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2 Trusted by over 500 companies worldwide Founded in 1993 “Many of our quality managers say that since using a handheld, they simply wouldn’t consider doing audits any other way,” -Senior Project Manager at Ryder Laubrass Company Objective: To facilitate and optimize the process of conducting work measurement studies and audits/inspections by leveraging handheld computing tools. Saving 3,952 hours annually since switching to UMT Audit

3 MORE EFFICIENT AUDITS & INSPECTIONS Designed with you in mind Healthcare Construction Safety & Security Home Inspections Quality assurance… Registrars Internal Auditors External Auditors General Inspectors …

4 Benefits With the PC module you are able to customize other audits with your own questions, answers and predetermined notes among other features. Carries all information needed to do a 6S audit Prefilled dynamic dictionary for notes & answers Can add free hand notes Can add voice memos Can directly insert photos Easy to collect data

5 Benefits Quickly see ratings Everything is calculated for you Categorized by Good, Average and Poor Overall score and percentage INSTANT SCORE With the PC Module you are able to send audit data to a Stat Module where you can customize and analyze professional reports to print, or export data to custom templates or an existing ODBC data base, or send to existing spreadsheets in Excel and other formats.

6 2. Click on the green tab to choose a department to audit, then select a department from the list. Basic How To Use 1. Click the Start Audit icon, then enter the Auditor name and Location as prompted.

7 3. Click on the INDEX to open up the index screen Basic How To Use 4. Select a category to go to (once all the questions in a category are answered, a check mark will appear) Using the toolbar Click on the ? Icon, then click on another icon and a dialog box will tell you what the function is. (If other icons appear, click on one and it will tell you what the secondary icon is)

8 Once answered you will see it color coded on the checklist. To edit an answer simply click on the answer again. To go back to the index click on the index bar. Basic How To Use 5. Click on the checkbox to open the full question and select an answer. You can easily add notes, photos or voice memos to each answer. You can also copy text to paste into notes.

9 6. Once questions are answered, choose a new department and repeat, or go to the functions menu. Basic How To Use 7. Select the score function to see Audit 6S scores.

10 Benefits 8. Review scores:  Conforms  Partially Conforms  Does not conform  Not Applicable 9. Click on the checkmark to continue the audit, or the eye to see other results. In the treeview the responses (percentages and point values) are listed in order and organized by audit according to the Auditor name provided. Proceed in cell mode Treeview Proceed in list mode Summary per question

11 Once the audit is complete, click the checkmark, then go to the index and click on the blue functions bar. Basic How To Use Stop the audit. You can start another by then selecting Start Audit. With the PC Module when you finish an audit you are able to have the data transferred to your PC, to an online data base or in house ODBC compliant data base or sent to existing templates and non compliant items emailed to those responsible. The PC module is sold separately.

12 Return On Investment TIME IS MONEY Improve efficiency in your work place Make your work place safer for less injuries and more productivity Perform better audits and inspections in less time Improve 6S data accuracy and reliability Increase and maintain compliance to standards

13 Contact Info 1-866-526-8040  514-526-8040


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