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Past Tense Verbs Irregular Negative Yes/No Questions.

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1 Past Tense Verbs Irregular Negative Yes/No Questions

2 Irregular Verbs Present Past
Irregular verbs are difficult. You just have to memorize them. Practice writing and saying them. Here are some examples. Present Past Break Broke Come Came Eat Ate Drive Drove Say Said Write Wrote Can you guess the rest? Did Do … ______ Go … ______ See … ______ Teach … ______ Understand … ______ Went Saw Taught Understood

3 Negative Verbs Incorrect Correct
Past tense negative verbs are difficult because students often confuse the negative part (didn’t) with the infinitive part of the verb. The infinitive part doesn’t change! Here are some examples. Incorrect Correct Yesterday I didn’t went to school Yesterday I didn’t go to school. Last week she didn’t drove to work. … Last week she didn’t drive to …. The child didn’t ate lunch … The child didn’t eat lunch. The student didn’t saw a movie. … The student didn’t see a movie. Your turn to practice. I didn’t broke the window. … He didn’t drank the beer last night. … We didn’t studied English last weekend. They didn’t grew up in San Luis Obispo. The police didn’t caught the criminals. ... You didn’t did your homework Your answers. I didn’t break the window. He didn’t drink the beer last night. We didn’t study English last weekend. They didn’t grow up in San Luis Obispo. The police didn’t catch the criminals. You didn’t do your homework.

4 Yes/No Questions Question Incorrect Answer
Yes/No questions mean the answers are either “yes” or “no.” Therefore, the first word for these past tense questions is “Did.” But similar to negative sentences, the infinitive doesn’t change. The answer, however, must have the past tense verb. Here are some examples. Question Incorrect Answer Did you go to school? Did you went to school? Yes I did. I went ... Did they take the test? Did they took the test? … No, they didn’t take it yet. Did we begin yet? Did we began yet? … Yes, we did. Did I make a mistake? Did I made a mistake? … No, you didn’t make a mistake. Your turn to practice. 1) Did you grow tomatoes last summer? 2) Did you leave the movie early? 3) Did the Beatles sing a song? 4) Did he break his leg playing soccer? 5) Did they make dinner already? 6) Did she hear the good news? 7) Did we write essays in class? Answers Yes, I did. I grew... or No, I didn’t Yes, I did. I left... or No, I didn’t Yes, they did. They sang ... or No, they didn’t Yes, he did. He broke. or No, he didn’t Yes, they made... or No, they didn’t Yes, she did. She heard... or No, she didn’t Yes, we did. We wrote. or No, we didn’t

5 Exercises drank Yesterday she ________ a soda. (drink)
Last week she ____________ a soda. (not drink) Did she _________ a soda yesterday? didn’t drink drink Yes, she did This morning he ________ to work. (drive) Yesterday he ____________ to work. (not drive) Did he _________ to work yesterday? drove didn’t drive drive No, he didn’t Last month he ________ a letter. (write) Last night he ___________ a letter. (not write) Did he _________ a letter last month? wrote didn’t write write Yes, he did.

6 Exercises taught Last night the mother ________ her son music. (teach)
Last week she ____________ music. (not teach) Did she _________ music last week? didn’t teach teach No, she didn’t. This morning he ________ breakfast. (eat) Last week he ____________ breakfast. (not eat) Did he _________ breakfast this morning? ate didn’t eat eat Yes, he did. swam Yesterday she ________. (swim) Last summer she ____________. (not swim) Did she _________ last summer? didn’t swim swim No, she didn’t

7 Exercises thought This morning he ________ about his girlfriend.
(think) Last week he ____________ about his girlfriend. (not think) Did he _________ about his girlfriend this morning? didn’t think think Yes, he did. Last night he _________ and played the piano. (sing) Last weekend he ____________. (not sing) Did he _________ last night? sang didn’t sing sing Yes, he did. fought Last Saturday he ________ Mike Tyson. (fight) Last month he ____________ anyone. (not fight) Did he _________ last month? didn’t fight fight No, he didn’t.

8 Exercises won Last Sunday she _______ a race. (win)
Last week she __________. She lost her race. (not win) Did she ________ last week? won didn’t win win No, she didn’t. This morning they ________ in the park. (sit) Last weekend they ____________ in the park. (not sit) Did they _________ in the park last weekend? sat didn’t sit sit No, they didn’t. ran Yesterday he ________ to work. (run) On Monday he __________ to work. (not run) Did he _________ to work yesterday? didn’t run run Yes, he did.

9 Exercises grew Last spring she _______ plants. (grow)
This spring she __________ plants. (not grow) Did she ________ plants last spring? grew didn’t grow grow Yes, she did. broke Last weekend the girl _______ her leg. (break) Last year she ____________ her leg. (not break) Did she ________ her leg last year? didn’t break break No, she didn’t. bought Yesterday the girls _______ clothes. (buy) Last week they __________ clothes. (not buy) Did they ________ clothes yesterday? didn’t buy buy Yes, they did.

10 Exercises brought Last Monday he _________ dinner. (bring)
Last night he __________ dinner. (not bring) Did he ________ dinner last Monday? didn’t bring bring Yes, he did. flew This winter the birds ________ south. (fly) Last summer they ____________ south. (not fly) Did they _________ south this winter? didn’t fly fly Yes, they did. Yesterday she ________ in the office. (fall) Today she __________. (not fall) Did she _________ today? fell didn’t fall fall No, she didn’t.

11 Exercises spoke Yesterday he _______ to his wife. (speak)
Today he __________ to his boss. (not speak) Did he ________ to his boss today? didn’t speak speak No, he didn’t. saw Last weekend they _______ a movie. (see) Last night they __________ a movie. (not see) Did they ________ a movie last night? didn’t see see No, they didn’t. Last Saturday he _______ a bicycle. (ride) Last week he __________ a bicycle. (not ride) Did he ________ last Saturday? rode didn’t ride ride Yes, he did.

12 Exercises built Last year he _______ his house. (build)
This year he ____________ his house. (not build) Did he ________ his house this year? built didn’t build build No, he didn’t. In the first game he _________ the ball. (catch) In the last game he __________ the ball. (not catch) Did he ________ the ball in the first game? caught didn’t catch catch Yes, he did. gave Last Saturday she _______ a present to her father. (give) Last week she __________ a present to her father. (not give) Did she ________ a present last Saturday? didn’t give give Yes, she did.

13 Exercises Last Monday they _______ the car race. (begin)
Today they ___________ the race. (not begin) Did they _________ the race today? began didn’t begin begin No, they didn’t. Last weekend my friend _______ to my house. (come) Last night he __________ over. (not come) Did he ________ over last night? came didn’t come come No, he didn’t. This morning I ________ my clock radio. (hear) Last week I ____________ my clock radio. (not hear) Did I ________ my radio this morning? heard didn’t hear hear Yes, I did.

14 Exercises knew Last week they _______ the answer to their homework.
(know) This week they ____________ the answer. (not know) Did they ________ the answer this week? didn’t know know No, they didn’t. made Last birthday she _________ a cake. (make) This Christmas she __________ a cake. (not make) Did she ________ a cake last birthday? didn’t make make Yes, she did. Last Saturday he _______ his bills. (pay) Last month he __________ his bills. (not pay) Did he ________ his bills last Saturday? paid didn’t pay pay Yes, he did.

15 Exercises said Last Monday the boss _______, “Don’t be late!” (say)
Today he ___________ anything. (not say) Did he _________ something today? didn’t say say No, he didn’t. sold Last weekend my friend _______ his house. (sell) Last year he __________ his house. (not sell) Did he ________ his house last year? didn’t sell sell No, he didn’t. This morning I ________ on the couch. (sleep) Last week I ____________ on the couch. (not sleep) Did I ________ on the couch this morning? slept didn’t sleep sleep Yes, I did.

16 Exercises stood Last week they _______ and read in the library.
(stand) This week they ____________ in the library. (not stand) Did they ________ in the library this week? stood didn’t stand stand No, they didn’t. Last Saturday he _________ a touchdown pass. (throw) This weekend he ____________ a touchdown. (not make) Did he ________ a touchdown last Saturday? threw didn’t throw throw Yes, he did. Last Saturday she _______ at 8am. (wake up) Today she ______________ at 8am. (not wake up) Did she ________ at 8am last Saturday? woke up didn’t wake up wake up Yes, she did.

17 Exercises wore Last Monday the man _______ a hard hat. (wear)
Today he ___________ one. (not wear) Did he _________ a hard hat today? wore didn’t wear wear No, he didn’t. Last weekend the baby _______ a bath. (take) Last night she ___________ take one. (not take) Did she ________ a bath last night? took didn’t take take No, she didn’t. met This morning the men ________ for their first time. (meet) Last week they ____________. (not meet) Did they ________ this morning? didn’t meet meet Yes, they did.

18 Exercises 1) Last week I _______ a new car.
(not buy) 2) Yesterday she _______ for work at 7:45am. (leave) 3) This morning my boss _______ I can have a long lunch. (say) 4) Did you _______ coffee this morning? Yes, I ________. (drink) 5) Did President Bush _______ a speech last night? No, he ________. (make) 6) Last month we __________ a vacation. (not take) 7) On Wednesday they _______ their soccer game. (win) 8) I can’t find my keys. I think I _______ them. (lose) 9) Did you _______ at your sister’s wedding? Yes, I ____. I _____ a lot. (sing) (sing) 10) My mom _______ a movie last weekend. (not see) 11) Juan _______ carefully about the answer. (think) 12) Maria _______ lunch with Stella. (eat) didn’t buy left said drink did make didn’t didn’t take won lost sing did sang didn’t see thought ate

19 Activity Now write your own questions. 1) Who did you see yesterday?
2) What did you eat on your last birthday? 3) When did you drink beer last? 4) Where did you go last weekend? 5) Who taught you the best lesson about life? 6) What did you say to your family yesterday? 7) Who gave you your best present? 8) What did you bring to the United States? 9) Who did you speak to this morning? 10) What did you think about yesterday? 11) What time did you wake up today? 12) When did you win a prize/present/money? Now write your own questions. Who …..? What ….? Where…..? When …..? Why …..? How …..?

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