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Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Affiliate Program (888) 740-1071 ext. 810 E-Consulting Network, LLC 6924 Canby Avenue, #111 Reseda, CA 91335.

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1 Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 E-Consulting Network, LLC 6924 Canby Avenue, #111 Reseda, CA Ph: ext. 810

2 E-Consulting Network, LLC A wholesale Internet Marketing provider that enables our partners to deliver excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) management services to their distinguished clients with low overhead and maximum profits. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 Vision

3 E-Consulting Network, LLC To promote sustained growth and profits, maximize internet presence, and support long- term economic stability of clients of all sizes and across all industries. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 Mission

4 E-Consulting Network, LLC Honesty Integrity Professionalism Transparency Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 Values

5 E-Consulting Network, LLC A Full-Service Wholesale Internet Marketing Provider Specializing in “Geo-targeted” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services Lead Generation Consulting Services to: Increase Conversion rates (site visitors to clients) Maximize Internet Presence Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 What We Offer

6 E-Consulting Network, LLC 5 Years of Experience Proven Track Record Flexible (Easy to Work With) Excellent Customer Service Dynamic Team of Professionals 100% Domestic Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 Why E-Consulting Network?

7 How does the SEO affiliate program Work? Our Private Label affiliate program allows you to offer geo-targeted SEO services to your clients without the hassle of having to hire a team of SEO professionals. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

8 Private-label Account Your E-Consulting White-label account enables you to sell SEO to your clients and it will appear as if your company as doing the work. You’ll pay us (25% discount on the standard fee) and charge your clients directly. Because of our low pricing structure, most of our affiliates markup the service significantly when charging their clients. We’ll prepare a sign-in page with your company’s logo, that your clients can use to view reports and tracking. Any documentation will be branded with your company’s logo Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

9 We help you to easily sell the service to potential clients by giving you access to the same sales tools that we use. We assist you in bringing on as many clients as possible! Sales Tools We’ll provide you with a formal proposal document to use when selling the service, a PowerPoint (branded with your company logo if white- label), as well as sales scripts and pre-written marketing s. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

10 We work with small to large businesses and specialize in “geo-targeted” search engine optimization. Because most individuals use a geographic descriptor when searching online for a product or service, we cater to their search habits by optimizing for city-keyword combination phrases. E-Consulting SEO Plans Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 What We Do

11 Our plans enable the client to be ranked in the areas they service, for the most competitive keywords. We offer keyword analysis after the sign up process as a courtesy and we recommend the phrases that are generating the highest search volume. The goal is to yield as many organic visitors (that turn into leads and sales) as possible. E-Consulting SEO Plans Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 What We Do

12 We believe that all clients should utilize both SEO and PPC, in order to have a well rounded online marketing program. For pay per click accounts we utilize the system offered by This enables your clients monthly budget to be allocated to all major search engines and tracked from one central platform. E-Consulting Pay Per Click Plans (5% monthly commission) Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

13 Pay per click involves a higher spend, yet it yields immediate results. This is a good product to couple with search engine optimization, because it fulfills the instant gratification that many clients want. E-Consulting Pay Per Click Plans (5% monthly commission) Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

14 E-Consulting Pay Per Click Plans (5% monthly commission) Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

15 Our Approach to SEO We combine a list of all the cities the business services with a list of the most common keywords associated with the business. Below is an example to illustrate how we setup the optimization campaign. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

16 Our Approach to SEO Let's say you own a storage company in Oregon. If your storage company services 3 cities (Hillsboro, Beaverton and North Plains) and you want to be optimized for 2 keywords (“storage" and “storage units"), then we would create a page on your website for each city + keyword variation. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810 Example City 1 x keyword 1 City 2 x keyword 1 City 3 x keyword 1 Hillsboro storage Beaverton Storage North Plains Storage City 1 x keyword 2 City 2 x keyword 2 City 3 x keyword 2 Hillsboro storage units Beaverton Storage units North Plains Storage units OR

17 “Will the appearance of the site change”? No, our service is very transparent. In most cases we only add to what's already present on the site, rather than change the existing files. When we refer to building a page for each city + keyword variation, what we're actually doing is using the home page or "index" file, as a template. That means when a customer runs a search for “North plains storage” for example, the page that the customer arrives on will look identical to The only difference will be our "meta tags", keywords and search-engine-friendly content (which is added at the bottom of the web page or in certain elements of the design).meta tags Client’s Home Page (Click to enlarge)Click to enlarge Our Optimized Page Scroll to the bottom to see content and keywords (Click to enlarge)Click to enlarge Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

18 Inbound Links One of the main factors in getting the site ranked is having other references pointing back to it. We follow all of the recommended safe practices and do not use “link farms”. Rather, we point a significant amount of links (minimum of 100) to the site from other sites in our network. This makes the client’s site more relevant and therefore increases the organic ranking. On-Site Links Having a proper structure of the links on the website is also important. This helps the search engines to easily scan and index pages on the site. We add links at the bottom of the keyword-article pages that point to other pages on the client’s website. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

19 Keyword Progress Reports We also provide keyword progress reports, on a monthly basis. The report shows where each search phrase is ranked. By comparing reports each month, the client can see which keywords have increased in the search rankings. These reports will be customized with your companies logo. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

20 Local Maps As a courtesy to our clients, we’ll create (Free) local maps listings on Google, Yahoo and These are free directories that often rotate the listings. If the client’s listing appears on page 1, it will be listed as one of the bullet points on the map. The majority of the traffic we generate will be from the organic portion of the search engines, although the local listings are a great way to pickup additional visitors. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

21 Why Choose the E-Consulting Affiliate Program? We have an excellent “private label” affiliate program that can plug-in seamlessly to your business model. We give our affiliates significant attention and we pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service. We offer wholesale rates, month to month programs and no sign-on fees. We setup each client with Google Analytics for website tracking, we send monthly keyword progress reports and a detailed account overview. Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

22 E-Consulting Affiliate Program INCLUDES: For you: An easy solution to offer SEO or PPC and Earn a Great Profit. Wholesale Rates Private Label Affiliate account that shows all clients, revenue, commissions, etc. We brand all proposal documents, and reports with your company logo. For your Clients: Free Keyword Analysis / Selection Month-to-Month Plans Detailed Campaign Tracking with Google Analytics and Progress Reports Google maps, Yahoo maps and local listings setup for clients 90 day FIRST PAGE guarantee (60% of phrases or you don’t pay) Proven Results – Guaranteed Exposure Affiliate Program (888) ext. 810

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