apply to all states.

17 WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS Law enforcement officers must provide a reason for arrest.

18 NO BILL OF ATTAINDER Can not pass a law to arrest someone.

19 NO NOBILITY No royalty.

20 AMENDMENTS Changes to Constitution: Passes by Congress then:
Passed by ¾ of state legislatures.

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