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Use the power of TV to reach your goals … Why do companies spend billions of pounds a year on television advertising? Because they recoup the money in.

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Presentation on theme: "Use the power of TV to reach your goals … Why do companies spend billions of pounds a year on television advertising? Because they recoup the money in."— Presentation transcript:

1 Use the power of TV to reach your goals … Why do companies spend billions of pounds a year on television advertising? Because they recoup the money in extra sales: they know that viewing television (even the few minutes of an advert) modifyes the viewer's behaviour. EuroProperties.TV

2 EuroProperties.TV Who we are. Europroperties.TV, owned by Unitrust Media, is an independent WebTV Channel exclusivity dedicated to the property and investor markets across Balkans and Eastern Europe countries. The channel broadcasts to an ever-growing number of dedicated viewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over Internet EuroProperties.TV The specialist media for the property Industry. Europroperties.TV not only gives developers and agents an exciting new advertising alternative but also gives access to a medium many had previously thought too costly. Europroperties.TV presents properties and developments audio visually to millions of prospective clients online, offering audiences on-screen site visits from the comfort of their living room or office. EuroProperties.TV

3 EuroProperties.TV Comprehensive media campaigns. Direct response advertisements on WebTV Advertisement in specialized shows Database marketing campaigns Exposure across Unitrust Media WebTV channels Live online support EuroProperties.TV

4 EuroProperties.TV Programming Living In Investment Financial News Design & Decoration Highly entertaining content about Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria EuroProperties.TV is dedicated to providing information, inspiration and entertainment to property investors across the world. Why target motivated buyers through specialist property TV? More cost efficient More closely targeted than other property media A strong and different property news agenda Most exciting medium to showcase property EuroProperties.TV

5 EuroProperties.TV costs less than you might think Just 5 Euro for a 30 seconds advertisement EuroProperties.TV large audience reach. 8 Internet TV channels Unitrust network More than 50 000 videos broadcasted per day Viewers age 20 – 55 College and University degrees Average viewing 23 minutes EuroProperties.TV


7 Europroperties TV large audience reach UnitrustMedia TV Network Total Ratings January – March 2009 European Audience 69% New Viewers – 53 733 Video Projections – 148 746 Hits – 1 829 881 EuroProperties.TV

8 What we can do for your business … * Cost-effective and accountable advertising, proven to generate quality sales leads * Highly targeted access to more than 10 countries * In-house production team producing cost effective advertorials and television commercials for a fraction of the amount charged by creative agencies and production companies * A one stop shop for property agents and developers seeking high quality sales leads via direct response online advertising First campaign bonus For the entire duration of each advertisers initial campaign on Europroperties.TV, advertiser will qualify for 50% extra spots EuroProperties.TV

9 Sponsorship of Programs A number of Europroperties.TV programme series are available for sponsorship. Packages include production and delivery of opening and closing credits, break bumpers and programme trails. Copy and Technical Requirements Europroperties.TV technical specifications and conditions available online in The General Terms EuroProperties.TV

10 Advertising Rates TV EuroProperties.TV Day partHoursPrice / 30 Prime Time10:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 16:00 18:00 – 20:00 5 Day Time08:00 – 18:00 (except the prime time) 4 Night Time18:00 – 08:00 (except the prime time) 3

11 Internet TV Packages HOT PROPERTIES SHOW Broadcasted 8 times a day Presented in Video on Demand section of WebTV Link to customers website Duration up to 2 min. 3 months - 595 6 months - 995 Annual - 1550 CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS Broadcasted 8 times a day Duration up to 3 min. Link to customers website 3 months - 850 6 months - 1500 Annual - 2650 EuroProperties.TV

12 Internet TV Packages LIVE COVERAGE LIVE events coverage Maximum duration up to 1 hour /LIVE/ and record the whole event Record the show and broadcast a presentation video to the TV station for another 10 times. Prices from 950 per event The production cost is not included in the above prices. EuroProperties.TV

13 Internet TV Packages COMPANY REPRESENTATION Representation of companies in Cyprus and Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia. Promote the companies in selected Real Estates Agents Participate in presentations and other promotional events Arrange appointments with selected companies Meeting and visits support. Follow up actions Broadcasting of all the companies projects under the Hot Properties show. 3 months - 3950 6 months - 6500 Annual - 9950 In case Europroperties.TV sales the project – a commission to be negotiated. 50% of the money paid by the company under this Representation Agreement, are to be reduced from the commission paid. Example:Commission from selling a property6000 Companys invoicing for 6 months6500 Money Refund (6500 Χ 50%)(3250) EuroProperties.TV

14 Contact Us: CYPRUS HEAD OFFICE Nicosia11, Dem. Severis AveTel +357 96 78 99 33 Paralimni149, Griva Digeni AveΤel +357 99 89 11 89 Email: BULGARIA Sofia Silver Business CenterTel +359 88 60 88 780 Email: EuroProperties.TV

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