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Paul Herman Services Platforms, Xerox XChange August 2009.

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1 Paul Herman Services Platforms, Xerox XChange August 2009

2 Think Big: Why Managed Print Services? customers who know how much they spend on print 1/10 of largest managed service providers offer managed print 1/3 or more years for each mps contract 3 or more in revenue per device on average per month $150 estimated number of US business printing devices 30,000,0000 size of US MPS market in three years time $15,000,000,000

3 Show me the money… 50 CustomersSound realistic? MPS success 15 Remember that 90% number? 5 Avg. printers/customer4-5 per seats per printer 75 # Printers/mfp’sUnder MPS $135K $150 x 12 x 75Incremental revenue $47K @ 35% marginIncremental margin

4 Incremental share of wallet Economies of scale/scope Additional barriers to entry Long-term recurring revenue Trusted advisor status Rewards Toner coverage/profit Supplies inv. and fulfillment Break-fix service Investment choices Billable utilization Risks/ Complexities Assessment tools Deal structuring Billing and backoffice “Page Operations Center” Network Operations Center Key tools MPS for MSP Managed Print Services Managed Services Cost per page per month Cost per seat per month Contract type Assess, design, implement, manage and support Sales process Small to medium size businesses (no SOHO) > 5 devices Target Market Visibility Simplicity Managed costs ConsolidationVirtualization Customer benefits

5 Why Xerox? Brand and brand permission: document management Proven solutions: 70 Billion pages WW from 2.5M devices Channel commitment and partnership: channel delivered MPS for >5 yrs Platform for development: beyond devices and supplies Breadth of offering: printers and larger multi-functions

6 What can we do for YOU? 1 Toner coverage: we’ll cover it on standard office equipment 2 Supplies: we’ll ship it for free on your behalf 3 Software: we’ll include it 4 Service: we’ll fix it (if you want us to) 5 Support: we’ll back your brand with ours

7 Xerox providedXerox or PartnerPartner provided Xerox Non-Xerox - CPP All Non- Xerox Service Consumables Toner Management Software Assessment & Deal Support PagePackPagePack NXPagePack FM How we do it: PagePack™ 3.0

8 PagePack 3.0: Resources and Rewards People: Over 40 field-based, MPS-focused sales people 10 inside sales support resources 10 PagePack program and technical support people Certified PagePack™ Partner Pricing: Bid Support Desk & fleet optimization support Program: Hardware sales rebates (up to 7%) through our PEAK Channel Program Managed Print Rebate (up to 7%) for the first year of contract Partner Enablement: Basic: online training and authorization for PagePack Full PagePack 3.0 Certification: 3 –day business planning and orientation event followed by 11 weeks of sales and operations mentoring Key benefits: PagePack FM and Tools, extra incentives Outcome: Certified PagePack Partner

9 Managed Print Services: Summary Predictable revenue streams vs. random transaction waves (or ripples) Trusted advisor vs. one of many Cost per page vs. cartridge per closet Coherent program vs. disparate tools Xerox know-how vs. “no, how?”

10 MPS?? What next? TOMORROW: Take Xerox challenge at our booth: first 25 will receive an iPod Shuffle ANYTIME:

11 Thank you Managed Print…

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