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Corporate Express. Building a Sustainable Supply Chain.

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1 Corporate Express. Building a Sustainable Supply Chain.

2 Agenda Building a Sustainable Supply Chain How We Operate Our own Environmental Management Ethical Sourcing Case Study Sustainable Products Tools to Take Action

3 Approach to CSR Staples Soul reflects our commitment to corporate social responsibility Its what moves us to CommunityDiversityEnvironmentEthics Practice soundSustain theEmbraceGive back to our

4 Sustainabilty Lifecycle Warehousing Reducing the ecological footprint of our buildings via National Distribution Centre Procurement Social and environmental standards for suppliers Packaging Reducing the ecological footprint of our buildings via National Distribution Centre Transport Reducing the ecological footprint of our buildings via National Distribution Centre Customers Reducing the ecological footprint of our buildings via National Distribution Centre Disposal Reducing the ecological footprint of our buildings via National Distribution Centre Manufacture Reducing the ecological footprint of our buildings via National Distribution Centre 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

5 Environmental Management 5. Responsible Packaging 6. Sustainable Transport 7. Waste Reduction 8. Associate Initiatives 1. Environmental Management System - Certified to ISO14001 2. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management 3. Green IT 4. Sustainable Facilities

6 Ethical Sourcing Labour Standards Environmental Standards Ethical Conduct Compliance Policy available at:

7 Compliance Program New factory audited as potential supplier Certified Pass Conditional Pass Fail Factory has passed and will need to re-certify in one year Factory must sign a corrective action plan (CAP) within two weeks pledging to improve conditions Factory must sign a CAP and a letter of commitment (LOC) within two weeks and correct any critical items in a timely manner before Staples will commit to sourcing from them. The factory is considered on probation and must pass follow-up audits and a post-probation audit to become certified

8 Case Study Did you know? Much e-waste from the developed world is illegally shipped to China Labourers remove plastic (soaked in acid baths) to get at the valuable minerals inside Children play on the waste E-waste breaks apart and dust and chemicals seep into groundwater Deadly levels of mercury and other toxins in the water and soil Each discarded cartridge adds approximately 1.3 kilograms of unnecessary waste to landfill – waste that will take as long as 1,000 years to decompose.

9 Case Study: Take Back Program

10 Case Study: Toner Cartridges Did You Know? Over 3.4 litres of oil^ is needed to make just one new laser print cartridge. Thats enough to service a small car*. ^Based on an average-sized cartridge. *Based on the servicing requirements of a Toyota Yaris without filter change. Sustainable Earth by Staples Toner Premium Compatible toners Quality without compromise 12-month warranty Environmentally-preferable

11 Case Study: Made from Toners Toner cartridges are able to be re-built up to 8 times. What happens to pieces that cant be reused? At the end of their life, the cartridges are disassembled and the components re-used to make: Sustainable Earth by Staples Calculators Sustainable Earth by Staples Staplers

12 Sustainable Earth Brand Our exclusive line of eco-conscious products that meets our brands high environmental standards Product ranges from writing instruments, binders, and desk accessories, to notebooks and premium compatible toners 250+ products

13 Tools to Take Action.

14 EarthSaver Classification Supplier must meet our Ethical Sourcing requirements and at least one of the following criteria: Recycled content End of Life Management Low Ecological Footprint (organic, biodynamic) Sustainable Source Energy Efficient / Greenhouse Benefits

15 Simple Steps e-newsletter Focussing on actions you can take immediately to improve the sustainability of your office Deals with one part of your business each month Simple explanations of certifications and criteria Examples of sustainable alternatives Inform, educate and activate > Take Action > Sustainable Products to sign up

16 GreenBizCheck Alliance with GreenBizCheck Making it easy to see where you are doing well and where you could make changes Clear action plans A free tool exclusive to Corporate Express customers: Corporate Express is ISO 14001 Certified and our Head Office is certified as Silver

17 2001: Launch GreenXpress Sustainable Journey 2007: Appoint CSR Manager 2008: Women in Leadership Council 2008: New Sustainable Designed Facilities 2009: Fair Trade Workplace 2010: Business Woman of the Year Award program 2012: Carbon Neutral Paper 1998: Environmental Products Launch 2001: Community Support Program 2004: ASX Governance Principles 2006: Employee Engagement 2007: Ethical Supplier Program 2008: Green IT 2008: Sustainable Company of the Year 2009: Sustainability Report 2011: Develop EMS 2011: Supplier Diversity 2005: OH&S Strategy

18 For More Information CSR Website:

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