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Resolutions Therapy Practice Quick Start Up Marketing Plan.

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1 Resolutions Therapy Practice Quick Start Up Marketing Plan

2 What are you buying? Private Therapy Practice marketing plan that has been successful at Resolutions in Arizona. Your practice will become Resolutions in your geographic location. Proven successful tools including Market Driven Packaged Services; Unique Pricing; Effective Marketing Channels Customized Marketing Plan, Timeline, Revenue Projections and Product/Service Development Plan for your Practice Quick Start: Immediate high call, appointment volume and revenue without accepting insurance. Expected results include three (3) potential new client contacts per business day. $7,000 - $10,000 gross revenue per month

3 The Common Problem Many therapy practices take years to get on their feet. With Resolutions, you can be busy and booking 30 appointments per week in 3 months Therapists may have great counseling skills, but they often do not understand marketing. Marketing your practice isnt about telling people who you are. No one wakes up and says I want a therapist who is X,Y,Z. They wake up needing a solution. Therapists may be able to learn the avenues through which to promote their practice, but promotion is only 1 of the 4 key ingredients to Marketing Success. And there is a limited amount of time and money for promotion.

4 Results to Expect 3-5 calls, emails or on line appointments made per work day within 6 weeks after website and marketing plan launch Booking at full capacity of 30 appointments per week 3-6 months after website and marketing plan launch 90% show rate 80% average hourly market rate per session in first 6 months. $7,000 - $10,000 gross revenue per month

5 Resolutions Practice Purchase Price and Inclusions Complete Resolutions Business and Marketing Plan Resolutions Website customized to your Practice with location specific domain. i.e. Rights to various products and tools - Dating Coach, Company Shrink, Cinderella Maker, Intensive Couples Counseling etc. Specific Resolutions ad artwork for your local community On line Appointment Tool Two days training at your location (travel expenses additional) $3,500 One Time Fee

6 Therapy Practice Marketing Consulting Price and Inclusions Business and Marketing Plan Template - Product, Place, Price, Promotion Coaching for specific Products/Services for your practice Budgeting, Financial and Statistics tools and analysis $1,500 One Time Fee

7 Product Most therapists do not develop products or packages only niches. Society today buys in response to a need and they want a simple all inclusive, short term solution Develop and package 6-10 products and services with clear pricing and benefits

8 Place Target referral sources from each product/service area Social Media Plan for each particular service Press and Local Networking plan Most effective and least costly listings, advertising and marketing channels

9 Price Pricing and Projections Model Calculation of hours and revenue Monthly pricing program to leverage larger sale/commitment at first meeting. Strong Perceived Session Value Call and Appointment Statistic Measurement to track business success

10 Promotion Promotion timeline and ideas 10 Service lines with 6 months of time efficient promotion Monthly budget to mirror promotion Promotion Plan not to exceed $300 and 5 hours per month. You control this expense

11 Contact Resolutions Now Becky Johnston, LPC, MA, MBA Phone: 480-245-6080 Email: Resolve to get your practice started today!

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