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BICSI & LEED What Role Does This Play in the ITS Community?

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1 BICSI & LEED What Role Does This Play in the ITS Community?

2 U.S. Green Building Council

3 U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Headquartered in Washington, DC, USA Founded in 1993 Membership: 30,000 Individual Members 79 Chapters

4 U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Build environmentally friendly buildings and communities Created LEED ® Green Building Rating System Created LEED ® Accredited Professional (AP) –More than 130,000 APs

5 What is LEED ® ? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System Rating system to promote sustainable green building development (Version 3) LEED projects are in progress in 41 different countries, including Australia, Europe, Middle East

6 What is LEED ® ? More than 4.5 billion square feet of construction space involved with LEED Over 25,611 LEED projects completed (Sept 09)

7 Convergence of Intelligent and Green Buildings


9 LEED ® Rating Systems

10 LEED ® Certifications

11 LEED Point System Certified: 40-49 points Silver: 50-59 points Gold: 60-79 points Platinum: 80 points and above

12 August 2007 - BICSI recognizes no Technology Credits available for LEED rated projects March 2008 - BICSI meets with USGBC USGBC recommends that BICSI lead a group named BICSI LEED Consortium Original members were BICSI and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) June 2008 – Consortium first meeting with USGBC BICSIs Involvement with USGBC

13 July 2008 – Consortium adds InfoComm as a member November 2008 – Consortium meets at the International GreenBuild Conference in Boston, MA, to develop Innovation Technology Credits December 2008 – Consortium name changed to Green Building Technology Alliance to be organization-neutral –Alliance adds CABA as member BICSIs Involvement with USGBC

14 May 2009 – Submitted first Innovation Technology Credit to USGBC BICSIs Involvement with USGBC

15 GBTA Members BICSI –Brian Hansen –Betty Bezos –Dave Labuskes InfoComm –Randal Lemke –Scott Walker –Tony Warner (Chair) TIA –Andy Kurtzman (Secretary) –Kevin Ressler CABA –Ron Zimmer –Roy Kolasa –Randy Storch

16 Develop Innovation Technology Credits for LEED that could apply within existing Innovation in Design sections Solicit suggestions from the participating GBTA member organizations for possible Technology Credits GBTA Focus

17 Continue to explore other like organizations that may potentially be added to the Alliance Explore all Technologies within the IP infrastructure for possible credits Build a suite of Technology Credits for 2011 LEED Rating System

18 GBTA Focus Work with USGBC to create a Best Practices Guide for Technology Get technology information added into their reference guides Possibly develop our own Green Technology Certification

19 Submittal Process

20 Innovation in Design Submittal Process Pilot Credit Every LEED Rating has 3 main parts: –Intent –Requirements –Potential Technologies & Strategies

21 Innovation in DesignIntent Describe the main purpose of the proposed Innovation Technology Credit

22 Innovation in DesignRequirements To Provide: –The proposed requirement for compliance –The proposed submittals to demonstrate compliance –The design approach that may be used to meet the requirements


24 Innovation in DesignPotential Technologies and Strategies Apply technologies and/or strategies that demonstrate a comprehensive approach and quantifiable environmental benefit –Submission of supporting documentation vitally important


26 New Submittal Process Version 3 has a different CIR process USGBC is talking about Pilot Credits instead of using Innovation & Design Using Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) to verify new credits going forward required to get ANSI approval for accreditation

27 Possible Technology Credits

28 Possible Structure Structured Cabling X Points Prereq1???Required Credit 1 Power over Ethernet, Reduce Power Branch Circuit Cabling by 25% 1 Credit 2 RoHS Compliant Products, 100% of products 1 Credit 3 Recycled Content, 10% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer) 1 Credit 4 Green-Friendly Packaging, ??? 1 Credit 5 Reduction of Cabling Materials Through Use of Wireless, ??? 1 Credit 6 Waste Reduction, Divert 50% from Disposal 1

29 AV X Points Prereq1 Networked Control System for AV System Energy Management Required Credit 1 Use of Videoconferencing, 2% FTE or 20% of meeting rooms have integrated VTC 1 Credit 2 Digital Signage for Green Education, Wayfinding to Recycling, and Paper Reduction 1 Credit 3 Use of AV Technologies to Reduce Paper Waste 1 Possible Structure

30 Building Automation Security and Life Safety Data Networking (Network and Transport Layers) Data Centers Other Possibilities

31 BICSI LEED FORUM & Website Green Building Technology Forum Green Building Technology Alliance Website:


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