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Green IT Presented by: Lauri Petersen Great River Energy.

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1 Green IT Presented by: Lauri Petersen Great River Energy

2 Great River Energy Company Profile G & T Cooperative – 2,800 MW generation – 4,500 miles of transmission line – 900 employees – 28 distribution member cooperatives

3 GRE Headquarters LEED Platinum Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2008 LEED = Leadership in Energy Efficiency Design

4 IT Profile Information, Infrastructure, Project, and Support Services 62 employees 2 enterprise and 3 local data centers 300+ servers (> 50% virtualized) 80+ business applications Integrated IP network for corporate, operations, and remote sites

5 Background New headquarters in Maple Grove, MN (3/09) Corporate data center move Local data center move Aging infrastructure (and architecture) Critical dependencies No “Green IT” recipe LEED Certification

6 Guiding Principles “Green” data center and workplace Incremental improvement Centralized/Distributed approach Reduce/Reuse/Recycle

7 Industry Definition Green IT: optimal use of information and communication technology for managing the environmental sustainability of enterprise operations and the supply chain, as well as that of its products, services and resources throughout their lifecycles. Source: Gartner

8 In North America, most of the interest in Green IT is economic rather than environmental. More than 60% of data centers will face space and energy constraints in the next 18 months (July 09) Server virtualization is the main mechanism through which data centers and IT managers are lowering their data center energy costs

9 Green IT Initiatives/Opportunities InitiativeGREYouThe Green Factor Web Conferencing ?Reduce travel and carbon footprint Video Conferencing ?Reduce travel and carbon footprint Server Consolidation ?Reduce power, cooling, and space requirements Server Virtualization ?Reduce power, cooling, and space requirements Multi-Function Printers ?Reduce power, reduce use of consumable resources (i.e. paper, toner) Asset Procurement? Asset Disposal ?Reuse, recylce Data Center Design ?Reduce power and cooling requirements Desktop Energy Management X?Reduce power consumption

10 Existing Servers – 08/21/09 Physical Servers = 134 Windows = 87 Linux/Unix = 47 Virtual Servers = 202 Windows = 160 Linux/Unix = 42 Total = 336 servers % Virtual = 60%

11 Existing VM Capacity Standard vHW: 1 vCPU, 1GB vRAM, 20GB vHD Total Capacity = 240 VMs Used = 202 VMs (As of Aug. 21, 2009) Available = 38 VMs Cost per VM in ER = ~ $3,850 Cost per VM in MG = ~ $3,528

12 Measure Measure to show results Obtain a baseline of “current state” Measure changes and/or improvements to support investment(s) in Green IT

13 Data Center Design Considerations Hot aisle / cold aisle Blanking panels Proper vent placement Cold aisle containment Raise temp to 75⁰

14 Questions

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