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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

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1 Chasing Lincoln’s Killer
Hannah Haug 3rd Period Demuro Map Project

2 Peterson House Blossom Point

3 Ford’s Theater This is where Booth shot Lincoln on April 14 at 10:15 pm. This is now a museum. (pg. 39)

4 Navy Yard Bridge The navy yard bridge is where Booth crossed to get out of Washington D.C. Since he crossed he got ahead of the army. Booth almost didn’t cross because the bridge was supposed to be closed at 9 o’clock but, the guard let him go. Unaware that he was Lincoln’s killer.

5 Surratsville This was the first safe house on the way down south. This is also where booth got Binoculars and a gun. These would help him on his run. (pg. 78 and 84)

6 Mudd’s Farm This was were booth finally got treated for his broken leg. He got crutches here from Dr.Mudd. He also shaved here.

7 Pine thicket The pine thicket is where Booth and Herold stayed. (pg. 118) This is also where Jones came to get them so they could get across the river into Virginia. (pg. 120)

8 Jone’s Farm Where they stopped to get food. This was important because they needed to cross the river which, could take a while. (pg. 144) This is Jone’s house which is now privately owned. This is called the Huckleberry house. (source: )

9 Hughe’s Farm This is where Booth, Herold, and Jones stayed the night they accidently landed back in Maryland. This caused them to lose a day of traveling. (pg. 149) The farm where they stayed, known as “Indian Town” (source: )

10 Quesenberry House This was their first stop in Virginia. The owners arranged for horses and food for them. (pg. 152)

11 Blossom Point Where they landed by accident. This was where they landed because Jones recognized it. (pg. 149)

12 Garrett House Where Booth spent April 25th. He also lied to them about his identity. (pg )

13 Garrett’s Farm Where Booth and Herold slept but, since Jett betrayed Booth, this was the sight of the murder. Where they burned the barn down and shot him. (pg )

14 Peterson House Where Lincoln was taken after the assassination This was also where Lincoln later died. (pg )

15 Bowling Green Where the cavalry went to find Jett. Jett later told them where Booth and Herold were. (pg. 164)

16 Washington D.C. Where they brought Booth’s body after he was killed. This is also where some of the conspirators were hung. (pg. 175 and 187)

17 Old Arsenal Penitentiary
Where Booth and conspirators were buried. They had unmarked graves. (pg. 181)

18 Dr. Stuarts house Gave Booth and Herold a place to sleep. He did not give them a bed. He later wrote a letter about his lack of southern hospitality to Dr. Stuart. (pg. 152 and 153)

19 Port Conway Stopped to get a drink here. Also got a ride across to port royal. (pg. 154)

20 Bryantown Where Mudd went and found out Lincoln was dead. Also where the cavalry was when Booth was at Mudd’s house. (pg. 111 to 113)

21 Lucas Cabin This is where they got a team and horses to ride on their journey further south. This helped them a lot due to Booth’s broken leg. (pg. 153)

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