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GO BIG With the Biggest SkyBanners in the World Simply, we boost Sales!

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1 GO BIG With the Biggest SkyBanners in the World Simply, we boost Sales!

2 SIZE MATTERS When it comes to outdoor advertising there is nothing bigger. Our smallest banners are 1,000 sqm or 45 metres long and 22.2 metres tall. When flown low & slow the WOW factor is guaranteed. BIGGER is always better! We can also fly commercial banners up to 5,000 sqm! EXCLUSIVE Aerial advertising is virtually unexploited in South Africa, so few other brands will be competing for the same space FLEXIBLE ROUTES & TERMS We fly any place, any time. With SkyBanners SA the client can target specific gegraphical areas to reach their market. We fly mainly in Gauteng, Durban, PE and Cape Town EXCELLENT ROI Proven worldwide to be an excellent medium as outdoor advertising with remarkable yields and unsurpassed ROI PROFESSIONAL SERVICE All flights are conducted by professional helicopter pilots and are regulated by the SACAA under license No. CAA N950D / G960D HIGH QUALITY BANNERS All our banners are manufactured from high quality matrials, and carry an all inclusive warrantee of 150 flight hours, ensuring hassle free flights

3 SIZE MATTERS This scaled mock-up clearly illustrates the difference in size and thus readablity between our massive 1,000 sqm SkyBanners and those smaller ones of 174 sqm flown behind small fixed wing airplanes.

4 Our standard banner is typically used for general brand building and special launches or events. Massive size ensures optimal presence, capturing the attention of all. Visible for many kilometers away this basic product is real value for money. Note the scaled Boeing 737-800 (Kulula jet) fits comfortably inside our banner, but only twice as high!

5 Wow! Adding another big banner on top of the massive “Standard” banner you can display an additional 375 sqm of “WOWness” at the same flight rate of flying a standard banner. Typically used for special launches Example: Your company logo / Slogan at the bottom and a new product or event on top!

6 Adding 6 extra large individual ribbons (any colors) on top of a Standard 1,000 sqm banner to further draw attention from below this is ideal for sports events or for the client that want’s something extra!


8 RATES BANNERS Our Banners are manufactured in NZ from high quality light, yet durable fabrics We require 4 weeks lead time for manufacturing and shipping to SA Our banner price at R99.50 per square metre or R99,500 for 1,000 sqm FLIGHT RATES Our banners can ONLY be towed with helicopters because of their massive size We use Bell 206 and R66 turbine engine helicopters Our flight rates for flights in Gauteng, Durban, PE and Cape Town is R12,950 per hour or R215.83 per minute - All numbers excl VAT and Agency commissions TYPICAL CAMPAIGN COST (one 1.5 hour flight per week, 4 flights per month) Banner R99,500 (once off) + 6-7 Hours per month @ R12,950 = R77,700 pm We can rotate 1 banner between Gauteng, Durban & CPT for national coverage GENERAL Because of its’ massive size of 1,000 sqm, the production cost of our banners is high and we therefore strongly recommend to fly our banners for the full warrantee period of 150 hours. Rather extend the timeframe in which to fly the 150 hours, but it only makes financial sense to fly the banner for it’s full life expectancy. To purchase a massive banner to only fly it for one event or once off product launch does not make much financial sense. Rather commit to a longer term of between 6 and 18 months, flying less hours per month to fit into budgets and include any special events or launches inside that time framework

9 General ROUTES & GENERAL OPERATIONS Normal flight operations are conducted at 1,000 feet (305 m) above ground level to ensure maximum exposure and readability. We fly slow at an airspeed of 30 kts (55km/h) to maximise expore. The duration of each flight is about 2 hours in which time we cover between 60 and 110km depending the route and area we need to cover. The cost for a 1.5 hour flight is R19,425. This is the same rate our compeditors charges for only 1 hour flying their minute small 174 sqm banners. To utilise the banner and ensure great effective awareness we strongly recommend our clients to opt for the following offer: R120,000 per month for three (3) months. For this we’ll supply your branded banner and include 6 hours per month flight time. This is 1 flight of 1.5 hours per week for 12 weeks. Any special events or product launches can be included in this rate. After the three months period the flight rate will reduce to R12,950 per hour or R19,425 per 1.5 hour flight, as and when required. No minimum hours required after 3 months

10 Gauteng Launch - 19 March 2015 The talk of the Town!

11 Gauteng Launch - 19 March 2015


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