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April 9 th April 14 th April 14 th April 15 th April 16 th April 16 th April 17 th April 17 th April 18 th April 19 th April 20 th April 20 th April 21.

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2 April 9 th April 14 th April 14 th April 15 th April 16 th April 16 th April 17 th April 17 th April 18 th April 19 th April 20 th April 20 th April 21 th April 22 nd April 23 th April 24 th April 24 th April 25 th April 26 th July 6 th July 7 th

3  Colonel Robert E. Lee and the Virginia Army surrendered to the Union.  The war has ended. Page 5 Robert E. Lee

4  Lincoln was attacked at Ford’s Theatre when he was watching our American Cousin by John Wilkes Booth.  David Herold found Booth in the woods.  Booth and Herold fled out of Washington. Page 42.

5  Lewis Powell took part in the plan to kill every important political person. He went to Secretary of State William H. Seward’s house and said that he had to give Seward some medicine. When he was denied access to Seward, Powell attacked Seward’s family including his son Frederick. Powell thought he killed Seward but he just injured him. Pages 47, 48. William H. Seward

6  Stanton sent a request to New York for investigators to look at the crime scene. Page 89.  Lincoln was kept under strict watch by surgeons and doctors. They recorded his breathing, pulse, and more. Edwin M. Staton then sent a letter to Major General Dix that Lincoln died on this day at 7:22 a.m. Page 103.  Booth and Herold arrived at Bryantown to meet with Samuel A. Mudd to devise a plan for them. Page 92.

7  Booth and Herold left Mudd’s farm and went to meet with Captain Cox. Cox helped them with their next move.  He said the only way to get to safety was to cross the Potomac River. The only person who could get them across Thomas Jones.  He summoned Jones and Booth and Herold would hide in the woods until they heard Jones give his whistle. Page 117.

8  Mudd sent his cousin, George, to report that two suspicious strangers came to his house asking for help.  George was a Union loyalist so he wouldn’t raise suspicion.  Mudd waited for the cavalry to come, but they never did. For unknown reasons George failed to report Mudd’s message. Page 124.

9  3 more people were arrested for being found that they were tied to Booth and the assassination. They were Michael O’Laughlen, Sam Arnold, Edwin Spangler.  O’Laughlen- participated in the kidnapping and was a childhood friend of Booth.  Arnold- He was a former schoolmate of Booth. He said that he was apart of the plan to kidnap Booth.  Spangler- He held the horses for Booth outside of Ford’s theatre. Pages 134, 135.

10  George Mudd finally reported Samuel Mudd’s message to Lieutenant Dana. Dana thought that it was not important so he ignored the message and sent George on his way.  No troops were sent to Mudd’s farm. Pages 127, 128 George Mudd

11  The detectives continued their investigation to find Booth. Since they were running out of leads, they went off a tip and went to Mudd’s farm. They questioned him. He was very vague.  The lieutenant was suspicious of him and knew he would be arrested sooner or later. Pages 139, 140. Samuel Mudd

12  This was the day of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral. On Pennsylvania Avenue, thousands of people watched the presidents dead body leave the White House.  The coffin was then carried by six white horses to a dome in the Capitol. Thousands of people viewed the president’s dead body in an open casket.  He was then carried by a train to Springfield, Illinois where he would be buried. Pages 140, 141.

13  George Atzerodt raised suspicion at a dinner when he joked with his friends that he killed Lincoln. One of his guests reported him to the Union.  Two detective teams were sent to fine George Atzerodt. He had stayed four nights at his cousin’s house.  The soldiers went to Hartmann Ritcher’s place. He said that Atzerodt wasn’t there then soon confessed that he was upstairs.  Atzerodt did not fight and told them everything they wanted to know. Page 141.

14  Thomas Jones say the cavalry leave town. He went straight to Herold and Booth telling them the news. They were going to leave that night after four days.  They were feed at Jones’s farm and then got a fishing boat and head north to land in Virginia. Pages 144, 146. Thomas Jones

15  During the night before, Herold rowed the boat too far north. He was a poor navigator in the dark. Herold was tired after paddling for so long.  They found the mouth of the creek of Blossom Point. The two were happy since Herold knew the area they were in. The bad thing was they were in Maryland, not Virginia. Page 149.

16  On this night, Booth and Herold went back on the Potomac. This time they steered the correct way towards Virginia.  After several hours, they found the mouth of the creek that signaled they were in Virginia.  Page 151. Potomac River

17  Herold and Booth finally were in Virginia. The first person they had to find was Elizabeth Quesenberry who helped them find horses and sent them to a doctor.  Dr. Richard Stuart refused help to the two but then reluctantly feed them and sent them on their way.  The two of them then road around and found soldiers in confederate uniforms. They were then led to the Richard H. Garretts farm by Willie Jett, Ruggles, and Bainridge. They then spent the night there. Page 151-154.

18  Lafayette Baker heard from a telegraph that on April 16 th, there were two men seen crossing the Potomac River.  Edward Doherty, Luther Baker(Lafayette Baker’s cousin), and Everton Conger went across the Potomac to make it into Virginia. They would be able to cross the Rappahannock river by the next day. Page 156, 158

19  Samuel A. Mudd got a visit from soilders. They went to Mudd to arrest him for helping Booth hid. He was helping an assassin.  He was help in the Old Capitol Prison. He was confined and isolated. Page-159 Old Capitol Prison

20  The Garrets were getting suspicious of Booth. They thought that his intensions were different than what he led them on to be.  John Garret found out on 4:00 p.m. that the Union was coming. The confederates saw them crossing over the Rappahannock. John Garret then tried to force the Booth and Herold to leave his house but they said they wouldn’t leave until the next day. Page- 161,162

21  Baker and Conger found Booth and Herold at the Garrett’s. They saw that they were in the farm. They wouldn’t come out so they started to burn down the farm. Herold surrendered.  Boston Corbett saw Booth inside of the farm, he had a clear view. He took out his pistol and shot Booth.  Booth was taken out to a tree. He died moments later. His last words calling was him calling his hands, “Useless, useless.” Pages168, 173, and 177.

22  The war department sent out a search to find Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, George Azterodt, and David Herold.  They were wanted to be killed for taking part in the conspiracy. Page 187. The four getting hung

23  Today all the prisoners were paraded onto the hanging scaffold in front of everyone to see. They were hooded and nooses were hung around each of their necks. At 1:26 p.m. They all dropped to their death. Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt joined Booth’s grave.  Page 189. Canvas hoods the prisoners wore when hung

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