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Can ICT Beat CO 2 ? Daniel Gagné ITU – Symposium on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change May 29th 2012.

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2 Can ICT Beat CO 2 ? Daniel Gagné ITU – Symposium on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change May 29th 2012

3 The Equation CO 2 reduction enabled via –Virtualization / Dematerialization –Transport substitution –Increased efficiency through Smarter systems etc… Connecting Communities / Businesses Own energy consumption / CO2 emissions E-Waste management Supply Chain issues More Sustainable / Low Carbon Economy | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC3 ▲ Enabling Effects 1 ▼ Rebound Effects 2 We must create the conditions for a smarter use of ICT solutions, while relentlessly striving to limit undesired rebound effects - Positive Outcome 3 =

4 Using ICT to Transform Tomorrow | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC4 ICT is a key enabler of carbon reduction if equipment and solutions are efficiently designed, deployed, operated, and used 2008 Study

5 Our Global Approach | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC5 Offering trusted state of the art services through responsible business practices To be recognized by customers as Canada’s leading communications company Responsible Products & Services Responsible Procurement Responsible Operations

6 Solutions for a Low Carbon Economy | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC6  Energy consumption  Material consumption Green ICT Optimization  Costs  GHG emissions  Env. footprint Wireless applications Telemetrics Smart metering Unified communications IP telephony Web, video and teleconference Green Data centers Virtualization Cloud computing Web solutions e-billing e-commerce Video applications Telepresence Video Zone Webcasting Optimizing customers ICT resources sustainably Moving work to people rather than people to work Connecting rather than traveling Managing business remotely and in real time Improving transport & systems efficiency Dematerializing through digitalization / virtualization  Efficiency  Sustainability  Satisfaction

7 ICT in Action @ Bell 22.6% of bills sent electronically in 2011 About 4,100 tonnes of GHG and 33,000 trees saved All other bills on FSC certified paper 22,000 employees equipped to work remotely Together saving approx. 110 M Km/yr in commuting Avoiding up to 20,000 tonnes of GHG emissions Telematics now installed on 8,000 vehicles Saved 2.8 M Litres of fuel in 1 st year of service Reduced our GHG emissions by 7,777 tonnes Decommissioned 664 of our own servers in 2011 Saving 2.8 M kWh/yr or enough to heat 280 homes Reducing our GHG emissions by 159 tonnes | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC7 Virtualization 4 Telematics 3 Teleworking 2 Electronic Billing 1 In 2011 Bell has reduced its GHG emissions by 31% compared to its 2003 baseline. On target to reach our 50% reduction goal by 2020.

8 Responsible Data Hosting Solutions | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC8 Facility Design Innovation LEED Gold 2012 Green IT award from Uptime institute Tier III Uptime certified PUE = 1.26 CUE potentially as low as 0.0037 kg CO2 eq/KWh Hydro Power Flywheel UPS = NO Lead/acid Batteries Kyoto Cooling = Optimized free cooling Water/Air cooling systems = Energy saving Variable Frequency Drivers in cooling systems adapting to load Cold air containment in aisles Drought resistant landscape Rain water harvesting and storage

9 Responsible Data Hosting Solutions | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC9 Built to Uptime Tier III standard PUE = 1.75 20 year lease in an Ecologo certified energy efficient building Photovoltaic solar energy harvested on the DC roof with a 250 kVA capacity Partnership for cleaner energy with Markham District Energy (MDE) that will provide highly efficient cooling and redundant power. Mechanical cooling system of N+1 chillers, heat exchangers, and pumps where the DC waste heat will be recaptured to preheat MDE’s heating clients Generators of 8.5mW natural gas capacity Dual chilled water sources Cold air containment in aisles

10 Advancing knowledge on ICT’s enabling effect | 2012 05 29 | PUBLIC10 Project with the MDEIE for Quantifying carbon reduction enablement of virtual data centers Participant to the ICT-specific Technical Working Group (ICT TWG) with the CDP to improve the ICT Sector Module for disclosure Active member of the GeSI Climate Change Working Group (CCWG)

11 Can ICT Beat CO2?

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