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Past Simple There are two types of verbs: regular and irregular

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1 Past Simple There are two types of verbs: regular and irregular
Over 2,000 years ago, Shi Huangdi completed the Great Wall of China Stonehenge is about 4,800 years old But nobody knows who built it.

2 Regular verb forms Add -ed for all persons play played listen listened
work worked After verbs ending in-e add -d live lived hope hoped

3 Spelling Doubling: One vowel + one consonant → double consonant + ed stop → stopped Two vowels → don’t double → seem → seemed Two consonants → don’t double → want → wanted Only double in stressed syllables → preFER → preferred WONder→ wondered

4 Spelling Verbs ending in –y
vowel (a, e, o) + y → -yed play → played enjoy → enjoyed consonant (d, l, r, etc) +y → ied try → tried reply → replied Practice: Write the past tense of the following verbs: shop …… visit….. study….help….. answer…… develop…..comply…. refer….. cry…..annoy………watch…..stay……like…..refer…..

5 Spelling check shop shopped …. visit visited …... study studied … helped answer answered ….. develop developed …..comply complied refer referred …. cry cried …..annoy annoyed … lived….. watch watched ……stay stayed … liked …..refer referred

6 irregular verbs There are lots of irregular verbs which you have to learn one by one. Verb TO BE I you he we she was they were it you Top 10 irregular verbs – the most common verbs. Learn these immediately!!! to be, to have, to do, to go, to say, to see, to take to get, plus the auxiliary verbs can and will.

7 learning irregular verbs
memorise be – was, were have – had do – did go – went say – said see – saw take – took get – got can – could will - would Listen and repeat watch and listen to this video if that one seems boring, try this one: Do grammar exercises Do exercises in grammar manual and extra exercises posted on Moodle.

8 simple past forms: negative
Negative sentences with the verb to be. Was/were + not I was not (wasn’t) at work yesterday. They were not (weren’t) in the office at 6:00. Negatives with with all other verbs use did not/ didn’t + infinitive (without to) The meeting started early. The meeting didn’t start early. John went to Rome. John didn’t go to Rome.

9 simple past forms: interrogative
Verb to be Was/ were + subject + rest of sentence Was Ms. Brown in the office yesterday? Were the goods delivered on time? All other verbs Did + subject + main verb + rest of sentence Did you answer Ms. Brown’s ? Yes, I did. or No, I didn’t

10 content questions Questinos that ask
who, what, where, why, when, how, how much, how many Remember to use the acronym: Q A S I question word + auxiliary + subject + infinitive (main verb without ‘to’) What did you learn at the seminar? How did you get to Milan? How much did it cost? How many pieces did they order?

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